How Many Points Can I Have On My Driving Record

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How Many Points Can I Have On My Driving Record Before My License Is Suspended?

How many points can I have on my driving record is a common question asked by United States citizens that have acquired points due to conviction of traffic ticket(s). This is a very good question. Let?s take a look at what driving record points are and their effect on your driving privileges. How many points you can have on your driving record before your license is suspended depends on the state. Here are some of the typical driver point thresholds for many states.

Maximum Number of Driving Record Points Before Suspension

  • You receive 4 points or more within 12 months.
  • You receive 6 points or more with 24 months.
  • You receive 8 points or more within 36 months.

What are Driving Record points?

Driving Record points, or points on your driver’s license, are numbers assigned to a traffic violation. The point system tracks the accumulation of points and is used to spot dangerous drivers and punish repeat offenders. They also help enforce safe and responsible driving. Your points total is recorded on your driving record.

How do I get points on My Driving Record?

You get point(s) when you are convicted for a traffic offense that carries points and you reside in a state that uses the point system.

States That Do Not Use the Driving Record Point System

? Kansas
? Hawaii
? Louisiana
? Mississippi
? Minnesota
? Rhode Island
? Oregon
? Wyoming
? Washington

The severity of the moving violation determines the number of points incurred. Major traffic violations have more points than minor violations.

Moving Violations That Results In Driving Record Points

? Speeding under 100 miles per hour
? Failure to use your turn signal
? Following a automobile too closely
? Failure to yield to oncoming traffic
? Failure to come to a complete stop
? Non-injury at fault accident causing over $750 property damage

Moving Violations That Results In Multiple Driving Record Points

? Speeding over 100 miles per hour
? Reckless driving
? Street race speeding
? Driving under the influence
? Hit-and-run
? Injury at-fault accident which causes injury or death

Traffic offenses that do not incur points are:
? Parking tickets
? Fix-it tickets (broken headlight, non-working brake lights, etc.)

You can also get points if you are found guilty of texting while driving and you reside in a state that bans texting while driving. It is considered a minor moving violation.

How Many Points Can I Have on My Driving Record?

The lower the number of total points you have on your driving record, the better. If you accumulate too many points in a certain time period you may be penalized as follows:
? Suspension of your driver?s license
? An increase in your insurance premiums
? Classified as high risk when buying auto insurance
? Given less leniency in court when fighting a ticket

The numbers of points you can have on your record before penalties are incurred are based on your state?s laws. Each state that uses the point system has different laws. You may learn your state?s law by visiting your state?s DMV website.
For instance, California will suspend your license and place you on one year?s probation if you accumulate four points in a 12 month period.

How Do I Remove Points From My Driving Record?

Points may be removed by the passage of time. Points expire based on the point duration assigned by the Division of Motor Vehicles. When points expire, the number of points assigned to the violation is deducted from your record points total. Many points expire in one to ten years depending on the severity of the offense and your state?s laws.

You may also reduce your points total by attending a safe driving class. The class will reduce your total by a pre-determined amount. Some classes are available on the Internet allowing you to take the class from the comfort of your home.
Depending on your state of residence, you may also earn ?safe driving points? which reduce your driving record points. The DMV in Utah will deduct one point from your point total if your drive for one year without a traffic offense. In Virginia, you can earn positive points for safe driving. Those points offset any points acquired in future traffic offenses.

What Is The Negative Effect of Accumulating Too Many Driving Record Points?

A lot of points affect your insurance rates. Auto insurance companies will view you as a high risk driver. Insurance companies vary in how they evaluate your traffic violations and points so it is best to shop around to get the lowest rate possible. One insurance company may raise your rate by 25 percent for a major violation while another company may rate your rates 40 percent. Your rates should decrease as points expire.

Too many points in too short a period of time can cause suspension of your driving privileges and/ or probation.

It is best to order your record and review its contents. It will reveal the number of points you have. Your driving record also contains the status of your license, tickets you have received and your driver?s license number. You may order your record online. How Many Points Can I Have On My Driving Record really depends on what state you live in as well as how many points you get in a certain time period.

How Many Points Can I Have On My Driving Record

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  1. At-fault drivers refuse this process in hit-and-run situations by driving and cause them to face a felony or misdemeanor hit-and-run charge.

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