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Name Phone Number License Plate VIN
Name Phone Number License Plate VIN

DMV Free Driver History Report

The DMV in each state maintains the driving history of all the registered licensed drivers of that state. This motor vehicle record, or driver history report, contains information about accidents and traffic offenses. The driver’s record can contain information such as;  speeding tickets, driving under the influence, how long they have been driving, any suspensions and more. The report may also list the penalty points that were assessed due to these violations. Negative information can have an adverse effect on your life and employment opportunities. Insurance companies may use the report to charge higher auto insurance premiums or deny coverage. An employer may use the information when considering you for a job that requires the operation of a company vehicle. At some Motor Vehicle Departments you can obtain a free driver history report but not in all states. Many states will charge a nominal fee for a driver history report.  It’s best to contact your local DMV to find out they offer a free driver history report. Click here to locate website and contact information for your local DMV. Note that some states have a different names for their Motor Vehicle Departments such as; DMV, RMV, MVD, OMV, etc..

Free Driver History Report Online

To obtain a free driving history report there are a couple ways to do this.  (1).  Go online and access your state’s DMV website. In the available menu, look for an entry similar to “Driver Online Services.” Click on the link and search for “Driver History” or “Driver Record.” These links will open a page where you can enter your identifying information and then select an option for how you want the report delivered to you. Often times there is a nominal fee for processing and postage so it won’t be entirely free.  (2). Go to an online driving records or public records website that offers free driver history reports. There you will search by entering a first and last name and state and city. Results should be available almost instantly. This is often a much easier way to get driver history reports without going to the DMV.

Why Obtain Your Driver History Report ?

It is important to obtain a copy of your driving history report to verify its accuracy. You can then challenge erroneous or outdated entries and possibly have them removed from your DMV records. If you have recently moved to another state, contact the DMV in the state of your previous residence as well. If you don’t want to wait in line at the DMV you can find a free driver history report online.

If the state does not provide an online service or you cannot access the site, you may also request a copy of the report in person at a DMV office. You may be required to fill out an official request form providing identification information similar to the online request. The service may be free or cost a nominal fee depending upon the number of years to be accessed.

Some states authorize you to order the report by mail. The request form will be available online under a link labeled “Forms” on the DMV website. Fill out the form and mail it to the specified address. The DMV may charge a nominal fee for this service. Private online driving record services companies may also be able to obtain the information for a fee.  Again, with, you can get a free driver history report online. See the link below in additional resources.

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Free Driver History Reports
Free Driver History Reports

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  1. says:

    Tawnya, are you looking to get your driver’s license un-suspended? Can you elaborate on your request for a driver history report so we can better assist you?

  2. says:

    Need driving record to get my license

  3. says:

    We are happy to lookup your Florida driving record but we’ll need to know your middle name and date of birth to accurately locate this public record for you. Also note that our driving abstracts and driving history reports are for reference only

  4. says:

    I need my abstract driving record from Florida

  5. says:

    Josephine Leon Guerrero
    I’m trying to retrieve my state of Hawaii Driver License so i can pay the reinstatement fee.

  6. says:

    Charles, you will need to contact your local South Carolina DMV in person to find out your driver’s license number

  7. says:

    I\’m trying to retrieve my sc drivers licenses number so I can pay my reinstatement fees

  8. says:

    Kunta, we do not have information related to traffic citation fines or fees associated with licensing. You will need to reach out to your local DMV to make this inquiry. That being said, we are happy to assist you with a driver history search if you give us your full name, age and state of residency.

  9. says:

    I’m trying to pay my fines

  10. says:

    Marian, to find out what your driver’s license number is you will want to reach out to your local Department of Motor Vehicles to make this inquiry

  11. says:

    I just want to know what I must do to get my license again. Its been over 20 years since I’ve had them. I don’t remember the license number.

  12. says:

    Queen, you will need to contact the DMV directly about the status of your Illinois driving record and driver’s license

  13. says:

    I went to the DMV yesterday and paid my reinstatement fee and I still was not able to take my temp test because they said I had something going on in Illinois so can you please let me know what daddy is I would like to speak to a live representative

  14. says:

    Carmel, in order to obtain a certified driver history report you will want to visit the Connecticut DMV websitewebsite website. There you can fill our the Driver Records Request Form and mail it in to the Connecticut DMV. The fee will be $20 and your driving history report will be mailed to you in a few weeks.

  15. says:

    Susan, in order to get a driver history report for a test, you will most likely need a certified driver history report that you can obtain from your local DMV. You may need a 3 year driving record or a 10 year driving record depending on the requisites for your test. You can request your driver history report from the motor vehicle department by mail or visit the office in person to expedite getting an official copy of your driver history report.

    How to Get an Official Driver History Report

    1. Visit the official DMV website
    2. Fill our the driver history request form (INF1125)
    3. Provide your driver’s license number & full name
    4. Pay the fee for an official driver history report
    5. Mail in the form, processing may take a few weeks

  16. says:

    I was living in the stamford Connecticut USA from 1994 till 2018 .I’ve been living back in Ireland for the past year I need to get my driving license over in this country and they are requesting a record from the USA state body stating that I was driving for 20+ years. If I have this I don’t need to sit all the driving lessons and be put on a waiting list for the driving test as I am not a younger teenager . If I could have somebody please respond and I will try and send you all the information I have here

  17. says:

    I live in South Carolina and trying to get a record for a driving test

  18. says:

    To obtain copies of old tickets and fines you will need to reach out to the DMV in your area or the issuing police agency ( i.e. sheriff department, Highway Patrol, State Parks, etc.. )

  19. says:

    Need copy of old tickets and fines

  20. says:

    To obtain the specifics of your California Driver’s License Medical Restriction you will need to reach out to the California DMV directly.

    What is a Driver’s License Medical Restriction?

    A medical restriction of a driver’s license means that you follow under the specific directions, advised by a doctor, while driving a motor vehicle. This will be noted on your driver’s license. The most common driver’s license medical restriction is wearing glasses or contact lenses.

  21. says:

    I’m looking to see if a medical restriction was placed on my driving ability. When hunting,I’m from fullerton and Placentia ca, there was a relative listed incorrectly. Lynda Watson IS NOT related, and she has made attempts to trap me into her problem of not paying taxes.

  22. says:

    You are most welcome. Please reach out if you have any additional questions or concerns about looking up your driver history report or any US based public records

  23. says:

    Okay I really appreciate the help and support this site

  24. says:

    A car interlock system must be removed by a professional, this is not something you can do yourself. To know when your interlock term is completed you must reach out to the courts that issued this to you and verify that your term has successfully been completed.

    Removing a Car Ignition Interlock

    Once your interlock term is completed and you’re ready to remove your interlock system you must have a professional do this. There is proprietary software not available to the general public that must be used. The removal is then reported to the DMV and relevant courts to notify them of this removal. Then you can safely be back on the road without having to use the breathalyzer to start your vehicle

  25. says:

    When can I get the interlock off my car

  26. says:

    In order to find out how to get your suspended or revoked or expired driver’s license back you will need to reach out to the DMV in your state. Typically you will need to full fill the requirements and pay any past due fines and re-take any necessary tests before you can get your driver’s license back. The DMV will better assist you with the necessary information you need to get you back on the road.

    Please reach out if there are any additional driver history report questions we can answer for you.

  27. says:

    I just wanted to know what I need to to get my drivers license back.

  28. says:

    We are happy to assist you with a free driver history report. If you give us your full name, state of residency and age, we will perform a free driving record search for you

  29. says:

    Is this really free?

  30. says:

    Hi Jack,

    Thanks for the feedback. We will certainly consider your suggestion. We are consistently adding to our public records database.

    Best Regards,
    The SearchQuarry Team

  31. says:

    I appreciate that you advised, “It is important to obtain a copy of your driving history report to verify it’s accuracy.” I bet that could also be done when doing a car history report. I would think if you had both reports when trading in a car would be really helpful. Thanks for sharing this info on driving reports. I also found a site that was beneficial to look through on this topic:

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