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Illinois Driving Record

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Illinois Driving Record Online

Illinois driving records can be obtained by visiting┬áthe Illinois DMV office┬ábut it’s much easier to do this online. There are a couple ways someone can obtain an Illinois driving record online. You can visit the Illinois DMV office website or use a private database resource online. If you want an official Illinois driving record then you’ll definitely want to use the official Illinois DMV website. Typically you can only obtain your own driving records online through the DMV unless you have written permission from someone else. This method takes a bit longer than using an online driving records website since official copies of a driving record must be mailed or picked up in person. The other option is to use an online driving records website where you can perform a driving records search with a simple name search. With the 2nd option you will get instant results however they are not offical copies that can be used for employment or rental background checks.

Official Illinois Driving Record Online

You can visit the Illinois DMV office online and fill out the driving record request forms. These are official Illinois driving records. This method is typically for obtaining driver information or making changes on your own Illinois driving record. Typically driving records for other people cannot be obtained online from the Illinois DMV office unless you have written permission. A nominal fee is charged for copies and anything that needs to be mailed to you.

Unofficial Illinois Driving Record Online

Unofficially you can instantly search Illinois driving records online through the search form above. Here you will instantly be able to view Illinois driver records, DUIs, traffic citations & violations, DMV records, police reports, arrest records and more. These public records are available to the general public via the FOIA. With this service you have to enter a first and last name and state of residence. If your results include more than one person then you’ll need additional information about the person to narrow down your choices. An age or address is typically the best way to figure out that you’ve found the right driving record for the right person. Then you can print up the Illinois driver records or download a PDF.

Illinois Driving Record

Illinois Driving Record

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