Name Phone Number License Plate VIN
Name Phone Number License Plate VIN

Connecticut DMV Offices

Court Name Address Phone
AAA office 70 East Main St. (800) 842-4320
AAA office 143 Cedar St. (203) 765-4222
AAA office 143 Cedar St. (203) 765-4222
Bridgeport DMV Office 95 Sylvan Ave. (800) 842-8222
AAA office 34 Shunpike Road (800) 842-4320
AAA office 93 Lake Ave. (203) 765-4222
Danbury DMV Office 2 Lee Mac Ave. (800) 842-8222
Derby Photo License Center 12 Main St. Railroad Station (800) 842-8222
Enfield DMV Office 4 Pearson Way (800) 842-8222
Hamden DMV Office 1985 State St. (800) 842-8222
AAA office 2276 Whitney Ave. (203) 765-4222
AAA office 2276 Whitney Ave. (203) 765-4222
Hartford Regional Market Reserve Road (860) 263-5700
Wethersfield DMV Office 60 State St. (800) 842-8222
AAA office 1500 G Pleasant Valley Road (800) 842-4320
Middletown Photo License Center 386 Main St. Main Street Market (800) 842-8222
Milford Photo License Center 70 West River Drive Parson's Government Center NA
Milford AAA Office 827 Bridgeport Ave. (203) 765-4222
New Britain DMV Office 85 North Mountain Road (800) 842-8222
Norwalk DMV Office 540 Main Ave. (800) 842-8222
Norwich DMV Office 173 Salem Turnpike (800) 842-8222
AAA office 210 Main St. (800) 842-4320
Old Saybrook DMV Office 7 Custom Drive (800) 842-8222
AAA office 527 Boston Post Road (203) 765-4222
AAA office 527 Boston Post Road (203) 765-4222
AAA office 17 Farmington Ave. Old Canal Square (800) 842-4320
AAA office 17 Farmington Ave. Old Canal Square (800) 842-4320
Putnam Satellite Office 165 Kennedy Drive (800) 842-8222
AAA office 1101 High Ridge Road High Ridge Center (203) 388-2189
AAA office 555 Lordship Blvd. (203) 765-4222
AAA office 720 Wolcott St. (203) 765-4222
Waterbury Photo License Center 490 Union St. Brass Mill Center Mall (800) 842-8222
Waterbury DMV Office 2210 Thomaston Ave. (800) 842-8222
AAA office 117 Boston Post Road Waterford Shopping Plaza (800) 842-4320
AAA office 815 Farmington Ave. (800) 842-4320
AAA office 815 Farmington Ave. (800) 842-4320
AAA office 419 Post Road East (203) 765-4222
Willimantic Satellite Office 1557 West Main St. (800) 842-8222
Winsted Satellite Office 151 Torrington Road (800) 842-8222

Connecticut DMV Offices – Locations, Hours & Phone Numbers

Connecticut DMV offices are listed under the State of Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles. The webpage is maintained by the department itself. A number of online services are offered on the website along with details about the offices. From contact information to office location, everything is listed in detail to assist the public and provide them with better services. Connecticut DMV Offices mainly provide services related to the issuance of driver’s licenses, renewal of driver’s licenses, payment of tickets, voter’s registration, issuance of special license plates, renewing registration and replacing old license plates.

The transactions can be made online as well. For payments of tickets and International Registration Plan payments, the website provides complete details and guidance. A new feature of payment of late fee has also been introduced.

Forms for various requests and legal formalities are available online. These forms include a driver’s license form, title and registration form, application form for vessel registration and a certificate of number decal. The forms can be downloaded and filled out online and require to be brought in person for further processing.

While the location of Connecticut DMV offices can be found online, the visiting hours and waiting times are also updated on the website. To provide further ease to the public and users, the features available on the website have also been launched in the form of on Android App for smart phones.

In order to visit a DMV office, you will need to make an appointment and check the services available there as the working hours and offered services vary from office to office. The online provision of all these features has made it quite easy for the users to keep up to date and request for the required legal papers for their motor vehicles. The layout of the website is also very simple and easy to use.

Connecticut DMV Offices
Connecticut DMV Offices

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