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Name Phone Number License Plate VIN
Name Phone Number License Plate VIN

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With all the powerful search tools online it’s possible to lookup most anything. An online license plate search in Maryland is no different. Since most vehicle information is public domain it’s possible to resource information about a vehicle, vehicle history, specifications, odometer verification, title status, and much more. The process is simple, find a reliable public record website that offers access to vehicle records. Then you can start your search by entering the full Maryland license plate number and selecting the reason you would like to run your search and that’s it.  As long as you are in compliance with state and federal privacy laws, you can find a lot of valuable vehicle information in moments.

Why Run a Maryland License Plate Search?

Many people want to know more about a vehicle that’s on the road or abandoned or perhaps a used car they want to buy. The utility in using online public record websites is giving people the ability to resource information on the fly and have the ability to run unlimited searches. Perhaps there is a used car that someone wants to know more about such as the vehicle history or an odometer verification or if the title on the car has been salvaged. This information can be obtained in real time and from any smartphone, laptop or tablet. Below are some of the more popular reasons to run a Maryland license plate number search:

  1. Verifying vehicle information of a potential used car someone wants to purchase. By running a Maryland license plate lookup allows individuals to verify vehicle details provided by sellers, ensuring accuracy and transparency in the purchasing process. 
  2. Uncovering the complete vehicle history. By accessing vehicle records through a license plate search, individuals can uncover a vehicle’s history, including accident reports, previous owners, and maintenance records, providing crucial insights before making a buying decision.  It can be very helpful for finding the safest family vehicle and making sure there is nothing to be concerned about.
  3. Aid in accident investigations for the police and auto insurance companies. Maryland law enforcement agencies and insurance companies can utilize license plate lookup services to gather information for accident investigations, identifying parties involved, insurance coverage, and determining fault. 
  4. Ensuring safety and security for people and neighborhoods. Maryland plate searches can assist in identifying vehicles involved in suspicious activities, aiding law enforcement in addressing potential threats or gathering evidence. 
  5. Assisting in skip tracing and finding people that have fled. Private investigators often use vehicle information to track down people that have fled an ongoing court case, financial debts and other criminal activities.
  6. Auto insurance companies will also verify Maryland vehicle ownership records when underwriting a person’s auto insurance as well as following up with accident investigations.

Make sure when running a plate search in the state of Maryland to be compliant with both the federal and state driver privacy laws that protect personal information from being shared. There are some legitimate reasons businesses, auto insurance companies and law enforcement can access vehicle owner information however, it does have restrictions from general public access.

What You Can Find With an Maryland License Plate Search  

  • Owner Information For That Vehicle  
  • Vehicle History Reports
  • Vehicle Options and Specifications  
  • Vehicle Title Check
  • Salvage and Junk Records  
  • Vital Statistics of The Vehicle  
  • Accident and Damages Records  
  • Odometer Verification 
  • Safety issues and recalls

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More About Maryland License Plates

Maryland was one of the first states in the Nation to start requiring license plates on automobiles, starting in 1904. It wasn’t however until 1910 when the state issued their own license plate to every automobile owner. Until that time it was up to the owner of a vehicle to display the proper documentation. Today, everyone in Maryland that own’s a vehicle is issued 2 license plates, the rear one requiring the tags and expiration month and year. There are two different types of plates available in Maryland, the standard issue or a specialty license plate. The specialty plates are meant for different causes, activities, professions, and organizations. You can also customize what you want your MD plate to say and make a statement everyone on the road will see. According to the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA) there were over 1.97 million registered vehicles in the state as of December 2022, and several thousand of them were specialty plates.

Maryland Driver Privacy Concerns

  1. Personal privacy is a big deal in the state of Maryland. License plate lookups may expose personal information, such as the registered owner’s name, potentially leading to privacy breaches or misuse. It is crucial for service providers to handle this data responsibly and follow state privacy laws.
  2. Responsible use by the public is also a concern. Individuals must use vehicle record services for legitimate purposes within the boundaries of the law. Unauthorized access or misuse of data can have severe legal consequences. 
  3. Ensuring privacy protection measures are in place is vital to prevent the misuse of obtained information and protect individuals from stalking, harassment, or other malicious activities. Much of the personal information attached to Maryland vehicle records is restricted to specific uses only.

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Maryland License Plate Lookup


Maryland License Plate Search FAQs

Can I customize a Maryland license plate number however I want?

Possibly as long as you follow the limitations of characters, have a unique phrase, and do not have anything offensive then you'll most likely be approved for a customized Maryland license plate

What is a Maryland license plate check?

A Maryland license plate check is a process of researching vehicle related information with a license plate number. This can include researching a potential used car someone wants to buy and obtaining vehicle history information.

Where can I get a Maryland vehicle history report?

You can easily get a Maryland vehicle history report by using an online public record website that specializes in vehicle records. You will need the full license plate number of the vehicle of interest or the complete 17 digit VIN

Can I find a vehicle owner with a Maryland license plate search?

It depends on why you are searching and what acceptable entities are allowed to access vehicle owner information in Maryland. Because of strict privacy laws, much of the personal information attached to a vehicle is restricted from general public access.

Is there a free Maryland license plate search?

Yes, there are some free vehicle record resources where you can run a free license plate search in Maryland however, you may only be able to access very limited information for free. Many of the more detailed vehicle reports will cost you a few bucks.

Is a Maryland license plate lookup legal?

Yes, for certain reasons such as obtaining a vehicle history report or title verification, a plate search is legal in Maryland. There are limitations with what personal information can be obtained from this type of search.

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  1. says:

    what county or city is a Maryland license plate beginning with 9 bn fromt?

  2. says:

    Our Maryland License Plate Lookup can only be used if you have a license plate number or VIN to search. Unfortunately we do not have the ability to lookup a Maryland license plate number by the registered owner’s name. You will need to visit the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration for this information.

  3. says:

    Is it possible to find the vin number for a 73 ford f250 by the original owners name. Sold the truck in the mid 80’s, would like to find out it’s production specs but need vin.

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    In order to use our Maryland license plate lookup resources you will need to read and agree to the terms and conditions of our license plate search.

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    How do I find the name of the current owner?

  6. says:

    IF you feel that there is a suspicious looking vehicle that is lurking around your house or neighborhood you should reach out to the police and file a report. We do not have a relationship with the Maryland law enforcement agencies so you will need to call them directly and give them the vehicle license plate information you’ve obtained.

  7. says:

    Hi i live in Highwood Rd MD and I’ve been seeing a car with the license plate name of E and I’m consern about who he is. very suspicious

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