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Name Phone Number License Plate VIN
Name Phone Number License Plate VIN

Run an Ohio License Plate Lookup

With millions of vehicles on the road in Ohio, there is a large demand for vehicle related services. These can range from automotive repair and auto insurance to looking up vehicle information and running vehicle history reports. One of these services is looking up vehicle information by a license plate or VIN, both of which are unique to every vehicle on the road. Depending on the acceptable reasons for running an OH plate search, results may include owner details, detailed vehicle history report, title check and vehicle specifications and options. The Ohio license plate lookup tool is unofficial and intended for verification purposes. This is not a service offered by the OH motor vehicle dept. If you find yourself needing assistance with your search you can reach out to the expert support team via email, blog chat or phone.

What Can Be Found With an Ohio Vehicle Plate Search  

  • A Vehicle History Report  
  • Vehicle Owner Information
  • Options and Manufacturer Specs
  • Vehicle Title Verification  
  • Salvage and Junk Records  
  • Accident and Total Loss Records 
  • Odometer Verification 

Why Run an Ohio License Plate Search?

The most common reason for running an Ohio license plate search is to verify a vehicle, it’s title, it’s owner and it’s legitimacy. There are specific reasons that are allowable to run a license plate search in Ohio. The process is simple, start by entering the full OH plate number into the search form and verify your reason for performing this search to find out what information is available. This can be accessed by any device that has an internet connection.

Car Owner Search

Ohio License Plate Lookup via Private Detective

Buying a car with a false title can leave you without a vehicle when the real owner tracks it down. Those who steal cars will often issue false titles that have another owner listed on the paperwork. While hiring a private investigator may cost more than you would like, it’s an option if you feel suspicious about a vehicle you really want to buy. They generally have proprietary resources and an elevated skill sets for researching information.

Run a Plate in Another State

Ohio License Plate Lookup


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Responses to “Ohio License Plate Lookup

  1. Dick Spade says:

    I’m going to buy a 2004 or 5 Chevy van in Fredonia, NY, with Ohio plates HXL2161. The seller is a little hazy about the title! I would like the year verified. I’d like to make sure the title is clear. Any history would be most helpful. They claim very low mileage?? Lastly, I’d like contact info for the Ohio owner to return some personal items found inside. Thank you

  2. squarryadministrator says:

    Tom, you will need to locate the VIN on the motorcycle which might be on the frame or the front forks. Then you can contact the Ohio BMV to inquire about registration, titling and obtaining a license plate

  3. Tom says:

    I have a 1970 Honda motorcycle with no ownership. It doesn’t have a license plate so I have no idea which state it was sold in. Honda has confirmed it is a US motorcycle. How can I find out the licensing history on this vintage motorcycle so I can get an ownership for it?

  4. squarryadministrator says:

    Deb, unfortunately we do not have the ability to lookup vintage license plate numbers or most any vehicle that was manufactured before the 1980’s

  5. Deb A Holthaus says:

    I found a 1960 license plate and I would like to find the name of the person that it was registered to. Specifically. I am interested in whether it was a relative.

  6. squarryadministrator says:

    Sofia, thank you for reaching out about our Ohio license plate lookup blog. To buy a new Ohio tag for your vehicle you will want to visit the Ohio BMV website. You can download the form for a renewing your tags online and mail it in. If you have more questions on how to go about doing this, the Ohio BMV also has a live chat feature

  7. Sofia Molina says:

    I New to buy the tag for my Plate i want to doing in online and i cant can you help me

  8. squarryadministrator says:

    Gary, thanks for reaching out about our Ohio license plate lookup blog. Unfortunately Ohio license plate numbers from 1932 are older than what we have in our database so we can not directly weigh in on if that is an Ohio dealer plate or not. We did however do some research and it sounds like it’s possible that is a dealer license plate number that starts with an X

  9. Gary Reser says:

    Hi, I am looking at a 1932 Ohio License plate. It starts with X1. I want a 1932 Dealer plate. They claim it is. Did they start with X?

  10. squarryadministrator says:

    In order to run an Ohio license plate lookup you must read and agree to the terms and condition of our Ohio license plate search and enter a complete license plate number

  11. squarryadministrator says:


    This sounds like a matter you should report to the Ohio Police. If you’re interested in performing an Ohio license plate number lookup using our database resources you will have to read the terms and conditions and agree to them before looking up any license plate number information.

    Who Can Lookup Ohio License Plate Numbers

    1. Most anyone can lookup license plate information via the FOIA
    2. You must first read and agree to the terms and conditions of the license plate search
    3. Enter the full license plate number and state of registration
    4. Search the license plate database
    5. Results may include vehicle information, VIN number, safety and recall data & more

  12. Geoffrey Inscho says:

    A man (stranger in her 40s perhaps?) in a blue pickup truck pulled into the driveway while my daughter (16 yrs old) was taking the dogs out to go to the bathroom. He got out of the truck and asked if the dogs are friendly and could he meet them. My daughter told him “no” and hastened back into the house. She made note of his license plate number.

    We would like to know if it is legal for us to request his Ohio BMV information based on his license plate number.

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