Oregon License Plate Lookup

Name Phone Number License Plate VIN
Name Phone Number License Plate VIN

How To Perform an Oregon License Plate Lookup

Performing a license plate lookup in Oregon has become a simple online process. To begin you’ll need the full Oregon license plate number of the vehicle in question. Then you’ll need to find out if you have a valid reason for performing this search via the state and federal privacy laws which you will be directed towards during the search process. Then once you’ve satisfied those first few items you’re ready to view the vehicle information you’re looking for. Results can include the history of the vehicle, license plate owner details, vehicle vital statistics, title verification and more. The Oregon license plate lookup tool is unofficial and intended for verification purposes only. This is not a service offered by the Oregon motor vehicle dept. Please search responsibly and abide the relevant privacy laws. If you have any difficulties with your plate search you can reach out for help with our expert support team through the blog, email or phone.

Why Run an Oregon Vehicle Record Search?

Oregonians run a vehicle record search for a multitude of reasons including researching a used car they’re in the market to buy. A quick vehicle record search online via the OR license plate number or VIN can offer up valuable details to the health and value of a used car and offers the buyer some objectivity they might not get from the seller. Used cars can come with problems and that might not be disclosed or know about by the seller. These may include major accidents, salvaged or junk titles, incorrect odometer reading, the seller isn’t the owner of the vehicle, to name a few. One of the great benefits of using the SearchQuarry.com vehicle record tool is anyone can use it on the fly from any device that has an internet connection and in the member’s area, people will have access to unlimited Oregon vehicle record searches.

What You Might Find With an Oregon Vehicle Record Search

  • Oregon License Plate Owner Information
  • Vehicle Options and Specs
  • Oregon Vehicle History Report  
  • Vehicle Title Search
  • Salvage and Junk Records  
  • Vehicle Vital Statistics 
  • Loss and Accident Records
  • Verify The Odometer is Accurate

Car Owner Search

Types of Oregon License Plates

  • Custom Tree License Plate
  • Custom Salmon Plate
  • Custom Crater Lake License Plate
  • Custom Cultural Plate
  • Custom Wine Country Plate
  • Custom Trail Blazers Plate
  • Custom Motorcycle/Moped License Plate
  • Custom Motor Home/Camper/Travel
  • Specialized Oregon Plates

A Brief History of Oregon License Plates

Oregon automobile owners were required to first start displaying license plates on their vehicles in 1905 however, they had to provide their own license plates for the rear of the vehicle only. In 1911 the state started to issue license plates to automobile owners and are today required on both the front and rear of the car, truck, van or SUV. Motorcycles are the exception where plates are only required on the rear of the vehicle

License Plate Information For Every State

Oregon License Plate Lookup


Oregon License Plate Search Q&A

Can I lookp someone's Oregon license plate number?

You can lookup someone's Oregon license plate number if you have a valid reason according the the Oregon DMV. You can also lookup Oregon license plate information through certain websites if you agree to the terms and conditions of the Oregon DPPA.

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Responses to “Oregon License Plate Lookup

  1. squarryadministrator says:

    Tonya, you will need either the VIN or the license plate number to find any vehicle related records or you will need to resolve this with the DMV directly

  2. Tonya Fochs says:

    I need copy of title of 2004 BMW that I purchased from Vancouver WA!!
    DMV says my name was never on title!!!
    I purchased the vehicle and my name was on the title!! I don’t have plate #
    But the name on title now is Nicholas Keith Olney!!
    I need help with proof that I purchased it!!
    My name was on the title!! Maybe he purchased a lost or replace title without my knowledge!! There has too be some documentation!!
    Please contact me

  3. Jason Francis says:

    I have a late 60’s vehicle, and I have a set of plates for the time period between 1965- 1973 (blue field with gold letters) I do not know what car/truck they were originally assigned. Is it possible to get these plates assigned to my vehicle?

  4. Derek Gerber says:

    Looking to purchase a travel trailer.

  5. squarryadministrator says:

    Josh, unfortunately in the state of Oregon this is not a valid reason to perform an Oregon license plate search though our resources. You might consider reporting this incident to the police if there was any damage cause by this other vehicle

  6. Josh Cahanin says:

    Oregon license plate number? It was a light blue sports car in the parking lot of the Clackamas Mall about 2:15 pm on Sat. Aug. 21st 2021. It revved its engine right near me and bothered me very much. I would like to file an insurance claim.

  7. Don Kimball says:

    I found a motor cycle license plate in the desert around summer lake still attached to the fender. The license number is m/8 03871 oregon. The tag number is L 301431 exp. is 2-23 Maybe you can find the person so his or her plate can be returned to the owner. Should I return it to dmv office? I live in Roseburg. Thankyou….

  8. squarryadministrator says:

    What do the letters SP mean on an Oregon license plate

    Special interest Oregon license plates with the letters “SP” pertain to vehicle’s that are used for specific purposes such as parades, club activities, exhibitions but not for the primary use of a personal vehicle

  9. DH McClain says:

    What do the letters SP on a license plate mean in Oregon?These letters appear first on the left side and are vertically arranged.
    S is above P.

  10. squarryadministrator says:

    HU on an Oregon license plate means it’s a heavy permit license plate that is issued by the Oregon Department of Transportation

  11. Mark Wiest says:

    What does the designation HU mean on a “permanent” Oregon license plate?

  12. squarryadministrator says:

    Lynette, you will want to contact the Oregon DOT directly about what options are available for a personalized Oregon license plate. You can visit an Oregon DOT office, contact them online or call them directly @ 503-945-5000

    How to order a personalized Oregon license plate

    Visit the Oregon Department of Transportation website and fill out the Oregon personalized license plate form. Provide your current vehicle license plate and VIN information as well as your driver’s license number. Pay the nominal fee and mail in your application. Your request will be reviewed and processed within a few weeks and your new personalized license plate will be mailed to you at the address listed on your vehicle registration.

  13. Lynnette obrien says:

    I want a personalized licence plate Oregon the Oregon trail one with the name chester on it in capitals how do I go about ordering this

  14. squarryadministrator says:

    Sonja, we appreciate you reaching out about our Oregon license plate lookup blog. It’s uncertain how we can assist you with this matter. Was there a specific question you had for us?

  15. SONJA G MILLER says:

    This vehicle was apparently reported stolen, the police through our neighbors came to investigate and notified the owner the vehicle had been located and closed the stolen vehicle report. I called police tonight as I happened upon the vehicle and two parties were stripping it of tires and ….. it is now tire less and a nuisance. When I notified police again the 911 operator said the owner lived nearby and it was their problem now. I got to wondering why someone would report a vehicle stolen and then not pick it up when found. Perhaps they are in the process of trying to defraud their insurance, as one thought. Perhaps they notified folks it was available for stripping to further their case. Not sure but none of it makes sense and we are not a neighborhood where vehicles are typically stripped. The insurance company would probably be interested in the details if they are in the position of paying a loss. The neighborhood is now stuck with a nuisance and it will cost one of us or the city to tow the now disabled vehicle.

  16. squarryadministrator says:

    Unfortunately we cannot assist you with a license plate search based on the reasons you’ve provided. In order to use our license plate or vehicle record resources you must read and agree to the terms and conditions of use. That being said, you can contact the police and inquire about having this vehicle removed, another option is to leave a note to the owner letting them know your intentions.

  17. Ian Mileusnic says:

    I have a car that is parked on my property, and I am trying to ascertain the owner. I have a pretty solid guess as to who it belongs to, but I want to check before having it towed (this person has been down on their luck and I don’t want to add to their stress, if possible). I know I can go through the DMV but I don’t think they would approve my request, and it costs money. Any help would be amazing. Thank you for any info or advice.

  18. squarryadministrator says:

    In this scenario your best option would be to contact the state of Oregon or hire a lawyer to sort things out with your Oregon Blazer with the license plate number you mentioned. We are a public record website and do not have an affiliation with the state of Oregon

  19. Dale Derrick says:

    My 1985 Blazer plate number 895KEV was stolen and towed and impounded. My Oregon State taxes were seized to pay impound and storage. The auto was stolen. How do I get my taxes returned to me?

  20. squarryadministrator says:

    Our Oregon license plate lookup resources are for cars, trucks and motorcycles only. Unfortunately we don’t have license plate resources for trailers and campers. You will want to contact the Oregon Department of Transportation for more information about the Oregon trailer registration including year, make and model.

  21. Jesse roebuck says:

    I have a camp trailer with Crater Lake license plates in oregon the numbers are 01040 please help with year make and modle

  22. squarryadministrator says:

    Hello Michael,

    I looked up the Oregon license plate number in our database and couldn’t find any information about your vehicle history. We can only run complete Oregon license plate numbers so if it’s incomplete our resources won’t be able to track down the information you’ve requested. If you have a VIN number we can also lookup the vehicle history with a VIN search. That being said you can check with the Oregon DMV and see if they can assist you further. I have included a link to their website below.


    Best Regards,

    The Search Quarry Team

  23. Michael D Pyke says:

    Hi,i recently bought a 1978 red f250 pick up truck here in England. With the vehicle I have much history and can track it back to Portland, Oregon I believe. The licence plate was yellow. Its number was:- HS 997. I am attempting to put the trucks history together upto the point it came over here 3 or 4 years ago. I am doing this for my own interest,i am more than happy to meet any cost. If this is something you can’t help with perhaps you could point me in the correct direction. I would love to track previous owners for photographs, any paper work e.t.c..Many thanks M. Pyke

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