Minnesota License Plate Lookup

Name Phone Number License Plate VIN
Name Phone Number License Plate VIN

How To Run a Minnesota License Plate Check

Our Minnesota license plate lookup tool allows you to search and find valuable information about vehicles, this is especially useful when purchasing a used vehicle.. The process of running this Minnesota plate search is simple. Start by entering the full plate number into the search field and then you’ll be directed to validate your search by selecting your requested information and an acceptable reason, if needed, according to state and federal privacy regulations. Once you’ve satisfied the Minnesota license plate check requirements you’ll be able to access information such as title verification checks, vehicle history reports, vital vehicle statistics, license plate owner information and more. This search is unofficial, intended for verification purposes only and is not offered by motor vehicle departments. It’s important to make sure that you are compliant with the latest Minnesota driver privacy laws as they are updated regularly. Only certain allowable reasons and entities may access Minnesota vehicle owner information, and some information may be limited depending on what is available. Use the information obtained as directed and in a responsible fashion, it’s your responsibility to comply with the guidelines of this search.

What You Might Find With a Minnesota Plate Check  

  • Car Owner Information
  • Vehicle Specifications
  • Vehicle History Report    
  • Vehicle Title Check 
  • Salvage and Junk Records  
  • Vital Vehicle Statistics
  • Accident and Damages
  • Odometer Verification 
  • Recalls and Vehicle Safety Concerns

There are a multitude of online public record websites that offer access to vehicle records. These third-party companies access various databases to gather information, but the accuracy and comprehensiveness of data can vary. You may want to reference multiple resources to find exactly what you are looking for. It’s also important to make sure you are in compliance with state privacy laws when performing this type of search, which means you may not necessarily be able to access any sensitive personal information or Minnesota vehicle owner information unless allowable by the driver privacy laws.

Why Run a Minnesota License Plate Lookup?

There are many utilities for running a Minnesota license plate search and one of the top reasons is for people verifying vehicle information on a used car, truck, SUV, van or motorcycle they’re looking to buy. A license plate search tool can offer people the ability to lookup a vehicle history reports, verify vehicle title information, find out if the odometer reading is correct, all the options and specifications of the vehicle, recalls and vehicle safety issues. The ability to run this search on the fly from a smartphone or laptop makes this very convenient for used car hunting. Other reasons include finding out if a vehicle has been abandoned, if a car has been involved in some criminal activity or if there is suspected fraud. You can lookup this information with both the Minnesota license plate and the vehicle identification number. Here are some of the most common reasons people run a plate or VIN search in Minnesota:

  1. Researching a used car to purchase. If you are considering buying a used car, a Minnesota license plate search or VIN check can provide invaluable information about the vehicle’s history, including any accidents, recalls, or title issues. 
  2. Automobile insurance companies often conduct a license plate lookup to verify vehicle details when providing quotes or processing claims and to verify vehicle ownership in Minnesota. 
  3. Police officers use license plate information to verify vehicle registration, check for outstanding warrants or tickets, and track stolen vehicles, and investigate hit and run accidents. 
  4. Legal matters that include lawsuits, attorneys might run a Minnesota license plate check to gather evidence or verify details about a vehicle and the vehicle owner involved in a case. 
  5. Private detectives might use a vehicle’s plate number or VIN to skip trace someone that they are trying to track down or has fled from a financial obligation or ongoing court case. 
  6. Decoding a plate is another reason people may want to research a vehicle. Since the VIN is linked to the license plate number, a person can find the history of the vehicle as well as all the specifications and options it was built with.

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Fun Facts About The History of Minnesota License Plates

The state of Minnesota was one of the first states in the US to require automobile owners to present a license plate on their vehicle, starting in 1903. Automobile owners at that time, until 1909, were required to provide their own license plates. Then after 1909 the state provided porcelain plates with the plate number painted on it. Today the state of Minnesota requires only the rear license plate on a vehicle and they’re made of of embossed aluminum these days. Every vehicles in Minnesota needs to have a license plate on the rear. with current tags as well as an up today auto insurance policy. There are 2 different types of plates that are available, the standard issued plates and specialty plates which represent non profit organizations, veteran plates, special interests and customizable plates. As of January 2023, the Minnesota Driver and Vehicle Services Department allows up to seven characters on their personalized license plates which can include a space, hyphen or number.

Privacy Restrictions When Searching Minnesota Vehicle Records

While Minnesota vehicle records can provide a lot of useful information, there are restrictions to what information is available. Minnesota Driver Privacy Laws restrict access to personal information in connection with motor vehicle records to the general public. Only certain reasons are permissible to access this type of motor vehicle records and only by certain entities. It’s important to review the updated privacy rules of the federal DPPA and the Minnesota DVS privacy laws before accessing any sensitive information. It is also illegal to use any of the vehicle information that is accessed for any unlawful reasons. 

Statewide License Plate Searches

Minnesota License Plate Lookup

Minnesota License Plate FAQ

Can a civilian lookup a Minnesota license plate?

Yes, it's possible for civilians to lookup license plate numbers in Minnesota. You will need to make sure you follow the DPPA rules and regulations in the state of Minnesota to run a plate search.

Who can run a Minnesota license plate check?

Anyone can run a Minnesota plate or VIN check for obtaining vehicle records, vehicle history reports, verifying the status of the vehicle title, finding recalls and accidents and odometer verification. The only caveat is there are restrictions to accessing personal information unless allowed by state and federal privacy laws.

What can I find from a Minnesota license plate number?

You can find the history of the vehicle, if the vehicle was involved in any accidents, any recalls or safety issues and all the features and options installed by the manufacturer.

Can I find if a used car in Minnesota has any accidents?

Yes, by running a license plate number or vehicle identification number through a public record website you can access a multitude of publicly available information such as accidents and recalls,

Is there a free Minnesota license plate check?

There are some free resources that you can use to find basic information about a vehicle. However, most premium vehicle records, such as vehicle history reports, will cost a bit more.

How much does a Minnesota license plate search cost?

If you are wanting to obtain a vehicle history report and detailed vehicle records you might pay around $20 for a single report. Some online resources offer you unlimited searches for a monthly fee which might cost a bit more but can be a good value if you want to research more than one vehicle.

Can I find Minnesota vehicle owner information?

It is possible to find some vehicle owner information in Minnesota if you are in compliance with the DPPA and state privacy regulations. There are strict privacy laws that limit access to this data unless specified by these regulations and are typically only accessible by certain entities such as law enforcement, insurance companies and legitimate business to business enterprises.

Why would someone run a Minnesota license plate lookup?

Most people run this type of vehicle search to research a used car, truck or SUV they want to buy. A plate or VIN lookup can allow people to access vehicle history reports, accident and recall information as well as other important vehicle specifications.

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Responses to “Minnesota License Plate Lookup

  1. says:

    Sorry, this is in Wisconsin where we can easily check online with out DOT to check if a Wisconsin license plate has expired.
    If only it were as simple with a Minnesota plate.

  2. says:

    Steven, this is a police matter and unfortunately we cannot assist you directly with this Minnesota license plate lookup inquiry. Here is a link to our Free Minnesota Police and Sheriff Department Finder for your convenience.

  3. says:

    There is a crook in my neighborhood who deals in cars and uses stolen license plates or plates from other vehicles. So unless actually stopped by the police he can get away with it. Often the plates are expired. With a search I can find the year and make of the vehicle, but not if the license plate is current or has expired.

  4. says:

    052 MMM Saab was dropped off in front of our house. Have not seen this car in the neighborhood.

  5. says:

    Larry, our Minnesota license plate lookup resources are only for motor vehicles. We cannot lookup trailer information with our resources

  6. says:

    14 ft travel trailer

  7. says:

    Roland, in order to change your Minnesota license plate number you will need to contact the Minnesota DPS directly. You can call them to schedule an appointment or just walk in to do this. Some online services are limited in these circumstances.

  8. says:

    I really need to change my plate

  9. says:

    Chris, you will want to verify the owner’s name with the information on their driver’s license and vehicle title to make absolutely certain you are purchasing this car from the actual car owner. Also verify the Minnesota license plate number and VIN so that you have multiple field of information to cross-reference. This will give you absolute certainty when making this purchase

  10. says:

    Want to know if guy trying to sell me car is owner

  11. says:

    Albert, thank you for reaching out about our Minnesota license plate lookup blog. We understand your frustration and the danger of the situation that could have resulted in a serious accident. In these situations it’s best to contact the police directly and give them that information, you can also call 911 if you feel that this person is driving dangerously or driving drunk.

  12. says:

    Viscone whoever he was was passing on a double yellow line there\’s a car coming in the opposite direction which could have caused a head-on collision.

  13. says:

    Robert, you will want to check with the Minnesota DPS directly about your vehicle tags not being received. It’s possible there was a delay or they could have been lost in the mail. In any case they will be able to reissue you your tags.

  14. says:

    My tab renewal was sent by mail April 2 where are they plate number 1vette

  15. says:

    Technically you are allowed to have the vehicle towed at the owner’s expense. You can also notify your local Minnesota police code enforcement to come out and issue the person a warning or citation. Another option is you can leave a note on the vehicle and hope that the vehicle owner receives the note and moves their vehicle accordingly.

  16. says:

    I am the caretaker of an apartment building and an unfamiliar car has been left in the parking lot blocking access for some residents to their garages. What do I do? AHE 958

  17. says:

    For this type of situation where there is a missing title and it was never registered, your best course of action is to contact the Minnesota Department of Public Safety (DPS) directly. You will want to explain your case and show them the bill of sale and have your Minnesota driver’s license or proof of ID. They will tell your the best course of action to proceed.

  18. says:

    My son bought a car he got a signed bill of sale and was to get title when he came back from drill. The man he bought car from has passed away so can’t get title. Got stopped by police and found out he never registered it. How do I find the owner who had it before to get title

  19. says:

    If this is a Hit and Run you will want to contact the Minnesota Police and file a Hit and Run report as well as the Minnesota DPS and your insurance company. It’s important to follow the law as best you can so you can be adequately compensated.

    How To File a Hit and Run Report in Minnesota

    1. Contact the Minnesota Police and file a Hit and Run Report
    2. Contact the Minnesota DPS and file a Crash Report
    3. Contact your insurance company and notify them of the incident
    4. Take pictures of your vehicle and document any information about the other vehicle involved in the crash
    5. If you have any type of injury make sure to visit your doctor and get a full evaluation

  20. says:

    A car sideswiped my car. I need to contact the owner of the car. I have the plate number. It is Minnesota plates. Can you find the owners name, address, or phone #?

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