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All vehicles in Washington State are fitted with a license plate that serves the primary purpose of identifying their owner and the state from where it is registered. License plates differ depending on every state, country, and type of vehicle. To begin your Washington license plate lookup online use the above form.

According to Washington State DOT regulations, the license plate has to be fitted on the back and the rear side of the vehicle. Besides identifying information regarding a vehicle’s owner, the license number also provides other information like vehicle model and the year it was manufactured.

How To Get a License Plate In Washington

Vehicle registration is required after buying or acquiring a vehicle as a gift or through any other legal way. Vehicle owners who fail to register their vehicles within the stipulated time are penalized. In Washington, car owners have a period of 30 days to register vehicles brought from another state and 15 days for bought cars. Registering new vehicles bought in a dealership in Washington is quite easy. The car dealers fill all forms and documents. After the Washington vehicle registration process is complete, the documents and license plate will be sent to the vehicle owner. However, for people who purchase a vehicle from a private party, they have to register the vehicle themselves. To register for a license plate, the new car owner has to meet various conditions.During registration, the vehicle owner has to present a valid Washington driving license, vehicle title, an odometer disclosure statement, emissions testing documents, and vehicle purchase agreement. The registration process is charged a fee.

Washington License Plate Registration Fee

The cost incurred while registering for a vehicle differs depending on various characteristics. Standard features used to determine a vehicle’s registration fee include the car’s model, make, year of manufacture, weight, and the county from where it was first registered.

During registration, the vehicle’s owner will be required to pay a registration service fee, excise duty, district charges, license plate fee, inspection fees, use tax, and county congestion reduction charge. The process can be completed through the state’s online portal.

Washington License Plate Types

In Washington, different types of license plates exist. The special license plates include personalized plates that contain a maximum of seven characters. You can also look up for the specially designed plates for organizations and institutions, special interest plates used for advocating for a particular cause, collegiate plates for universities and colleges, and military plates.

Renewing Washington  License Plates

Car owners are required to renew their license plates once they expire. The expiry date is indicated on the license plate. However, DOL notifies car owners when the expiry date is about to reach.

A car owner who fails to renew his or her license plate on time will be required to pay a late plate renewal fee. Besides, the person risks being ticketed every time he or she is pulled over by a police officer. The plate can be renewed six months before the expiry date.

When renewing your license plate, you will have to pay a renewal fee and provide the vehicle identification number, your identification card, and a copy of an insurance policy. Before the registration, vehicle owners should first take their vehicle for inspection. A license plate gives a car owner permission to operate on the state’s roads legally.

Washington License Plate Lookup
Washington License Plate Lookup

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