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Name Phone Number License Plate VIN
Name Phone Number License Plate VIN

Run a Pennsylvania License Plate Lookup

Anyone in Pennsylvania that has a smartphone or computer and an internet connection can run a license plate lookup. This process has become simple and safe with online vehicle record repositories and public record websites. The first step of this search is to have the complete license plate number and enter it into the search field followed by verifying the reason for your search is a valid one. Then once you’ve completed that first step then you’ll have access to vehicle history reports, vehicle title searches, vehicle specs, owner information, odometer verification, accident history, and more depending on what resource you are using. If you are attempting to locate Pennsylvania vehicle owner information then you will need to make sure you are eligible via the Pennsylvania driver protection privacy laws. There are only certain reasons allowable to access personal information, which are typically reserved for law enforcement, insurance purposes, and legitimate business to business inquiries.

Reasons People Want Pennsylvania Vehicle Records

Used car purchases, safety concerns, abandonments are a few of the reasons people use this resource. One example is when you walk outside your home and see an unknown car parked illegally across your driveway, you have a few options. You can talk with your neighbors to see if they know the owner of the vehicle or if they own that car. You also have the option of contacting the local police department about the vehicle. The police department can cite that vehicle or even have it towed to a local tow yard.  Another reason people might seek vehicle information in Pennsylvania is when purchasing a used car. Running a vehicle history report via the license plate number or VIN is a great way to make sure what you see is what you get and it holds the seller more accountable for what they claim. You might find the vehicle options are different from what is advertised or that the car title is salvaged. There are a multitude of reasons people want to know more about a vehicle, including their own. With a quick search online, anyone with a smartphone or laptop can lookup this information online. Below are some of the most common reasons people research vehicle records.

  • Before making a purchase of a used car, ensuring the vehicle has a clear title, is lien-free, and assessing vehicle safety and accident history. 
  • Before selling a vehicle, to provide transparency and assurance to potential buyers, and showing them the vehicle is clean and without any hidden issues. 
  • Insurance auditing purposes, to evaluate the risk factor and premiums for new clients and for accident investigations. 
  • Vehicle records can be used as evidence in vehicle-related lawsuits, and to determine who might be at fault from a situation involving a vehicle. 
  • To check if the vehicle is subject to manufacturer recalls or reported NHTSA safety issues. 
  • To track past repairs and maintenance history, emission records, and safety inspections. 
  • Banks can use a vehicle’s VIN or license plate number to locate debtors and assets that need to be retrieved. 
  • To aid in PA police investigations and accident reporting. 
  • To verify the information provided during vehicle registration by the PA DOT or registering for a toll road fast-pass. 
  • A plate number can be used by parking enforcement to make sure vehicles are parked in the right spots and have paid for their parking passes. 

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Free Pennsylvania License Plate Lookup

Though there are free public record databases available online, those resources can be hard to find. Many of these databases only offer basic information such as vehicle make and model and manufacturer specs and options. You will typically need to pay for premium reports such as a PA vehicle history report or a title verification. You can also find some free vehicle related resources if you have the 17 digit VIN of the vehicle you are researching. It is also important to note that you will not be able to find any free PA vehicle owner information as that is restricted by state privacy laws. Only certain verified entities, for specific reasons, can lookup personal information.

Pennsylvania License Plate Lookup via Private Detective

If you attempt multiple searches but do not get the results you need, consider hiring a professional. A private investigator may charge you for the fuel and for other expenses, but some investigators will actually charge a set fee for all the work involved. Investigators often have resources that the general public cannot. If you need to track someone down and only have a license plate number, this might be a good option. All of these methods can help you look up a vehicle related information if you need something specific that you can find online or from the PA DOT.

10 Fun Facts About Pennsylvania Plates 

  • The first Pennsylvania license plates were made of porcelain and were flat in shape, not embossed like modern plates. 
  • Pennsylvania issued pairs of license plates from 1906 to 1943, but since then, only single plates have been issued. They are only required to be placed on the rear of the vehicle. 
  • Pennsylvania was one of the first states to experiment with multi-year plates and stickers. This made it easier for people to keep up with their registration and improved efficiency within the department of transportation. 
  • The first graphic on Pennsylvania’s license plate was a keystone, that was issued in 1938. 
  • Pennsylvania offers over 300 specialty plates, including military, organizational, and personalized plates. 
  • The ‘Conserve Wild Resources’ plate features the state bird, the Ruffed Grouse. 
  • The standard Pennsylvania plate has the state motto, “Virtue, Liberty, and Independence,” written on it. 
  • Pennsylvania was one of the first states to use a seven-character license plate format which is currently used today. 
  • In 2017, the “Preserve Our Heritage” plate was introduced, featuring a barn scene with a covered bridge, reflecting Pennsylvania’s rich history and cultural heritage. 

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Pennsylvania License Plate Lookup

Pennsylvania License Plate Lookup FAQ

Can I find out who owns a car with a Pennsylvania license plate?

It is possible to find the owner of a vehicle by running a Pennsylvania license plate search. You will need to have the full plate number and a valid reason, according to the DPPA and Pennsylvania driver privacy laws to find who owns that car.

Can I find out if a vehicle in Pennsylvania has been recalled through a VIN check?

Yes, a VIN check can reveal if a vehicle has been recalled by the manufacturer.

Are Pennsylvania VIN checks reliable?

VIN checks are typically reliable as they are based on manufacturer records. It is also a good way to obtain a vehicle history report.

Can a Pennsylvania vehicle record request reveal if a vehicle has any liens?

Yes, a vehicle record request can reveal if there are any lien holders on a vehicle, depending on what resource you are using.

How much does a Pennsylvania license plate check cost?

A license plate check or VIN check can cost anywhere from $20 to $30 for a vehicle history report or title verification, depending on what resource you are using and what information you are trying to obtain.

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  1. says:

    There is a new, red, Honda Civic,…that has outdated PA State Inspection/Emissions! The rest of us must pay up,…or face fines, et cetera!
    Also, where’s the Greensburg city parking sticker!?!
    This car is usually parked on Division Street, Greensburg, PA.

  2. says:

    I gave my truck to my son in Maryland, can I put the tag on my truck it was a Disabled Vet tag. and is there another tag that’s free if 100 % disabled ? Thanks for any help you can give me. Raymond Holden

  3. says:

    Darlene, our searches in our member’s area are anonymous, meaning no other user will know what you are looking for. If you have any specific questions you can reach out to our live chat in our member’s area and answer any additional questions you may have

  4. says:

    Are searches anonymous/confidential? If you had a valid reason to purchase a report; is that anonymousconfidential?

  5. says:

    This car was parked in front of my home for over 24 hours. I live on a dead end.

  6. says:

    I would like to obtain the mailing address of the owner of the car with license plate of LJH5012. It is a Pennsylvania plate. The driver backed into our car at a CVS parking lot just in Erie just prior to the store closing and damaged the driver side doors. Our son was in the car at the time but did not get his information. We would like to avoid his insurance rates from going up and give him an opportunity to pay for the repairs. So, we need his address to write him a letter stating that we would like to avoid his rates from coming up.

  7. says:

    Pennsylvania traffic citations are not associated with a vehicle when it comes to public record. That being said, we are happy to lookup any traffic citations by name if you can provide us with this person’s full name and age or DOB

  8. says:

    Pennsylvania traffic citations are not associated with a vehicle when it comes to public record. That being said, we are happy to lookup any traffic citations by name if you can provide us with this person’s full name and age or DOB

  9. says:

    My child has taken my car. Can i look up the plate number that is in my name to see if there are any accidents or infractions with the vehicle?

  10. says:

    I can’t wait to see who’s been parking on my property

  11. says:

    Andre, you will need to contact the Pennsylvania DMV directly about getting a PA license plate for your vehicle

  12. says:

    How to get a PA license plate ?

  13. says:

    Glenda, you will need to contact the Harrisburg police that you reported the incident to or the Pennsylvania DMV. We don’t have access to that information with our database resources.

  14. says:

    Hello , How do I find out the date that my license plate got stolen? I reported to Harrisburg pa.

  15. says:

    Ricky, her best option to verify the information on the vehicle title for certain is to contact the Pennsylvania DMV directly. She will need to visit a branch in person and the title verification process should be quick

  16. says:

    My daughter is going through a divorce. Needs to find out if her name is on the title of the car her exhusband has? How can we find out?

  17. says:

    Leah, unfortunately our Pennsylvania license plate lookup resources do not include trailers or RVs. You will want to reach out to the PA DMV directly about your trailer inquiry.

    How to lookup a Pennsylvania trailer license plate number

    While there are a lot of online resources for license plate lookup resources these pertain mostly to automobiles. To lookup a trailer license plate in Pennsylvania you will need to contact the Pennsylvania DMV directly and have the license plate number of the trailer in question.

  18. says:

    I can’t look up a licensed trailer in PA. There is no option to specify trailer. Any way I can do this?

  19. says:

    Unfortunately we cannot locate a missing person with Pennsylvania license plate number. You can try contacting the police if it’s a missing person and file a report. They might have more relevant information that can help you with your search

  20. says:

    Attempting to locate a missing person.

  21. says:

    Adeel, unfortunately we do not have the ability to lookup someone’s auto insurance information by the license plate number from your car. In a Hit and Run accident situation it’s best to call the police, file a police report then report the accident to your insurance company. They will followup with the their own investigation to find out who the other driver was and then you can seek compensation. Most auto insurance companies require that you carry uninsured motorist insurance as well, this will allow you to be properly compensated without it adversely affecting your driving record.

  22. says:

    Hi someone hit my car and run, later by CCTV I found his plate number , it registered in PA, can I find his insurance company? Please help

  23. says:

    This sounds like a very serious situation and is a matter for Pennsylvania law enforcement, unfortunately we cannot assist you with this situation and provide them with the complete Pennsylvania license plate information.

  24. says:

    Pennsylvania lic plate LFS7078 (pa) is a male spic white van guns stolen vehicle dui dwi hit n run lives in allentown PA child sex abuser drug dealer road rage threats terroristic phone use wife beater excon and more attack and jail em

  25. says:

    Carolyn, thank you for reaching out about our Pennsylvania license plate blog. You will need to go through our flow and read the DPPA regulations for your state of residence and select a proper reason why you want to perform a PA license plate search. You may also consider hiring a private investigator to assist you with collecting information if the police are not able to adequately assist you with your PA rideshare issues.

  26. says:

    I\’m a rideshare driver. Several months ago I had a woman in my vehicle that, upon exiting, I suspected was a victim of human trafficking. I called the police and reported it right away. After they showed and left to investigate, I was still shaking from it all. A guy showed up in a car and wrote down my plate. Since I have been followed by a group of cars. Can I legally search the tags to get proof before going to the police? I don\’t want to look like a crazy lady but I\’m concerned for my kids.

  27. says:

    You will want to file a report with your insurance company with the Pennsylvania license plate information that person has provided you. If necessary you may want to get a police report in case there is any issue making a claim to get your bumper repaired. Typically this will not cost you anything out of pocket unless that person in uninsured.

  28. says:

    Yesterday I found note on my car window that my car was hit by PA car. In this note plate number and car description.
    I had only bumper issue. Please advise about my next steps if it happened in New York state when my car was parked on the street and I was at home.


  29. says:

    Hank, unfortunately we cannot assist you with this Pennsylvania license plate lookup because it does not comply with the Pennsylvania DPPA. You might consider hiring a private detective or contacting the Pennsylvania DMV directly about this inquiry.

  30. says:

    Can you please help me PLEASE ,I am trying so hard to track down my brothers car ( VIN NUMBER ) When he was young he worked so hard to buy his car . So now one of his wishes is to ride in it one more time before he dies , The only things to go on was a picture of the back of the car from 1978 it was a Chevy 1973 his license plate number was ( 3D4 -196 ) I am hoping so much you will help me and I really mean that

    Thank you so kindly for helping me with this I just want to make him happy before he see’s our beautiful Lord

    Thank You again

  31. says:

    This sounds like a very unfortunate incident. Your best bet is to follow up with the police about this matter. You can also hire a private investigator but that can also become expensive.

  32. says:

    I was involved in a hit and run case in pennsylvania on december 27th with a PA special plate with prefix SS 00234. I took kids plate information and also a police report was filed with that district. Being as though his plate is special or custom plate, how do i get information on this person. This incident happened somewhere in rosevellete and pratt st on north philly and they have it on video camera. The police officer who arrived in the bullshitted what i was telling him and made it seem like he couldnt pull this persons plate. I also have a NJ customer plate and he told me my plate wasnt showing up for him either, i didnt know if he was telling me the truth or not but yeah an incident report was filed and so how do i obtain information about this driver. my attorneys are working on it but i also want to do my own research thanks.

    if anyone of u know or come in contact with this Pennsylvania special plate with prefix SS 00234 please contact this number through text immediately, you will be rewarded $1000.00 (one thousand dollars). This person happens to be in the northeast of philly. 609 228 9301 thanks

  33. says:

    Unfortunately we don’t possess that license plate information as it might be older than the records in our database. You might want to check with the Pennsylvania DMV to find out more information about previous owners of your vintage vehicle.

    How to Lookup Vintage License Plate Numbers

    1. Contact the DMV
    2. Submit a DMV request form for previous owner information
    3. Pay the fees for a copy of the information

  34. says:

    Is there any chance to look up old license plate numbers…I was married in 1970 and found in a flea market a 1970 sticker did PA plate …I seem to remember the first few numbers of my old plate…and was wondering if I can discover the name of the owner 47 years ago
    The plate is J09 172
    PA registration number on sticker ..
    Thanking You

  35. says:


    It sounds like you will need to file an insurance claim if there is significant damage to your vehicle. You will want to contact your insurance company and notify them about this accident as well as file an accident report with the Pennsylvania DOT. Since this is not a Hit and Run accident you shouldn’t have to contact the police and file a Hit and Run report. It is in your best interest to handle this thing by the book if you want to be adequately compensated for the accident and get your vehicle fixed so that it’s safe to drive.

  36. says:

    I was involved in an auto accident, the other party is at fault (I had video recording to proof). First, I thought the damage is minor so I let him go without getting his driver license and insurance information but I have the license plate #. Am I allow to do the plate lookup in this case?

  37. says:


    Legally they will not be able to lookup Pennsylvania license plate owner information unless they fulfill the criteria necessary to run a license plate search. If you suspect that someone is harassing you this is against the law and you should report this to the relevant Pennsylvania law enforcement authorities. Click here to read more about the acceptable reasons to run a license plate search.

  38. says:

    I was in a traffic jam today when a road rage driver threatened me and said he was writing down my license plate number. Is there any possibility that the driver could get my home address by looking up my plate?

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