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There are many reasons to want perform a Virginia License Plate Lookup. You may have been involved in a hit and run accident. You may have hit someone’s car, and have no other way to contact them or their insurance company. You may be looking at a used car, but can’t seem to find a comprehensive vehicle report. Whatever your reason, looking up a vehicle license plate number has never been easier thanks to the availability of the information online.

Virginia DMV vs. Online Search

You may be thinking: “why look up this information online when I could go straight to the horse’s mouth?”. While it may seem intuitive that the Virginia DMV would be your best source for information on a Virginia license plate, there are many disadvantages to taking this avenue. For one thing, the only way you can get license plate information from the Virginia DMV is to go down there in person. DMV lines are long, especially if you go on busy weekend days and fail to get there early. Why deal with the lost time of standing in line when the information is just seconds away and at your fingertips? An online license plate search is your best bet if you are looking for Virginia plate records, Virginia license plate vehicle details, plate information, even plate history.

A Comprehensive Virginia License Plate Report

While the first thing that comes to mind with a license plate search is the ability to find out the personal information about a car’s owner, there are many other reasons why you would want to look up a car’s license plate. If you are in the market for a used car, but are afraid of buying a lemon, looking up a car by the vehicle’s license plate number can yield you the information you need to make an informed car buying decision. A Virginia license plate lookup will tell you if the car was ever considered a salvage vehicle. A Virginia license plate lookup will tell you about any accidents in which the vehicle was involved. The search will also tell you if the car has ever been declared lost or stolen. This is all valuable information you need to know before making a decision that could potentially leave you liable.

A Virginia License Plate Lookup Will Give You The Answers

Whether you need the personal information about a vehicle owner, want to do your research on a used car, or have any other valid reason, you can obtain Virginia license plate information from the comfort of your home 24/7. The searches are completely anonymous and automated, meaning no one will know (vehicle owner, Virginia DMV, online search staff) you have even looked up a particular Virginia license plate number.

With an online Virginia license plate search you get the best of all worlds. Not only the convenience and efficiency of an online search, but the most through information reports available, not only on vehicle owners, but on the history of the vehicle as well.

Virginia License Plate Lookup

License Plate Disclaimer

Can I Lookup a Virginia License Plate Number?

Yes, you can lookup a Virginia license plate number however some information might be limited depending on your reason. You can lookup information about the vehicle however, if you want to know about the owner of the vehicle you must have a valid reason that is outlined by the Virginia DMV and DPPA.

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Responses to “Virginia License Plate Lookup

  1. Hit and run, but police say the plate doesn’t match any vehicles. I’m not sure I believe them. Can you run the number and confirm?

  2. The truck is very old and we are thinking about getting it but we could not find a vin number it has a license plate on it it’s out on flat rock road in waynesboro Virginia if u could help us out I would greatly appreciate it

    1. Ashby, unfortunately we cannot lookup this Virginia license plate number for your reasons. You will need to read through our terms and conditions as well as the Virginia privacy laws associated with your state

    1. Miguel, you will need to contact your local Virginia DMV office by phone or in person to inquire about your Virginia license plate renewal sticker

  3. How do I go by turning in license plate ? We are going to donation our SUV to the Kidney Foundation. so please tell me how to go by turning in the plate Thank you MRS LENA PRIDE

  4. tag va utv-5078 do no have insurane . hit my car on may 1 2020. gave police and false information about insurance on his car. driving on an uninsue tag. If have insrance please let me know.

    1. Arsentha, thank you for reaching out about our Virginia license plate lookup blog. Unfortunately this is a police matter and we don’t have any information we can share about the tag number you provided

    1. Thank you for the feedback about our Virginia license plate lookup. Please reach out if you have an questions or if we can assist you with any of our public record resources.

  5. This is a guard in tx and a car has been parked here by contaner store off San padro and 410 in San Antonio Texas for about 6 months vvj2952 vivgina

    1. We are uncertain what you are interested in finding? If this is a safety issue or you feel this car with Virginia license plate might be abandoned then you should reach out to your local police department and report it. unfortunately there is not much we can offer you at this time

    1. Shirley, You will need to read and agree to terms and conditions of our Virginia license plate lookup resources before obtaining any vehicle information. If you are looking to perform a vehicle title search before purchasing a vehicle, you should inquire with your local DMV. We also have a Free VIN Decoder that you can use to lookup the vehicle specs and we also have a vehicle history report you can purchase for a nominal fee.

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