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Criminal Public Records Search

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Criminal Public Records Search

In the United States a criminal public records search is accessible by anyone that is a citizen. This is made possible by the FOIA  -or-  The Freedom Of Information Act. The FOIA was passed in 1966 by President LBJ and this act made it possible for the general public to access government collected information on it’s citizens. In simple terms, anyone has access to most any public information collected by the government. This means that a criminal public records search is completely legal and it’s our right to know if someone has a criminal record. There are many reasons we might want to perform a criminal public records search; do you know if your neighbor has a criminal past, do you know who your co-workers really are, is your significant other truthful about their past? These are all great reasons but the most important reason is your safety and that of your loved ones. As long as you know the full name of a person you can look up what they have in their public record. But where do I start you’re probably asking? That’s simple … simply type “criminal public records search” into the search engine and you’ll get a whole lot of websites stating that they have this. The most difficult part of doing your search is finding the right website or company to go with. Even though public records are available for anyone to lookup you’re still going to have to pay for the services to look them up. The other option is to go to the relevant facility and request a physical copy but this may result in a long wait time and you’ll probably have to pay a nominal fee for the record copy. The easiest solution is to use to start your Criminal Public Records Search ( see below ) … you can give us a test drive for 5 days for $3.

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Criminal Public Records Search

Criminal Public Records Search


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