How To Correct Incorrect Public Records

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How To Correct Incorrect Public Records

If you’re wondering how to correct incorrect public records that are incorrect you’re not alone. Many public records contain errors. These can be simple misspellings, wrong address or phone numbers or incorrect criminal, court, civil or driving records. Many times if you’ve already corrected an issue it will take up to several weeks to months to have this reflected online. This is because online public record repositories update their information a different rates. You can also contact the individual repositories to have your information changed but since there are a lot of them out there it will be difficult to sniff them all out to make the necessary changes. The best practice is to make the changes with the relevant public records office and wait until the corrections are updated in the system. Learning how to correct incorrect public records is a process. Knowing what agency to contact is the first step … see below for more helpful information.

Fixing Mistakes on Public Records

  1. First find the public record that has an error
  2. Visit the relevant city/town public records clerk ( ie. DMV, Courthouse, Police Dept., etc.. ) that is in charge of the public records and bring in all available information to change the errant information. You want to make sure you bring in multiple forms of identification ( ie. Driver’s license, utility bill, marriage certificate, other bills you receive in your name )
  3. Fill out the germane form and submit it to correct the error.
  4. Check in regularly to see if the information was updated correctly. This may take several weeks so be patient. You can use online public record repositories ( ie. ) to verify the information in your public record is accurate.

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How To Correct Incorrect Public Records
How To Correct Incorrect Public Records

Incorrect Public Records - Q&A

What Are Public Records?

Public records in the United States via the Freedom of Information Act. You can lookup public records from federal, state and local government agencies as most government collected information on it's citizens are public information. Another option is to use the resources that are available through public record websites like

How Can I Check My Public Record?

Public records are just that, publicly available records that you can access from most US government agencies. Another way to check your public record is to use and online public record website where you can lookup anyone's public record with a simple name search.

How Do I Know If My Public Record Is Correct?

In order to determine if you public record is correct you will want to visit a public record website, like, and lookup your public record. Once you find your public record, verify it's you by the middle name, address, relatives and date of birth. Then if there is any incorrect information you can email the website and have those incorrect public records fixed.

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Responses to “How To Correct Incorrect Public Records

  1. My physical address is incorrect therefore if I use it on the computer to validate my physical address it always says its incorrect!!!!!
    The map has it as Charley Breeden Road, Shady Springs THATS INCORRECT. My correct address is 202 Charley Breeden Road, Cool Ridge, WV 25825

    1. Thanks for the feedback on How to Correct Incorrect Public Records , we can certainly assist you with updating your address in our public records database. That being said, if you are noticing this incorrect public record on other websites such as Yellow-Pages or White-Pages you will need to reach out to them separately. It’s sometimes the case that the public record that we all pull data from is incorrect so that means you will want to reach out to as many different public record and government websites that host this information. Unfortunately we are not affiliated with any other public record website so you will need to reach out to the administrators of those public record websites independently to mitigate this incorrect record. It should be pretty simple for most websites to update your physical address. You might also want to verify this is you and not someone else as it is often the case that there are multiple people with the same first and last, and even middle names.

      That being said, please let us know all the incorrect public records you see that need to be updated and we’ll correct them ASAP for you. Also check our ” Whose Number Is This ” blog post and verify this is your correct phone number

      Verify My Public Record Is Accurate

      When verifying a public record is accurate, first make sure that you’re looking at the correct public record for the correct person. This can be verified by a birth date, a middle name, an address or a marriage record. Then if there is still an inaccuracy with your public record then contact the referring website or agency to fix and correct any inaccuracies to insure your public record is accurate. Government websites might need a photo ID to verify your public record before making any changes

  2. I need help. I don’t know who to talk to or what to do. Somehow my “public record” has become confused with someone else. I was denied a bank account bc I couldn’t prove I was me. Even though I pay Equifax, Experian and TransUnion ALL monthly fees for credit monitoring, it doesn’t matter. These aren’t credit questions. (What is Mr X’s birthday… I’ve no idea who he is. Which of the following addresses ha e you lived at? Umm none. Etc).

    When happened with Asurion I asked WHO they got the questions from. No one all the way up the chain of command could answer.

    When it happened with chase, no one could answer.

    When it happened with PNC, no one could answer.

    When it happened with quicken rocket mortgage, no one could answer.

    How can I fix it if I don’t know where it comes from?!? I took your advice and went to the police dept. They said since it wasn’t verifiable identity theft there was nothing they could do about it.

    I called Equifax. God as my witness they asked me questions to verify my identity and I FAILED! Either way, they claim they don’t generate the questions.

    Experian says they don’t generate the questions.

    TransUnion says they don’t generate the questions.

    1. This is a very unfortunate situation Melanie, there are a couple of possibilities here. First, your identity has been stolen and your good name is being used by someone else. Second, your public record is confused with someone else. A good way to determine what is happening is verifying your social security number and/or driver’s license number and date of birth. If all of these are the same then it’s likely that your identity has been stolen. If this is the case then you want to contact all the relevant credit agencies and your banks to let them know you’re a victim of identity theft.

      You can also contact the FTC to file a report and get helpful advise on how to handle your identity being stolen. Their toll free phone number is: 1-877-382-4357

      What To Do If My Identity Is Stolen

      1. Notify credit agencies, banks and credit card companies
      2. Place a fraud alert on your credit report
      3. Document all known credit fraud accounts
      4. Put a freeze on getting new credit on your credit report
      5. Contact the police and fill out a police report
      6. Send the relevant agencies a copy of the police report
      7. Contact the FTC and file a report of identity theft

  3. Need to check my public records are accurate, but don’t know how to do so without paying a fee. Companies are trying to verify my identity, but apparently I do not exist according to public records. I have no idea how to verify my information is correct with public records.

    1. Ryan, we are happy to run a public record search for you if you can tell us what state you would like us to search in as well as your age and full name. That being said, you should be able to verify your identity with a social security number and/or driver’s license and passport, if you possess one.

  4. I have recently “failed” the questions asked of my bank (to change my address) and another financial institution holding my funds.
    Interestingly, my second husband remarried a woman with the name Mary Auvil who then became Mary A Sherry.
    Somehow her information is in my public records. I saw my age with her name and she is significantly younger.
    How can I separate this information?

    1. Mary, if you give us the correct information we can separate it out in our database resources however you will need to contact other institutions directly to make this correction where you see an error in your public record listing

    1. Dan we are happy to run a free public record search for you. Please give us your full name, age and state of residence and we’ll see what we can find for you.

  5. Hello, I realized that my public information was recently updated. I did not make these changes. Could it be that someone is intentionally doing this? If so, how can I find out who updated my info?

    Thank you!

    1. Lauri, it’s unclear what public records you are looking at and what was changed. We only change public records in our database resources when someone can prove who they are and what public records need to be updated or removed. Also please take note that you have a very common name so make sure to verify your middle name, age, DOB and any relatives listed on these public records in case you might be looking at someone else’s. Please reach out if we can be of further assistance

    1. Andrew, we are not certain what you are asking for exactly. We are a public record website that makes it easy for people to lookup public records with a simple name search. That being said, we are happy to correct any incorrect public records on our website however, you will want to reach out to each individual public record website that has the wrong information that you would like to correct. Please let us know how we can assist you

  6. Public Records list incorrect information about my address and my phone number and people who currently live at my address who don’t live at my address, I know these are common problems but, the current covid-19 pandemic prevents contact with my local public records department to update my personal contact information. Sadly with cutback of hours and staff it’s proving difficult to get these problems resolved. Please help me to clean up the errors on my contact information.

    1. Tanya, we are happy to update your incorrect public records in our database resources however, we are not affiliated with any government agency so we cannot assist you with changing your information on other public record websites. That being said, please let us know specifically know what we can correct in our public record listings such as; name, age, address, etc..

  7. I am listed as Pamala Miller Vargas. I am divorced and have my maiden name back for 6 years. I do not live in NC.
    People are listed that I do not know and some are dead as Daniel O’Malley.
    Pamala Miller

    1. Pamala, if you can be specific what records you’d like for us to change in our public records database we’re happy to assist you. We’ll need your full name, age, residence as well as the specific records you’l like for us to update

    1. Yvonne, we are happy to assist you with correcting this incorrect marriage record in our database. Can you confirm what state you were searching in so we can modify the correct public record for you?

    1. Greg, thank you for reaching out about our “How to Correct Incorrect Public Records,” we will forward these updates to our technical team. That being said, you will also want to reach out to other public record websites to update your information with them. Unfortunately correcting incorrect public records can be tedious, but worth it.

    2. Greg, thank you for updating us on an incorrect public record. We will forward this to our technical team and have it updated. Please reach out if we can assist you with any public record searches in the future

  8. has information saying that my home is in an active foreclosure and it is not. Also My name is Lisa F. Love and they mix Lisa A. Love up with me and this has happened before and she had a huge lien on her credit. It has my current address on there. I don’t want people knowing my address. It can be so unsafe.

    1. It would seen that you will need to resolve the case directly with and make the necessary changes to the foreclosure record. You might also want to run a credit check on yourself, though, to see if this foreclosure is actually on your credit report. As far as the publicly available information, such as your name and address, this is unfortunately public record which means that anyone can view that information via the FOIA of 1966.

  9. My age displays incorrectly on most sites, and I\’m not sure how to fix this.

    It says I am 32, 33, 34, or 75. When I am actually 28. The relatives/towns are usually correct, so I know it\’s my record.

    1. John, your request has been made before about correcting these types of incorrect public records. Since you have a very common first and last name the ages, and sometimes other information, can be misplaced when it’s report and gathered from various public record resources. That being said, you will want to reach out to each website independently to make the correction to your public record. If you provide us with your full name, age and state of residence we are happy to update your public record in our resources.

  10. Dyanna, thank you for reaching out about how to correct your incorrect public records. We will submit these changes to our database and make the necessary updates.

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