Birth Certificate Records

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Birth Certificate Records Are Public Records

Birth certificate records are the official government public records and documentation of birth printed on security paper. In order for a birth certificate to be official, it must have the embossed seal. There may be a copy provided after birth at the hospital, but it is different in that it could also have the footprints of the baby, but it is in no way a valid document for legal purposes. An official copy of a birth certificate record can be obtained from your state’s Department of Health. They are all independently operated by each state and are in charge of archiving and indexing pubic vital records such as birth records, death records and marriage records.

Official Birth Certificate Records

Official birth certificates and other vital records can be received only from where they were filed originally. If the birth certificate is needed for official business, then you will need to obtain the certified or official birth certificate, which includes the raised seal.

Information Available from Official Birth Certificate Records:

  • Full Name (first, last, and middle)
  • Age
  • Sex
  • Race
  • Date and birthplace
  • Names of parents, ages, and birthplaces
  • Physician or midwife name and address

Online Birth Certificate Records

Should you want to receive a birth certificate online, Vital Check is an option and is an official source. Many government agencies exclusively put their trust in Vital Check for vital record and birth certificate orders. Secure online ordering is provided and there is quick turnaround. When a birth certificate is ordered online, you should be aware that some states offer shorter versions that may not be accepted for some purposes. To avoid this, be sure to order only the full and certified version with the raised seal, signature of the registrar, as well the date of filing in the office of the registrar. At the time that your birth certificate order is completed, it is sent electronically for processing to the government agency. However the document is obtained, it is always important to keep it secure because of the sensitive and personal information included.

If you only need to reference birth records and verify information then an online public records repository is a good solution. You can procure birth records from the convenience of your home and it only takes a couple minutes. offers a 5 day free trial where you can lookup unlimited birth records without obligation. Start your Birth Records Search now.

Information Available from Online Birth Certificate Records:

  • Full Name (first, last, and middle)
  • Age
  • Sex
  • Race
  • Date and birthplace
  • birthplace

Birth Records Search Online

Why Obtain Birth Certificate Records?

Here are a few reasons why a birth certificate record might be needed; passports, school registration, driver’s license, youth sports, employment, marriage, and identity verification. If you need a certified copy of your birth certificate, one can be ordered through the state of birth at the Vital Records office or county clerk’s office. Sometimes a third party might handle the process.

Additional Birth Records Information

National Birth Certificate Registry

Birth Rates in the United States

Birth Records Search Online

Birth Certificate Records
Birth Certificate Records



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38 responses to “Birth Certificate Records

  1. I need a birthcertificate. I was born in NJ but I live in Puerto Rico. How can I get my Birth Certificate? Can a friend do it for me with my authorization? What are the requirements?

    1. Hello Mayte,

      I am happy to assist you with locating a New Jersey birth certificate records. Our premium database resources are for reference only so if you would like to view your birth certificate records online then I have put a link below for a 5-day Free trial where you can lookup unlimited birth records. If you need a physical copy of your birth certificate record then you will have to contact the New Jersey Vital Records Office and apply for a replacement birth certificate. I have included the link to their website below. Please reach out if you need any additional assistance in locating birth records or any other public records.

      Best Regards,

      The Search Quarry Team

    1. Hello James,

      In order to find the social security number ( SSN ) of a deceased person you will need to contact the Social Security Administration. If you are a relative of that person in question you can fill out the form online. If you’re not related to the person in question you will have to contact the SSA directly. Below is a link to their website. Please reach out if we can assist you with a birth certificate records search or any public records.

      Best Regards,

      The Search Quarry Team


  2. Im looking for my sister adopted out Jan 1967 I have a birth registration from Irvington NJ with a seal She was born Dec 22 1966

  3. I am needing an original birth certificate, I am adopted I requested my certificate Louisiana. I got one with adopted parents passport letter says my birth was recorded more than one year after birth evidence used to create delayed birth record is not listed.what so I do? I won’t have hospital records.

    1. Cheryl,

      If you are needing an original Louisiana birth certificate copy you will want to reach out to the Louisiana Department of Health or Vital Records Office. See instructions on how to obtain your official birth certificate record copy below.

      How to Get a Copy of My Louisiana Birth Certificate

      1. Reach out to the Louisiana Department of Health website2. You can also obtain birth certificate copies from the Louisiana Vital Records Office
      3. Fill out the application to obtain a certified birth certificate
      4. Have proper identification
      5. Pay the $15 fee for a certified birth certificate copy.

  4. I need to know how to get a delayed birth certificate in Alabama.My father is deceased and never had a birth certificate.I sent for one but vital statistics in Alabama said he doesn’t have one.What documentation do I need?

    1. Hello Lavinia,

      The usual route would be to contact vital statistics in Alabama as you stated that you did. An online site that you can try is VitalChek. However, it sounds like you have likely already looked into this as well. If your father was never issued a birth certificate then I would suggest contacting the county in which he was born, and the hospital in which he was born in order to locate any possible records that may exist.

      Best Regards,

      The SearchQuarry Team

  5. I am trying to get my original birth certificate my blood father died when i was about a yr old my mother remarried when i was 2 and her husband adopted me

    1. We can certainly assist you with locating a birth certificate record online however if you need an original birth certificate copy you will want to contact the Department of Health and Vital Statistics in the state where you were born.

      How To Get An Original Birth Certificate Copy

      1. Contact the Department of Health and Vital Statistics office in the state where you were born
      2. Select the Birth Records vital records page
      3. Select the links for Get Certified Copies of Birth Records
      4. Apply for a certified birth certificate copy by mail, phone or online
      5. Pay the fee for the certified copy. Processing time can range up to 2 weeks

  6. I was adopted by aunt (bio moms sister), I need a copy of my original birth certificate, with my bio mother and fathers name, but my adopted parents will not agree to request it, how can I go around having to have them request it since I’m 23 years old and requesting my original certificate?

    1. You have a couple of options to obtain an original birth certificate copy. You can contact your state’s Department of Health and Vital Records or you can contact the National Archives as both these agencies manage birth, death and marriage records.

      How To Get an Original Birth Certificate Copy

      1. Contact your state Department of Health and Vital Records
      3. Request a certified copy of your birth certificate
      4. Provide proof of ID and pay the relevant fees
      5. Processing can take up to a couple weeks

  7. I want to connect with a son I gave up for adoption in July 1972,I don’t know the adopted parents name,how do I go about finding him,I do know the social workers name who took care of everything.hope you can help me.

  8. I need a copy of my son’s birth certificate but he was born in Frankfurt Germany while my husband was in the malitary Army can you help me out please

    1. We only offer access to United States public records. You will want to contact the relevant German agency to obtain a copy of his birth certificate.

    1. If you are looking for a copy of your birth certificate record you will want to contact the Department of Health Services in your state. They are the managing state agency for vital records in most every state in the United States. You will want to have proof of identification and you will need to pay a nominal fee for processing of your birth certificate copy.

  9. The (original) Florida birth certificate I have doesn’t show the time I was born. So, I would just like to look for that info online, if possible, rather than ordering another copy.

    1. We don’t have that information either. A good option would be to contact the Florida Department of Health where you were born and inquire about the time of birth. They are the managing state agency in Florida that manages birth record certificates.

        1. You are most welcome. Please reach out if you need assistance with looking up any additional public records

  10. Need to get a copy of my birth certificate I was born in Munich Germany August 8 1959 havcopys but need a original

    1. In order to obtain a copy of your birth certificate records from Germany you will need to contact the relevant agency in Germany to obtain this. Our birth records database is for the United States only and we do not have an affiliation with any agency that can obtain these for you unfortunately.

  11. I need a copy of daughters birth certificate. It’s Friday night and we leave at 6am Sunday for a cruise they will not let her on without one. Please help?

    1. If you need a Birth Certificate Record you will typically need to reach out to the Department of Health in the state of your residence. Since it sounds like your situation is very urgent, you can visit the website, they are a state registered website that can provide you with birth certificate records that can be overnighted to you.

      How to Get an Expedited Birth Certificate

      1. Visit the website
      2. Select the Birth Records option
      3. Select the state where you were born
      4. Enter your name and birth date
      5. Select the overnight option
      6. Pay & get your birth certificate next day

  12. Hi I needed to know what last name is on my grandsons birth certificate I know where he was born his name that was given to me by there is a question of if it was used on his birth certificate I know both names it could be but neither is showing in your records could it be because he is only three

    1. In order to obtain your grandsons birth certificate information you can reach out to the Department of Health in the state he was born and make a request. Since you are immediate family they might be able to assist you with obtaining birth certificate information. If the doesn’t work out for you a genealogy site might be a good option to check out.

  13. Hi my name is William T. Parker i was born in Sanatonio,Texas United States Bexar County to Charles A. Parker Sr.and Patricia Sue Parker aka Baker i cant seem to find my birth certificate on fileim needing to know the time of my birth .I don\’t need to see anything else if you could assist me i would be grateful. Thank you

    1. The time of birth is typically located on your birth certificate record but not necessarily on your public birth record, as reported on public record websites. That being said, you can contact the Texas Department of State Health ( ) Vital Records Department. You can order a birth verification online which should give you the birth record information and time of birth that you’re looking for.

      How to Find My Time of Birth

      To find your time of birth you can contact the Department of Health in the state you live in and request a birth verification. This can typically be accomplished online, by mail or over the phone

    1. To obtain a certified copy of your VA birth certificate record, contact the VA Department of Health.

      Virginia Birth Certificate Copy

      1. Visit the Virginia Department of Health website
      2. Request a copy of your VA birth certificate
      3. You can get a copy online, by mail or in person
      4. Pay the fee for the certified record
      5. Processing by mail may take a few weeks


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