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Birth Records

Birth Records Definition

Birth records, or birth certificate, is a vital document of a person’s birth. In the United States a birth certificate is the initial identifying record that verify’s a person’s identity. Some of the information on birth records may vary depending on the state and county that person was born in. Birth records may contain the mother and father, time and date of the birth and the doctor or midwife that observed the birth. Birth records have been around throughout human civilization and is a primary means of keeping track of people and citizens.

Birth Records in the United States

In the United States birth records are recorded as vital statistics and the originals are held in a government registry that will issue certified copies upon request. Besides verifying the birth of a person the birth record, as contained in The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, a child shall be registered immediately and given the right to nationality.  This means that if a child is born in the United States, even if your parents were not, they are automatically nationalized as a US citizen.

Birth Records in Other Countries

Birth certificate records are not issued in many countries, there are millions of children born around the world that are unregistered. Currently there are 191 countries that recognize the UN Convention of Children’s Rights that register the births of children. Additionally, nationalization is not automatically guaranteed if a person is born in another country like it is in the United States.

Birth Records Search

If you are interested in searching for birth records then use the form above and enter a first and last name and state to begin your birth records search. If you need an official copy then contact the in order to find out where to get an official birth certificate copy. The CDC is a government controlled agency that archives vital records on US citizens such as birth records, death records, marriage and divorce records.

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