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How to Find Death Records

Dying is not a part of life that anybody really wants to talk about. When your friends or family pass, there’s a very good chance you’ll be notified immediately even if you’ve fallen out of touch with these individuals on a day to day basis. As time passes though, you may drift further from the person to the point that you may not hear of a death that you’d like to know about. This is especially common when a person moves away from friends and family members. Getting information on a person’s death can seem like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be so difficult. In fact, you can do it even if you don’t know family members that are related to the deceased individual. Using the form above you can run a death record search with a first and last name and the state they lived in. You can also run a nationwide search however, with so many people with the same first and last name, you will also need to have some additional information to find the correct death record for the right person, such as a date of birth or known relatives.

Use this guide to learn more about how to obtain death records quickly and easily. They can give you peace of mind and help you find valuable information without contacting grieving family members. This death record search is intended for verification purposes only and is not an official resource for death certificates. If you encounter any difficulties locating the information you’re after, you can reach out to support through our blog, email or phone call.

Where to Find Death Records

Getting death records is a relatively simple process if you have a good guess where a person passed away. In most cases, the individual who passed died in the state where they lived, though this can vary from person to person. However, a state may have records of a person’s death even if they died elsewhere since they were a resident.

How to Find Death Records Online

  • Use the death record search tool. With a simple name search, you can find a lot of death record information, as well as a multitude of other public records online.
  • Newspaper Archives, these are great resources for finding recorded death information and obituaries over the last couple of centuries in the United States. Some older recorded deaths may be incomplete when they were transferred into a digital format.
  • Genealogy websites. These are not an option for official records, but they can help you obtain information on an individual that you’ve lost touch with. You may also be able to find friends and family members that can help if you haven’t been able to get any information through a vital records search. A Genealogy resource can help to find long lost relatives that have long since passed away, and help to define your family tree.

These are a few easy to ways to obtain death records on a variety of individuals, friends or family members you are interested in. Find out where the person was living at the time of their death. In most cases, the individual who passed away did so in the same city and state where they lived. This is a good place to start when trying to answer the question ” How to Find Death Records ”

Death Records are Public Records

A lot of records about a person’s life are private records, meaning that only that individual or close family members with legal rights can access them. However, death records do not count in this category in most areas. Instead, death records are considered public records that almost anyone can find with a little bit of effort in most jurisdictions.

Remember that as you begin your search, you are entitled to find death records for anyone of interest. It’s rare that a government agency will stop you from finding these records since they are considered a public matter.

What is Included on a Death Record?

  • Where the person died. On a death record, you’ll typically see where the person died. This information commonly includes both the state and the county.
  • When the person died. The year, month and day, at least in some cases, will be present on your average death record. Some records may not include more detailed information other than the month and year.
  • The cause of death. While this may be available to you, some death records do not indicate the cause of death. These records are considered sealed and typically only close family members of the deceased know the cause of death.

Death records are typically fairly straightforward documents that are easy to read. The list above are some of the most common pieces of information you’ll find on a death record.

How to Find Death Records

How to Get a Copy of a Death Certificate

Getting an official copy of a death certificate can seem tough if you’ve never done it before. Many states, like California for example, allow you to do it online. Through an online portal, you can request official records quickly and easily.

Another viable option is to visit your registrar-record and county clerk’s office. Here, you’ll be able to request official records of deaths if you have the right to obtain them in your jurisdiction. These offices may also be able to answer some of your questions about obtaining death certificates and related mortality information as well.

Get the information you need quickly and easily regarding a friend, family member or colleagues death using these methods. In most cases, you’ll be able to find these records quickly and easily.

Remember that if you don’t need official records, you can use the death record search tool. You can turn up a lot of information using these cost-effective methods and find out how to find death records online.

Lookup Death Records By State

Death Record Frequently Asked Questions

Is the cause of death listed on a death record?

The cause of death is not always listed on the death record or death certificate if the medical examiner left that area blank. Depending on if there was an autopsy or if the medical examiner was not certain of the cause of death can be reasons for the cause of death not being recorded

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  1. says:

    Gladys, we are happy to assist you with a Georgia death record search by name however only immediate family can access Georgia death certificates, or by a court order. Can you tell us exactly what you are looking for so we can better assist you?

  2. says:

    I’m trying to find a death certificate on Calvin Jackson
    In 1990 he passed away in Georgia

  3. says:

    I’m trying to find death certificate of Benedicto Jr Gonzalez. He born 1974 and past over on oct. 2000 in Cicero Illinois.

  4. says:

    I’m trying to fill in the blanks in our family tree. Mildred was my grandmothers older sister. She lived in or near Fort Worth, Texas all her life. She was born in 1912 I believe. Her name at birth was Mildred Louise Womack. Her married names were Kelley & later she married Oscar Brown

  5. says:

    Sorry about that Cynthia, can you give us her full name and date of birth and we’ll try and locate what city and state for you

  6. says:

    I don’t need a divorce certificate….I need a death certificate. I need to find the city and county. I can’t order one without it.

  7. says:

    Cynthia, you can also order a copy of a death certificate through the State Department of Health where your sister passed away. They archive and index vital records such as birth, death and marriage records

  8. says:

    I have the date and state of my sister’s death, but I need city/county to order death certificate. How do I obtain that? I’ve searched obits, indexes, everywhere to no avail.

  9. says:

    Winston, since you’re requesting an official death certificate, you’ll need to obtain this from the Los Angles county clerk or the California Department of Public Health. Since you are immediate family you should be able to obtain an official certified copy of this Los Angeles death certificate

  10. says:

    I need a copy of my mother Mrs Evelyn Odessa Grant death certificate she died 03.12.2009 in Los Angeles buried 15.12.2009 Inglewood cemetery Los Angeles

  11. says:

    Marvin, our death record resources are for US death records only. Unfortunately we cannot assist you with your search

  12. says:

    Looking for grandparents death records in South America,Panama.

    Name:Conrad Neville Johnson
    Also:Epel O Stephens

  13. says:

    Craig, we do have a lot more information about death records in the member’s area however, we do not have information about grave sites. You can check out the website and try and locate the cemetery and grave site that way.

  14. says:

    I already know when he died and where and I wanted to visit cemetery, and info on his wife and if they had kids but your site is Very LIMITED

  15. says:

    Colleen, to obtain an official copy of a death certificate you will need to contact the Department of Health in the state you live in

    How to Get a Certified Copy of a Death Certificate

    You can obtain a certified copy of a death certificate if you are immediate family. You will need to contact the Department of Health in the state you live in and fill out the necessary forms to obtain this certificate. Most state’s health department have the ability to order copies of death certificates online for a nominal fee and a certified copy of a death certificate can be mailed to you

  16. says:

    My brother died 2 years ago and I was never notified. How can I get a non official death certificate?

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