Massachusetts Death Records

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Massachusetts Death Records Search

Massachusetts is a storied state with a rich history. People have lived and died there since February 6, 1778, an enormous span of time during which people from every walk of life have lived out their journeys in the state. The records of these deaths go back a long way, so it’s not always possible to locate every death record since the beginning of Massachusetts history. However, with the advent of Internet databases, it became possible to house a larger store of information than ever before.

The Freedom of Information Act made it possible for average citizens to obtain Massachusetts death records as a matter of right. You have a right to view death records if you desire to. There is a host of reasons you might want to view a particular death record. In some cases, it’s possible that you need to have a certified copy of a death certificate to settle the affairs of a family member or friend who has passed away. Legal matters are one of the most common reasons for seeking out Massachusetts death records. When you finally get your hands on the record, you will see a lot of information contained in the death record.

Death certificates have a specific list of information contained within them. They’ll have the name of the deceased, their date of birth, date of death, educational history, parent information, and of course, cause of death. The cause of death is particularly important to show to insurance companies in case where claims are disputed. The death records are an official document that relates how a particular person died and when they died and is vitally important in a number of legal matters.

Beyond legal matters, death records are an important part of genealogy research. People researching their family history in Massachusetts will find a host of records to sift through and utilize. Online databases are often the most fruitful of all places to find such information. If you can’t find the information you need in an online database, The Massachusetts Vital Records division of Health and Human Services is a wonderful place to go to in order to obtain death records. They have not only death indexes to research online but you can learn how to get a physical, print copy of Massachusetts death records for your genealogy work or for your important legal affairs.

They’re very friendly on these websites and eager to help people obtain the information they need. In so many of these searches, you will find helpful live chat agents who can direct you to the right person or department. In only a few rare cases will you actually have to leave your home and go into the Department of Health and Human Services to obtain your record. Records can be transmitted online and then printed out or you can simply wait for them to arrive by mail. In some cases, you might have to pay a small processing fee in order to obtain your records. It’s all there on the official Massachusetts government page.

Other places on the Internet are sometimes easier to use simply because they have death records that go back much further. Many genealogy websites will have extensive death indexes that have more information than even the official government web pages. It’s up to you to determine which kind of website or method of contact best suits your purposes and accomplishes your goals. In the end, you’re going to inevitably find the Massachusetts death records you need to obtain and it’s going to be more simple than ever before thanks to online advances.

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Massachusetts Death Records

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Responses to “Massachusetts Death Records

  1. squarryadministrator says:

    Kateri, do you have ages or dates of birth that we can reference or perhaps you know the time frame of their death in Massachusetts. We’ll need some more information to complete a search for you

  2. Kateri Cox says:

    Searching (possibly unofficially married – for gr. grand Mother named – Lillian Maddox her daughter was Phontabell Maddox – Soares. Her daughter was born in NewBedford Massachusettes (Bristol County) American Portugese and Wompanoag Native(red)
    Angus may have been GGF if mention in reference. Please call me back – putting back a family tree. On my Birth Certificate mother –
    named – Elvira Francis Soares daughter of Joseph Soares.

  3. squarryadministrator says:

    Michael, since you are immediate family you can obtain a certified copy of your father’s Massachusetts death certificate by contacting the Massachusetts Vital Records Department directly @ 617-740-2600

  4. Michael Mackey says:

    I am searching for the death cert for Charles E Mackey my father’s cousin. His death is recorded in the Massachusettes Death index for 1941 in vol 43 page 151 in Gloucester. How can I obtain the cert.
    Michael Mackey

  5. Kaitlin Gabriel says:

    I am searching for the death certificate of a relative. His name was:
    Bertrand Frederic DARLING. born 17th June 1916 in Boston. Died
    in July 1978 in Franklin, Norfolk, Massachusetts.
    His parents were Frederick Cecil Darling and Anne Harte Darling.

    The last details I can find about him, are from the 1940 census and
    his draft card. He appears to have disappeared from all view since then.
    Prison?, Mentally Ill?, Incapacitated through illness?
    I would be very interested in finding out. Its difficult as I am English and live
    in the Uk.

  6. mike C page says:

    Ok – I have nothing more – it was a comment from my deceased father so I know nothing more.


  7. squarryadministrator says:

    Mike, unfortunately we’ll need more information than that to lookup a Massachusetts death record. We’ll need the full name and the date of birth is also helpful

  8. mike C page says:

    I only know his surname is Garon and realise that’s not very helpful – I was hoping it wasn’t a very common name and u might still be able to search bor narrow down to a few widowers i could try and trace? Thanks for any help

  9. squarryadministrator says:

    If you can provide us with his full name we are happy to run a Massachusetts death record search for you

  10. M C Page says:

    I am searching for a distant relative of mine -his surname is Garon and all I know is that his wife died sometime this century, while he is aged probably 55 to 65 years old now and lives in the North Massachusetts area- are you able to search for his deceased wife’s records to see if I can uncover his first name and address, as Garon may not appear to be too common a name?

  11. Dave Cottone says:

    I am the grandson of an Anna or Ann Fronterio/Cottone who passed away in Gloucester in 1920 and am trying to discover the cause of her death. PLEASE contact me,
    Sincerely ,
    Dave Cottone

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