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Texas Death Records Search

The Vital Statistics Division of the Texas Department of State Health Services is responsible for maintaining the official record of all deaths that occur in the state of Texas. The Office of Vital Statistics maintains death records of 1903-present. You can make a request for and obtain Texas Death records if you’re related to the deceased or have a financial interest in the record. When it comes to providing certified death records to individuals, the only people that the Office of Vital Statistics considers as relatives are immediate family members.

According to Texas law, immediate family members include:

  • The deceased?s child
  • A parent of the deceased
  • Brother/sister of the deceased
  • Spouse of the deceased
  • A grandparent of the deceased

In case you don’t fall in any of the aforementioned categories, you need to provide legal documentation such as a court order that established your relationship with the deceased. Another way for a non-immediate family member to obtain a person’s Texas death record is providing the Texas Department of State Health Services a notarized statement signed by an immediate family member of the deceased. It is important for you to keep in mind that you can obtain only the Texas Death Records of 1903-present from the Vital Statistics Division of the Texas Department of State Health Services. For pre-1903 death records, contact the National Center for Health Statistics.

Death Records are not public records so you’ll need to provide the Vital Statistics Division a copy of your Valid Photo ID to prove that you’re an eligible applicant. There are three ways for you to request for and obtain Texas Death Records: in person, by mail and online. Following is how you can obtain the death record you want via each method.

How To Obtain Certified Texas Death Records

To make an in person request for the death record you need, visit the local Texas Vital Statistics Division office, provide the required information and a copy of your valid Photo ID, and pay the $20 death record fee.

How To Obtain Texas Death Records Via Mail

A convenient way to request for the Texas death record you need is by mail. To make a mail request, complete and send the Mail Application for Death Verification letter along with the pay order or check for the fee to:

Texas Department of State Health Services

P.O. Box 12040

Austin, TX 78711-2040

How To View Texas Death Records Online

The easiest way to obtain the Texas death record that you need is online. You can make an online request for the death record you need by visiting the website of the Texas Department of State Health Services. If you choose to make an online request the death record you need, you can pay the fee for the record through your debit or credit card.

Another way to obtain Texas Death Records is through online public databases. You can find out more about the death records in Texas by calling at 512-776-7111.

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Texas Death Records

Texas Death Record - Q&A

How can I find a Texas death record?

Texas death records are publicly available which means anyone can run a Texas death record search. There are many online public record websites, like SearchQuarry.com, where you can lookup vital records anonymously

How can I get a copy of my mother's Texas death certificate?

If you reach out to the Texas Department of State Health Services and order a copy of your mother's Texas death certificate online. You must be immediate family in order to obtain a certified copy of a death certificate and there will be a nominal fee for processing

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Responses to “Texas Death Records

  1. says:

    Our Texas death record database does not show any death records for Dana McKinney with the age you mentioned but some of the dates are missing on these death records. That being said, did she have a middle name we can cross-reference? Another option to finding out if your cousin has passed away is to contact the Texas Department of State Health Services, you can visit their website and verify a Texas death record online. This process takes a few weeks to receive a verification letter by mail. You might consider calling the TDSHS and inquiring if you just need to know and not a Texas death verification letter.

    Verify a Texas Death Record By Phone

    To verify a Texas Death Record by phone call the Texas Department of State Health Services @ 1-800-735-2989

  2. says:

    I am trying to find out if my cousin, Dana McKinney is still alive or not. She is mentally disabled and the last I knew, she was in a group home in Abilene, TX. Her Dad’s name was Wilton and her mother”s name was Nadine. Dana was born on July 17, 1946

  3. says:

    We don’t show any death records for Deloris in our Texas vital records database. A good option for you to find out if Deloris Gibbs has passed away is to contact the Texas Department of Health Services. They are the state agency that collects, manages and archives Texas vital records. These vital records include death records, birth records and marriage records. Below is their contact information for your convenience.

    Texas Department of Health Services Phone Number


  4. says:

    I am trying to find out if my sister-in-law has died. She lived in San Antonio. Her son, my nephew, died in Oct and we can’t locate her to tell her. I sent her a letter but it came back as undeliverable. Her name is Deloris Jean Gibbs. She would be in her 80s. We always kept in touch but haven’t heard from her past year and don’t know if she passed or is living in a nursing home. I can’t find obituaries or any information online. The phone number I have for her says no longer in service.

  5. says:

    Your best bet to locate the cause of death of an individual in Texas is to contact the Texas Department of State Health Services. Unfortunately we won’t have that type of information in our Texas death record database. Below is the phone number to the Texas Death Records Registrar where you might be able to find out more about your cause of death inquiry.

    Texas Death Records Registrar Phone Number


  6. says:

    Trying to verify details surrounding my cousin’s death in TX. All we are being told is that “no one knows what happened” but that he was ran over. There are no media reports and we haven’t been able to obtain an accident report. Is there a way to verify the cause of death without requesting the certificate? Something doesn’t add up about this story.

  7. says:

    We don’t show any information about Alvis Gene Maness in our Texas death records database. You can also contact the Texas Department of State Health Services as they manage the death records in the state of Texas.

    How to Verify Someone’s Death in Texas

    1. Visit the Texas Department of State Health Services online
    2. Go to the Vital Records Verification page
    3. Request a copy of a Texas Death Certificate
    4. Provide photo ID and pay the fee
    5. Processing time takes 10-15 days

    You can also visit the Texas Department of State Health Services in person. See their address and hours below.

    Texas Department of State Health Services Address

    1100 West 49th Street
    Austin, TX 78756

    Phone: 1-888-963-7111

  8. says:

    Trying to get year and location of my fathers death. His name is Alvis Gene Maness.

  9. says:

    Hello, I would like to verify if there is, recently, about 3 months ago; a death record for Marcelis Gant or Marcelis Jermon Manning; without the the picture, please, if possible. I am his birth Mother, and I would like a copy of it, if so. Thank 🎉 😊 🙏 you, God is good, now.

  10. says:

    Susan, unfortunately we could not locate your baby sister’s death record. You can also contact the Texas Department of Health to inquire about her death record information. As far as the burial location you can try using the Find-A-Grave website to see if they have this information on record. Other than those options, you can also try researching genealogy records through a family history website, such as Find-My-Past

  11. says:

    My baby sister died 2 days after her birth. She was born in Dallas Texas. Our home address there was on Martel Street. Her name was Jill Katz. She was born in 1947 at Florence Nightingale Hospital. My mother’s name was Edna Marie Katz, my fathers’s name was William Israel.
    I’d like to know her date of birth, her middle name and where she is buried. Thank you

  12. says:

    My mother just found out that my dad had passed a way from the Social Security office. about benfits to see if she could get.Now they said no because work for Calf.I need to get a cope of his death record.No one want to help me .He has three sons. We need to find out what happend

  13. says:

    Jennifer, we do not have any information about your husband. You can also try contacting the Texas Department of Health to make your inquiry. Their number is 512-776-7111. You can obtain a copy of your deceased husband’s Texas death certificate through this government agency.

  14. says:

    My husband Simmian d brice born and deceased in fort worth, tx dob: 2/21/1981 dod:3/19/21 time: 12:50p.m I have been unable to locate any form of medical examiners report or record online thru tarrant county me website for him or any other form of information related to his death.

  15. says:

    Adeana, if you cannot obtain a certified Texas death certificate from the family member’s or the Texas Department of Health it would seem prudent to contact a lawyer for legal advise with your beneficiary questions

  16. says:

    I need certified copies of a death certificate due to being the beneficiary to a life insurance policy. The family members refuse to give me one. How one obtain one? Do I have to get an attorney?

  17. says:

    Robbine, we do show there are multiple Texas death record listings for a Ronnie Thompson however our records do not show the cause of death. You will want to contact the Texas Department of Health to inquire about what might be on his TX death certificate, including the cause of death. Please let us know if we can be of further assistance

  18. says:

    Hi I\’m reaching out I was in a fatal motorcycle accident in or near Harris county in Texas near Houston Texas I currently live in Brazos county Texas a friend whom was driving the Harley Davidson on freeway/highway I can\’t remember a whole lot I was told his death we hit something from road construction and we crashed I was airlifted and hospitalized for over a month
    He was originally from Franklin Texas

    Ronnie Thompson

    Ronnie ray Jr Thompson
    He was recently incarcerated in Brazos county detention center in Bryan
    Or if you look up on Google men who\’s had stolen motorcycle in 2018/ 2019

    My name is
    Robbine Christine carpenter 7/4/1990

  19. says:

    Cynthia, we don’t have any information on your son’s death unfortunately. You can contact the Texas Department of State Health Services and order a copy of your son’s death certificate online and have it mailed to you. If you are just looking for a Texas death record verification you can call the Health Services Department directly @ 888-963-7111

  20. says:

    My son GEORGE David Nincehelser died August 1,2020. Haven’t seen death certificate,or heard anything about it

  21. says:

    Magdalena, you will want to reach out to the Texas Department of State Health Services to obtain a copy of a TX death certificate. You can visit their website and order a copy online, by mail or in person depending on office hours from the Covid19 restrictions. Our Texas death record resources are for reference only and official copies of death certificates should be obtained by the state, where the death was recorded. Please reach out if we can be of any additional assistance.

  22. says:

    I am looking to get a death certificate of my aunt Luz Esther Yebra who passed on Aug 11, 2010 in San Antonio,tx. she was born Nov. 30, 1928.

  23. says:

    Mary Ann, we ran a Texas death record search for a Tenamas Wilson and did not find any records for this person. Is there a possibility this person could have died in another state?

  24. says:

    Looking for death record for Tenamas Wilson. She was my father\’s first wife. She died at a young age, 20 or 30. We think they had a son together. Father\’s name was Welbern WILSON in Brazos County.

  25. says:

    Deana, unfortunately this is older than the Texas death records we have in our database resources. That being said, you can use the service FindAGrave.com and try and find out where this person’s burial plot it located

  26. says:

    Trying to find where an ancestor is buried. I found his death record in the Texas Death Index, however his last name is misspelled.
    J B Newburn DOD April 21, 1943 Cherokee County.
    His full name is Jefferson Bliss Mewborn DOB Jan 9, 1873.
    I have searched Ancestry, Newspapers, etc and cannot find him. Thank you.

  27. says:

    Theresa, we are happy to run a Texas death record search for you if you provide us with their full name and date of birth if you know this

  28. says:

    I need to know if my fiancee\’s wife is truly dead. I have some questions I feel he isn\’t giving me correct information about.

  29. says:

    Samantha, in order to find out detailed information, or obtain a copy of a death certificate for immediate family, you can contact the Texas Department of Health and Human Services. They are the Texas state agency in charge of vital records such as death records, birth records and marriage records. Their phone number is 432-683-9492

  30. says:

    I have been trying to find info on my spouses mother. She was a baby when she died and knows very little. Her name was Linda Ann Bryant possibly Bryant Robertson. She died at Baylor hospital 01-05-1992 her dob 10-01-1953. Anything helps Thank you

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