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When someone dies, there are many different things that must be seen to, especially if the deceased is a loved one. During the process of settling a family members estate, most people find they must obtain copies of official death records. The following is an overview of how to obtain Nevada death records and what you must submit at the time of request.

What is in a Nevada Death Record

Nevada death records are issued in the form of death certificates and provide official information as to how the deceased person died along with personal information such as their name, date of birth and the county in which they lived .

What Are Nevada Death Records Used For?

Nevada death certificates are required to arrange cremation, burial or to ship a body elsewhere after someone passes away. They may also be needed to cash insurance policies and settle financial affairs for the deceased.

Who Can Obtain Nevada Death Records?

Unlike many other Nevada government documents, Nevada death certificates are not a matter of public record. This means you must prove your relationship to the deceased before you can obtain certified Nevada death records. Family members are typically able to obtain death records. In some cases, those working with agencies or companies can request copies of these records with written request from the agency.

What Documents Do I Need to Obtain Nevada Death Records?

When requesting a copy of a death certificate in Nevada, you will need certain documents before they will be issued. You will need copies of a valid state identification or driver’s license, along with proof of eligibility. You may use birth certificates, marriage licenses or insurance policies to prove your relationship to the deceased. Those who are not related to the deceased must provide identification and a written request from the company or agency who needs to obtain death records.

How To Request Nevada Death Records

If the deceased passed away in the state of Nevada, you may request a copy of their death certificate online at the Nevada Department Of Vital Statistics, or the National CDC, and it contains detailed information on how you can request a death certificate. Review the documents needed and identification requirements on the website. You must also submit the application fee along with your request, as directed online. You may submit your request online through the Vital Check link or you may mail in your documents and application fee. Online requests are typically processed more quickly than those sent through the postal service. Most people find they need between 5 and 10 official death certificates in order to handle all of their loved ones affairs, so be sure to order the necessary amount because most places require an official death certificate and not a copy.

Ordering a Nevada death records certificate is fairly simple online. In order for it to be a smooth process, be sure to send all of the requested documents along with the fee. This will help you avoid frustration and lengthy wait times. Once you obtain the death records you need, you can take care of your loved one’s affairs in a manner that would honor their memory.

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Nevada Death Records

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  1. squarryadministrator says:

    We will need more information to assist you with a Nevada death record search. You also have the option of contacting the Nevada Department of Health and Human Services as they are the managing agency in Nevada for vital records.

    Requesting a Nevada Death Verification

    1. Visit the Nevada Department of Health website
    2. Fill out a form for a death record verification
    3. Pay the $10 fee & mail in the form
    4. Processing may take a couple weeks

  2. mike says:

    is he raymond tirados brother

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