Maryland Death Records

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Maryland Death Records Information

Maryland death records can be obtained from multiple resources online. They are also available from the Maryland Vital Records office. One of the first questions that arises on the subject of death records is exactly what is obtained in them. This is an important part of the equation because every Maryland seeker needs death record information for a different reason. For example, death certificates are the primary record of death in states. These important documents are maintained and available through the Freedom of Information Act to anyone who seeks them.

What is contained in Maryland Death Records?

Maryland death certificate information is an important document that records the details behind someone’s death. By extension, it also is an important record of their life as well, detailing how they died, when they were born, who their relatives were, etc. When you obtain a death certificate, you’ll always get identifying information for your records.

Maryland Death Certificate Includes

– Name and address of the deceased
– Social security number
– Whether they were married and if so, who they were married to
– Cause of death
– Educational level
– Parent’s names and where they were born

Death certificates have a vast amount of information about a person’s life and death and can be important for family members trying to settle the affairs of a loved one, but they can also be an important historical document that helps people doing genealogy work on behalf of their families

Maryland death records for Genealogy work

Every family needs an ambassador that is willing to research family history. It’s important work. What person wouldn’t want to trace their ancestors back to the very beginning and find out who they were? It’s interesting work. Most people never undertake this but for those brave people who do trace family history, death records are a vital part of the process. For these folks, the search for Maryland death records are best obtained online through a large database. It’s amazing how much information has been stored online up until now and how much new information is added daily thanks to the people who do this important historical work for their families. You’ll often find pictures of relatives, death records, birth records, marriage records, and so much more that lead you to the next link in the chain.

How To Obtain a Certified Maryland Death Record Copy

If you need print copies of Maryland death records for personal or legal reasons, they are easily obtained through the Maryland Vital Records office. The friendly people who work here are more than happy to answer your questions about Maryland death records contained in their Maryland State Archives Death Records Index. This is easily searchable online and will lead you to death records that date further back than modern times. Death certificates are easily ordered for $25.00 and can be paid for online. Then it’s just a matter of time until your document arrives.

No matter what your reason for searching through Maryland death records, you’re going to find that it’s a pleasant experience when you begin your journey online. If it’s for family history, you’re going to find more than you could dream of to sift through. If it’s for legal reasons, you’ll find that the people who can help you find the information you need are more than willing to help you in your search. The Internet has simplified so many things in the way of obtaining important information. Maryland death records are now easier to locate than ever before and obtaining a print copy is as easy as logging onto the correct website and beginning your search.

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Maryland Death Records

Maryland Death Record FAQs

Can I order a Maryland death certificate online?

Yes, you can visit the Maryland Department of Health website and order a certified Maryland death certificate for nominal fee and have it mailed to you. The fees for a death certificate copy will vary slightly depending on if you need it expedited.

Are Maryland death certificates public record?

Maryland death records are public record however only immediate family can obtain a certified copy of a Maryland death certificate.

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Responses to “Maryland Death Records

  1. Cecilia Moran says:

    I am searching for the death records of my aunt, Ann Sheldon Schneider. Ann was born on 19 January 1937 and died on 02 April 1937. She lived on Bentley Rd, woodland Beach, Edgewater, MD at the time of her death. She died at “Children\’s Hospital” was taken to the W. W. Chambers Co in Riverdale, Md, services were at Holy Trinity Church on Defense Highway, Md and she was allegedly interned I the church cemetery. None of these places are willing to produce any info about this poor child!! Her death set off a horrible series of events affecting 3 generations of her family. We are looking for a death certificate for her.

  2. Amelia Ivans says:

    Is it possible to find out someone\’s cause of death? There was an obituary published but did not say cause of death and there is no one I can contact personally to find out. He died in Maryland in 2019. Need for closure.

  3. Christina Graves says:

    I have a friend, Shawn Patrick Kelley, who noone has heard from since 2016. His family has been worried sick. His oldest son recently said that he saw court papers (child support) that said he was deceased. Again, the family knows nothing. If he passed, his family was never notified. How do we find out?

  4. squarryadministrator says:

    Cathy, we checked our Maryland death record database and could not locate the vital record you’ve requested. You can also try obtaining a death verification through the resource , they work closely with many government agencies to make available vital records to the public.

  5. Cathy Moratto says:

    I have a client who passed away at the beginning of January, 2021 in Bethesda, Maryland. I know I am not authorized to obtain a certified Death Certificate,
    but I do need to get public record of his death (does not need to be certified). How can I find this? The deceased name is Michael Joseph McCaskey and his last
    address was 7707 Wisconsin Avenue, Bethesda, Maryland, 20814. Thank you for your help.

    Cathy Moratto

  6. squarryadministrator says:

    Beth, we could not locate the Maryland death information that you’re requesting. You might also want to reach out to the Maryland Department of Health to inquire about this person, they keep a record of all deaths recorded in the state of Maryland

  7. Beth Zelanko says:

    I received. word from my sister that our nephew, Tracy Schwab, died in Cheverly, MD 3/19/2021. I am distressed that I cannot find any information. Unattended death, in woods, behind his place of residence. Please help me.

  8. squarryadministrator says:

    Heidi, if you need a certified copy of an MD death certificate then you will need to contact your state’s health department for a copy of this vital record. Our Maryland death record resources are for online reference only

  9. Heidi A Hemler says:

    Need for selling property

  10. squarryadministrator says:

    Charles, you will need to have an official copy of a Maryland death certificate for your pension purposes, we can only offer you online reference for unofficial purposes and research. That being said, you can obtain a copy of a Maryland death record by contacting the Maryland Department of Health. You can visit their website directly or call them @ 410-767-6500

  11. Charles fisher says:

    Need information for insurance and pension purpose

  12. squarryadministrator says:

    Scott, we are happy to verify a Maryland death record for you. We will need the full name of the person in question as well as their date of birth or age so we can verify the correct death record information

  13. Scott says:

    How? How can I lookup the “public record”? I want to know if my friend has died. I don’t need an official document like a death certificate, I just want to know. How is this done? How can I look up my friend in “the public record”?

  14. squarryadministrator says:

    Official documents, such as death certificates, are not available to the general public however, you can lookup a death record which is a public record.

  15. Phil says:

    If only family members can get a copy of a death certificate, what does it mean to say that they’re public record?

  16. squarryadministrator says:

    Shelby, you will need to contact the Maryland Department of Health to view your father’s death certificate. Try applying for a copy online and see if they will allow this even though you don’t have proof that he’s your father. There is probably a precedence for your situation that can be resolved

  17. Shelby Diotte says:

    I have been searching for my biological father and I finally located him however he passed away in Baltimore Maryland before I had the chance to meet him. I would like to review his death certificate however I have no proof that we are actually related. He is not listed on my birth certificate. how can I view his death certificate without actually having to order a certified copy?

  18. squarryadministrator says:

    Juanita, in order to obtain a copy of your grandmother’s death certificate you will want to reach out to the Maryland Department of Health to make this request. They are the managing state agency in Maryland that archives vital records which include birth records, death records and marriage records

  19. Juanita Mitchell says:

    My grandmother died in Baltimore MD on December 28, 1962 – my mother needs a copy of my grandmother {her mother} death certificate in order to obtain a delayed birth certificate.
    Please advise what my mother needs to do.


  20. squarryadministrator says:

    Desiree, in order to obtain a certified copy of a Maryland Death Certificate there are a couple of options. You can contact the Maryland Department of Health directly or use the service Both will take several weeks to process and you will receive a certified copy of a Maryland death certificate by mail.

  21. Desiree Pollard says:

    Need death certificate for RONALD POLLARD BN APRIL18-52—-SEPT19-2006

  22. squarryadministrator says:

    Edward, you order a copy of a Maryland death certificate by visiting the Maryland Department of Health, Division of Vital Records. You will need to be immediate family to obtain a certified copy of a Maryland death record. Below is the basic process outlined for your convenience. You can also call them directly @ 1-800-832-3277

    How to Order a Maryland Death Certificate by Mail

    1. Visit the Maryland Department of Health website
    2. Request a copy of a MD death certificate
    4. Pay the $25 fee and show proof of ID
    5. A copy will be mailed to you after processing

  23. Edward Breitenbach says:

    What is the website link to order a Maryland death certificate by mail?
    Edward Breitenbach
    Baltimore City, Maryland

  24. squarryadministrator says:

    You can order a certified copy of your Father’s Maryland death certificate online from the Maryland Department of Health. Just go to the Maryland Department of Health website, fill out the form for a death certificate copy and pay the $12 fee. They will mail you the death certificate within a couple weeks. You can also order a MD death certificate over the phone @ 410-764-3038.

  25. Charlene Dottin says:

    I live in another country but my dad lived in Maryland . I will like to obtain a copy of his death certificate . Can I order it on line what\’s the cost an how long ?

  26. squarryadministrator says:

    If you can supply us with his full name, we can run a Maryland Death Records Search. Another option is to contact the Maryland Department of Health as they are the state agency that manages public vital records which include Maryland death records, marriage records and birth records. Since this is an immediate family member your son should be able to receive a copy of his father’s Maryland Death Certificate.

  27. Jennifer Wood says:

    My disabled son\’sreceives benefits from his father who apparently died but my son doesn\’t have any information to see if this information is true.

  28. squarryadministrator says:

    You will want to contact the Maryland Department of Health to obtain a copy of a death certificate. This is the state agency that archives and indexes Maryland’s death records.

    How to Obtain a Copy of a Maryland Death Certificate?

    1. Visit the Maryland Department of Health website
    2. Select the Request Death Certificate option
    3. Fill out the Death Certificate Request form
    4. Provide proof of a photo ID
    5. Pay the $10 fee. Processing takes 3-4 weeks

  29. patty says:

    How do you find a death certificate for someone if you don’t know the date of death?

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