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The death certificate issued to a deceased person’s family in Georgia is an official record of their death. It’s a document that states the name, date of birth, date of death, and the cause and location of a person’s death, and there are many reasons you might find you need a copy at some point in your life. Many people require Georgia death records for estate issues, life insurance benefits, and even pension benefits. It might also be required if you are a widow who would like to remarry and apply for a marriage license in the state. Not all death records are currently held at the State of Georgia Department of Public Health. Only records from 1919 are on hand. If you’d like an older record, it might help to check with the local clerk of courts in the county where you the death occurred.

Who May Obtain Georgia Death Records?

Not just anyone can obtain certified copies of Georgia death records in the state. There is a limit to who may request this information. Only those who are directly related to the person who is deceased or their legal representatives may access this information. Georgia law enforcement officers who are working on a case and require specific information may access this information if they have reasonable cause. Anyone who just wants to view a death record for other reasons may not be able to access the information they find necessary in Georgia.

When you try to obtain a copy of a death certificate, you will be asked for identification and proof you are the legal representation or a direct family member of the deceased. If you cannot prove this is true, you will not be provided a copy of anyone’s death record. There are many places you can go to obtain a copy of a death certificate, but they’re most commonly obtained at the State Office of Vital Records or any relevant County office location in Georgia.

How Do I Obtain a Certified Georgia Death Record?

To obtain a death certificate, you need specific information.

– Your name
– Photo identification
– The fee charged by your location
– The name of the deceased
– The date of birth and death of the deceased
– Your contact information
– The location of the death

If you choose to obtain a copy of Georgia death records in a local vital records office, you’ll need to choose the one in the county where the death occurred. Only the state office carries all the records from every county in the state. There is a walk-in service available for this information, but not all offices have the ability to retrieve records on the same day if you come into the offices late.

You may also fill out the online form and mail it to the state office. The process is much longer when you go this route, but you will still receive a copy of a death certificate if you fill out the information and mail it in. The fee differs in each Georgia county, so you’ll want to check on that prior to requesting a copy of someone’s death record.

If you have any questions regarding death records in Georgia, you’ll need to contact the state department of health or the local department of health for more information. The online site offers plenty of information regarding frequently asked questions, and there is always someone available to take your questions in person to help you find the answers you need when dealing with such a touchy and difficult subject.

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Georgia Death Records

Georgia Death Record FAQs

How can I get a copy of a Georgia death certificate?

If you are immediate family you can order a copy of a Georgia death certificate by contacting the Georgia Department of Public Health. You can order a copy online, in person or over the phone

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  1. says:

    Enid, to obtain a certified copy of your mother’s Georgia death certificate you will need to visit the Georgia Department of Public Health website and complete and mail Form 3912 and mail it in. Processing typically takes several weeks

  2. says:

    How can I obtain a copy of the death certificate of my mother?

  3. says:

    Please let us know how we can be of assistance

  4. says:

    i need to obtain a few recoeds for myself do to a family matter.

  5. says:

    How to lookup a Georgia stillborn death certificate

    You can obtain a copy of a stillborn death certificate in Georgia if you are immediate family or have a court order. You can order a copy of this GA death certificate by visiting the Georgia Department of Health – Vital Records Office. You can order a copy in person, online or over the phone with proof of identification.

  6. says:

    Looking for Ang information on my son who was stillborn. John Daniel walls. Born in Georgia on August 15th 2008, buried in Florida. Mothers name is Naomi walls.

  7. says:

    Howard, to obtain a certified copy of a death certificate for immediate family members you can contact the Georgia Department of Health. You can order a copy through their website or call them directly @ 404-657-2700

  8. says:

    My mother Marilyn Windmann Watkins passed away on 3/29/1995. My Father passed away on 1/04/2012 and now insurance companies are asking for Mom’s death certificate which we can not find. How can I get a copy?

  9. says:

    Paul, to obtain a copy of your daughter’s Georgia death certificate you can contact the Georgia Department of Public Health. You can visit their website or call them directly @ 404-657-2700

  10. says:

    I am trying to obtain the death certificate for my daughter.

  11. says:

    Glenda, unfortunately this is a very old Georgia death record that we don’t have listed in our database. You can also try contacting the Georgia Department of Public Health as they manage and archive vital records for the state of Georgia. You can also order a copy of a death certificate if you’re immediate family. Their phone number is 404-657-2700

  12. says:

    Hello work on my family tree trying to find a death certificate from one of my late grandmother sisters her sister died 1 Oct 1934 • Montgomery, Georgia, USA her name was Hattie L Pullen she was only 19 at the time of her death

  13. says:

    Takira, in order to obtain a certified copy of your copy of your uncle’s Georgia death certificate you will want to contact the Georgia Department of Public Health. You can visit their website and order a copy online or call them directly @ 706-295-6652 for more information about how to order a copy of a Georgia death record.

  14. says:

    Hi I’m doing family research. My great grand uncle passed away in July 1st 2002 in Atlanta Fulton County,Ga. Will I be able to obtain his death certificate?

  15. says:

    The Georgia Death Records we have won’t have the cause of death listed. You will want to view the death certificate which might have the cause of death listed depending on what the coroner or pathologist determined. In some cases, the cause of death is not listed if there is uncertainty. Only a small portion of deaths require an autopsy. That being said, you can contact the Georgia Department of Public Health, as they archive Georgia Death Records, and request to know the cause of death. Since you are not immediate family you might not be able to get a copy of the death certificate but it might be possible to request the cause of death. Their phone number is 404-657-2700

  16. says:

    My girl friend Lisa jill New pastaway on feb.23 2018 and is there anyway I can find out the cause of the.her parents moved and it just bothers me not knowing.she would have turned 50 yrs old on Mar.2nd
    Thank you

  17. says:

    Thank you for reaching out about our Georgia death records. Unfortunately we do not have Georgia death records that go that far back. Our Georgia death record database goes back about 50 years. There are a couple other options for the death information you’re looking for. The first choice you might want to consider to lookup Georgia death records, is the Georgia Department of Public Health

    How to Search Old Georgia Death Records

    1. Contact the Georgia Department of Public Health
    2. Visit the Georgia State Archives website
    3. Visit the National Archives – Vital Records website
    4. Visit 3rd party Genealogy websites

  18. says:

    I am wanting to know if it is possible to order a death record for genealogical purposes only, for my Great Great Grandfather, Edward Holmes Yates, who passed away Nov. 14th, 1914 in Savannah, GA. My father is still alive and could send a notarized letter stating he is the oldest known living descendant, along with copies of his proof of relationship and proof of ID. We are trying to prove who Edward\’s parents were for an application to Daughter\’s of the American Revolution. Is this a record that would be available, and if so, would it be permissible to obtain it? If yes, how do we go about obtaining a copy of the death record?


  19. says:

    In order to obtain a copy of a Georgia Death Certificate you will want to contact the Georgia Department of Public Health. An official copy of this Georgia death record can be obtained by this state department over the phone, by mail or online.

  20. says:

    I am seeking information for my husband who is 74 years of age. We know his father and grandfather\’s name. But we have no information on his great grandfathers name. He passed away in 1978 in Walker County Georgia. Would the parents name possibly be on his death certificate? Thank you for any assistance or advice.

  21. says:

    In order to obtain a copy of your grandfather’s Georgia death certificate, since it’s an older death record, you will need to contact either the Georgia Department of Public Health, which is the managing state agency for vital records, including Georgia death records. Another option is to contact the Georgia state archives since this death record is almost 90 years old and may not be available through the Department of Public Health.

  22. says:

    Hi, I am doing family research. My rear grandfather passed away in Waycross, GA, likely in the late 30s. Would I be able to get his death certificate?

  23. says:

    We assist you with a Georgia death record search however if this is a military record it will be sealed and not public record. You will want to contact or the Department of Defense to inquire about more information on how to find out about your friend.

  24. says:

    I’m just trying to find out if a friend of mine in the army that was deployed to south Africa had passed away for sure in April of 2017 that was from atlanta georgia. That’s all I want to know if it was a yes or no. I don’t need any family info or residence info.

  25. says:

    Died in the line of duty

  26. says:


    We understand your concern and would like help. Our death record resources will only have the Georgia record of death which is the date and address of the deceased. To obtain all the information you’re looking for ( ie. cause of death, etc. ) you should contact the Georgia Department of Health. Since you’re immediate family you’ll be able to obtain a certified Georgia death certificate copy for $25.

  27. says:

    I hav just learned that my brother Douglas Alan Davis, born in Jacksonville, FL, 5/23/57, died in Roswell, GA in Aug 2014. I do not know how he died. Please, our mom, Patricia P Harris is 85 yrs of age & not well. I’d like to be able to tell her what happened to her son, my brother. I’m happy to provide whatever necessary information is needed. You may contact me at 863-529-2765. Sincerely, Muffett Ann Ripley, Sister of Douglas Alan Davis.

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