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Colorado Death Records Information

Losing a loved one is never easy and family members can be overwhelmed with all of the tasks that must be done when a loved one passes away. Colorado death records are often needed in order to attend to financial affairs and insurance policies after someone dies. Below is an overview of how to obtain death records in Colorado and when you may need them.

What Are Colorado Death Records?

Unlike many other types of government kept documents, death records are not a matter of public record. In order to obtain death records after someone dies, you must be eligible to do so. Relatives of a deceased person may request death records so they can attend to the affairs and final wishes of their loved one. People who are not related to the deceased person must provide a document from the agency or business that needs a copy of the deceased person’s death records in order to obtain the needed documents.

What is Included in a Colorado Death Record?

Death records are issued in the form of death certificates. This certificate is usually a certified copy that contains important information regarding the death of a person such as date of death, time of death and where the individual passed away. The death certificate also lists some personal information about the deceased such as name, date of birth and the county where the person lived. Before a death certificate can be issued, the county Coroner or Medical Examiner must sign the proper form stating how the person died and the date of death.

When Does Someone Need Death Records?

After a loved one passes away, family members may need a death certificate to:

  • Make Funeral Arrangements
  • Obtain Permission To Cremate Or Bury Their Family Member
  • Ship A Dead Relatives Remains Elsewhere
  • Settle Financial AffairsCertified death certificates enable loved ones to tie up all the loose ends for their loved one after they die. However, other agencies may request death records, as well. In cases where foul play is suspected, police or state prosecutors may request the death certificate to determine the exact manner of death so a case can be made.Colorado Death RecordsIf your loved one lived in Colorado at the time of their passing, you must request a copy of their death record online at This agencies website also provides a telephone number and physical address where you can also order a copy of a death certificate. In order to receive a standard Colorado death certificate, you must provide a copy of your identification and proof that you are eligible to request a death certificate. To accomplish this goal, you must provide a copy of your valud driver’s license or state I.D along with documents that prove your relationship to the deceased. Some examples of these documents may include birth certificates, marriage licenses or insurance policies. You must also include the non-refundable application fee listed in the website.Obtaining death records are usually not difficult, as long as the proper documents are submitted at the time of application. Once they are received, you can tend to the needs of your family member as you need to.Colorado Death Records

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