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Alabama Death Records Lookup

Alabama death records are available to anyone who needs them, and that’s a benefit of the Freedom of Information Act. Death records include various information regarding the person listed on the certificate, and anyone can view it. Death records are created for all people who die while in Alabama, even if they did not reside in the state at the time of their death. The record is created by the coroner who declares a person’s life over, and it’s then recorded by the local courthouse clerk and filed in the public record capacity. You can learn a lot from death records, and you can learn a lot about them.

What Information is In Alabama Death Records?

Alabama death records contain various pieces of information. You’ll find the name of the person who is deceased, their date of birth, their date of death, the cause of their death, and even the location of their death. The cause of death is determined by the coroner in many cases. This information is not considered private, and anyone can view it when they decide to look up the death certificate of a loved one.

In many instances, death certificates are necessary aspects of life. Not everyone comes across a time in life in which one is necessary, but many do. A good reasons an Alabama resident might require a death certificate is for a remarriage. If a woman is widowed when her husband passes, she might decide to later remarry. When she applies for her new marriage license, she’ll need to provide a death certificate to prove her former husband is no longer alive to prove she is no longer married. There are many reasons in addition to this, but this is a very common occurrence.

How to Obtain a Death Certificate in Alabama

Alabama law doesn’t allow for everyone to obtain certified copies of death certificates unless the certificate is more than 25-years-old. If it is newer than this, it’s only available to a specific set of people.

– Parent of the deceased
– Spouse of the deceased
– Child of the deceased
– Sibling of the deceased
– Grandchild of the deceased
– Legal representative of the deceased

It costs $15 to obtain a copy of a death certificate at any location in Alabama. You can obtain a copy of this information by filling out a form with the Alabama Department of Health, or you can visit in person any location of any health department in Alabama to obtain a copy when you need one. There are several pieces of information you’ll need available when you go to obtain a copy of your item.

– Full legal name of the deceased
– Date of death
– County of death
– Sex
– Social security number
– Date of birth
– Race
– Name of the deceased’s spouse
– Name of parents
– Your name
– Your signature
– Your relationship to the deceased
– Your contact information

Without all of the above information, you may not obtain a copy of a death certificate in Alabama. If the death did not occur in Alabama, you should note you may not obtain a copy of a death certificate in the state. It’s only available to those whose lives end while they are in Alabama. If the death occurred elsewhere, it’s time to look up information regarding the rules of death certificates in that state. Every state has similar laws, but they are not entirely the same in terms of every final detail.

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Alabama Death Records

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    A good option to obtain an official copy of a death certificate, if you’re not immediate family, is to contact the Alabama Department of Public Health and inquire with them about obtaining an official copy of an Alabama death certificate. There is potentially a precedence for your situation that can be referenced so that you can obtain the payout from a life insurance policy. You will likely be asked to reference the life insurance policy information as well as your personal information, to verify your identity and the corresponding Alabama death certificate.

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    What if you are a beneficiary of a life insurance policy but aren’t an immediate family member? A death certificate is needed for payout. How is one obtained under these circumstances?

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