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New Jersey Death Records Search

Few subjects are as profoundly disturbing as death. Beliefs about what comes after death vary widely but some things are certain: in death we are separated from worldly existence from family, from job, from community and country. Where once somebody stood, they are no longer. This separation carries emotional, social and legal repercussions. Because of these effects, societies and governments find it necessary and practical to make a demise a matter of public record. Estates, inheritances, insurance and taxation are but a few realms affected by death. Evidence that expiration is confirmed, therefore, becomes all the more essential. In the state of New Jersey it is no different. New Jersey death records can be obtained a few different ways.

How to Obtain a New Jersey Death Certificate

While there are a number of ways to verify a person’s death, perhaps the most authoritative source is a death certificate issued by the New Jersey Office of Vital Statistics and Registry. This document can be requested directly by mail or in person, but is most often obtained through the vital statistics registrar of the municipality where the deceased lived or passed away. Requests can be made by a parent, guardian, spouse (or civil union partner), child, sibling or grandchild of the departed. Of course, documentary evidence of the relationship?as well as positive identification? must be presented when making the request.

New Jersey Death Records Information

The New Jersey death certificate contains comprehensive information regarding the identity of the deceased, and the cause and manner of death. Among the components are full name; age at time of death; date of birth; and marital status (including surviving spouse’s name). Other relevant information includes the funeral facility with the place and method of disposition, e.g. cremation. Highest educational attainment, last employer and race/ethnic designations are evidenced by this document, as are place, cause, manner, and pronunciation of death. Both the funeral director and the attending physician are signatories to a New Jersey death certificate, which requires a raised municipal seal to make it official.

Certified copies of the New Jersey death records can be purchased from the New Jersey Office of Vital Statistics and Registry for $25.00. Additional copies cost $2.00 for each. The state authorizes VitalCheck to process online requests, a convenient alternative if time is of the essence.

Other Types of New Jersey Death Records

While the death certificate may be the most definitive proof of passing, not all parties demand that level of authenticity. A death notice or obituary, for example, may suffice in some instances since newspapers require funeral home confirmation before publishing. Most of the larger New Jersey daily papers now have significant online presence, complete with obituaries dating back to at least the last few years (some much longer). Additionally, many funeral homes themselves operate searchable websites where inquirers can research past memorial services.

Searching death records can be a depressing, even morbid, undertaking. In a densely populated state like New Jersey, the task can seem daunting. However, the combination of local government processing and 21st century research technology makes it all a little easier.

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New Jersey Death Records

How can I order a copy of a NJ death certificate?

You can visit the New Jersey Department of Health and order a certified copy online, as long as you're immediate family. There is a nominal fee for this and processing can take several weeks by mail

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Responses to “New Jersey Death Records

  1. squarryadministrator says:

    Alfi, try using the resource to try and locate your mother’s sister’s New Jersey grave

  2. Alfi Esco says:

    I am attempting to find the grave of my mother’s sister who died in March 1961.

  3. Celeste Smith says:

    Hi Lucy,
    I was looking for a marriage license from a ton of sites and low and behold they had it. It is interesting how so many items are missing or not posted to these sites. Anyway, Happy New Year! Good Luck and God Bless!

  4. squarryadministrator says:

    Lucy unfortunately we cannot assist you with a NJ death record search without more information. You might try and resource a genealogy website to research information on your grandmother. They can sometimes offer passenger and immigration records for genealogy purposes

  5. Lucy Batz says:

    The state of NJ does not have my grandmothers death certificate. The borough of Rockaway NJ does have a copy but refuses to let me purchase it due to they don’t give them for genealogy, and I don’t know her parents names. A couple of years ago the borough told me to get it from the state. I sent a money order and all necessary documentation, and a nice woman called me from the state. Because of name changes we went over every possible name my grandmother could have had, but the state has no record! She was born Lucia D’Agostino in Italy, married Stefano Sparano in the United States (don’t know where yet), and she died Columbus Day (10/12/1932), in Rockaway, NJ, Morris County, from a cerebral hemorrhage. She’s buried in St. Cecilia Cemetery in Rockaway, NJ. The headstone says ‘Lucy Sparone’, her ‘Americanized’ name. I then contacted the cemetery and a woman just BS’d me around then stopped answering me. Today I again emailed the church and am hoping someone can help me! I’ve put it off the last couple years, I got remarried and also got sick.
    The last names have been changed several times, from Sparano, to Sparone, to Sperone and Sperrone.
    Thank you, Lucy Sperrone Batz

  6. squarryadministrator says:

    Sidney, obtaining a copy of a New Jersey death certificate is simple since he’s your father. You can visit the NJ Department of Health website and request a copy of a NJ death certificate online. You will need to fill out the forms and submit them along with proof of identification. There will also be a nominal fee to obtain a certified copy of a death record

  7. Sidney A. BarnesJr. says:

    Hello, My dad Sidney A. Barnes Sr. Passed away in Newark New Jersery in 1992, and is buried in a NNew Jersey cemetary. I never got a death certificate on him. So is it any way possible I could obtain one now please.

    Thank you,
    Sid Barnes Jr.

  8. squarryadministrator says:

    In order to obtain a copy of a person’s NJ Death Certificate you will want to reach out to the New Jersey Department of Health and Vital Statistics. They are the managing state agency for New Jersey death records and can further assist you with your request. You will need to fill out the request form to get a copy of this vital record and fulfil all the necessary requirements.

  9. John kersey says:

    Michael Pete Caruso, born on July 31 1956 was my Cousin. He resided in Irvingtin N.J at the time of his death, but had lived in Kearney and Harrison NJ. I am looking for any information on his death in 1983. How he died. Burial or cremation records. DEATH certificate.

  10. squarryadministrator says:

    That is a good question. Unfortunately those New Jersey death records are older than what we have in our NJ death record database. You might want to reach out to the New Jersey Department of Health as they are the managing state agency in New Jersey for vital records, including death and birth records.

  11. C Butler says:

    Hi – Would a death certificate from the 1940’s contain the parents names and place of birth of birth for the deceased? Thank you for your time.

  12. squarryadministrator says:

    We do not have any New Jersey death records for the family members you mentioned. Your best option is to contact the New Jersey Department of Health. You can request copies of New Jersey death records and New Jersey Genealogical Records online.

    Obtaining New Jersey Genealogy Records

    1. Visit the New Jersey Department of Health website
    2. Select “Get a Copy of Genealogy Records”
    3. Enter the full name of the person in question
    4. Enter the year of the event
    5. Provide proof of identification
    6. Pay the fee for a copy of the genealogy record

    New Jersey Vital Records Office

    Phone: 609-292-6260

  13. roxanne harding says:

    Hello, I live in NH and trying to locate family members who lived in Hickstown, Blackwood NJ area.

    Lena Watson Archie born approximately 1914-1916 who died Feb 22nd 1968 her husband name was Pearl/Peare Archie or Hicks died I believe 1983 .Her mother name was Sadie Collins Watson/ Hicks

  14. squarryadministrator says:

    In order to view the specifics of a New Jersey death record you will want to view the death certificate. You can contact the New Jersey Department of Health and inquire about a Time Of Death for the person you mentioned.

    Find the Time of Death from a Death Record

    1. Contact the State Department of Health
    2. Fill out a Form for a Death Certificate search
    3. Provide Your Full Name & Proof of ID
    4. Pay The Fee for a Copy of the Death Certificate
    5. View Death Record & Time of Death

  15. Irwin Wills says:

    Dear Sirs , I’m looking for the time of death for Mrs Harriot White who lived at 11 Madeson Avenue , New Jersey. Thank you .

  16. squarryadministrator says:

    Contact the New Jersey department of health and vital statistics as they are the managing state agency that archives and indexes death records. You can visit their website or visit their office in person and inquire about this death record.

    How To Lookup a New Jersey Death Record

    Visit the New Jersey Department of Vital Statistics in person. New Jersey prohibits the release of death records in

  17. Jacob Ziegler says:

    Hello my name is Jacob Im doing some research on a death that supposedly happened on Carranza RD in the year 1976 on the fourth of july. i only know two names Joanne, and jonathan supposedly jonathan died a year later. I am hoping to get some information on it. could someone help me find a lead on this.

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