Wisconsin Death Records

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Wisconsin Death Records Information

The Wisconsin Vital Records Office of the Wisconsin Department of Health Services maintains and issues the records of deaths that occur in the state of Wisconsin. The Vital Records Office maintains death records of 1907-present. In Wisconsin, you can request for a person’s death record if you’re an immediate family member of the deceased or are someone with a tangible interest in the record. Generally, Wisconsin Death Records include the name of the deceased, the date and place of death, the name of the deceased’s spouse, names of the deceased’s parents, the cause of death, and the place of burial.

Prior to 1907, deaths in Wisconsin were recorded in the county where they occurred. In 1907, the Wisconsin Department of Health Services took over the responsibility and ever since then it has been recording deaths that occur in Wisconsin. Provided you’re eligible, you can request for and obtain the death you need in three different ways including in person, by mail and online. Following is how you can obtain the death record you need through each method.

Get a Copy of a Wisconsin Death Certificate

The first way to make a request for and obtain the death record you need is in person. To make an in person request for the death record you need, visit the local Department of Health Services office, complete and submit the Death Certificate Application, present a copy of your valid photo ID and pay the $20 fee. In- person requests for Wisconsin Death Records take about two hours to process.

Wisconsin Death Records By Mail

The second way to make a request for and obtain Wisconsin Death Records is by mail. To request the death record you need by mail, complete and mail the aforementioned application along with a copy of your valid photo ID, a self addressed envelope and a pay order or check for the fee to:

Death Record Application

P.O. Box 309

Madison, WI 53701-0309

Generally, mail requests for death records are processed within five days after the request is received.

Online Wisconsin Death Certificate Records

The final and most convenient way of making a request for and obtaining the death record you need is online. The Wisconsin Department of Health Services has partnered with VitalCheck, an independent company, to make death records available online. To make an online request for the death record you need, visit the website of VitalCheck, follow the instructions given there, and pay the required fee. Just like the mail requests, online requests for Wisconsin Death Records take five days to process.

Another way to make a request for and obtain the death record you need is online through public databases. To find out more about the availability of death records in Wisconsin, call the Wisconsin Department of Health Services at 608-266-1865.

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Wisconsin Death Records

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Responses to “Wisconsin Death Records

  1. says:

    Looking for record of death of my grandma shirley ann manning of manroe county sparta wi. born 12/1937 she died in a live in facility of cancer a few years ago. Relatives listed are owen manning and kye manning when I Google it, it states alive in LaCrosse wis age 84 no public record of death??? Info would be great. Thank you!

  2. says:

    Victoria, our Wisconsin death record repository only goes back around 70 years. It’s likely this will be a difficult death record to lookup in the conventional fashion as many older public records that were originally on paper did not necessarily make it into the modern digital databases. That being said, you might consider researching Michigan death indexes via genealogy websites or old newspaper archives.

  3. says:

    Do you have any records on a Lilly Nicklas? Born 11/30/1880 Died 8/3/1956 I really would like a Death Certificate, especially cause of death. Any info would be greatly appreciated!

  4. says:

    We are searching to see if a friend has passed away in Mauston Wisconsin. She was my wife’s Matron of Honor at our wedding. Her graduating class of 1971 is having a 50 year reunion and they informed us that she passed away in Sep of 2020. Her name is Jane Dusell from Mauston Wisconsin, She was born June 29, 1953 I believe.

  5. says:

    Requested death certificate in May. You cashed check on May 12, still have not received anything. Could you please check on it for me. Thank you Richard Hellenbrand 1205 Joliet st. Janesville Wi. 53546. The deceased was John Holdorf born June 13 1952 died Jan.6 2020

  6. says:

    Jim, we can lookup public record information related to Wisconsin death records however, obituaries are not part of our membership services. You may want to lookup Wisconsin newspaper archives from the time frame this person passed away.

  7. says:

    I am searching for an obituary from years ago. The decease’s name is Betty Wrabbittz (sp?). She may have been know as Elizabeth Wrabbittz. Her birthday is June 24, ????. Her husband was Dick(Richard). She is survived by one daughter; Kit Wrabbittz Jackson.
    Her funeral was held at Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church in Madison. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated

  8. says:

    Richard, we checked our Wisconsin death index for the person you mentioned and could not find anything in our resources that indicates a death in the last two years. That being said, if he recently passed away then there might be a delay with reporting because of Covid

  9. says:

    I\’m trying to find out if my friend’s grandfather, Wayne Valencour, passed away within the past two years?

  10. says:

    Jennifer, the only Wisconsin death record we show is for a Frances Doran, no middle name listed, that was born in 1998 and passed away in 1985

  11. says:

    Cartsen, we ran a Wisconsin death record search for the person you mentioned and could not find anything in our death index. You can also try contacting the Wisconsin Department of Health Services to inquire about the death record information you are seeking. Their phone number is 608-266-1865 for your convenience

  12. says:

    I’m trying to find out if James Frances Doran a life long resident of Wisconsin, born 3/9/1928 has passed away.

  13. says:

    Do you have a death record for Martha Spaeth, née Seiffert? She was born 30 APR 1855 in Grünberg, Silesia, Prussia, Germany (at that time). Her full name was Anna Louise Auguste Martha Seiffert. She was married to Johann Heinrich ‘Henry’ Spaeth and lived in Ashland. Her husband died in 1930 and is buried in Mount Hope cemetary in Ashland. Her death date is not known. Name variations I have seen for Seiffert include, but are not limited to: Seifert, Sieffert, Siefert. Variations of Spaeth I have seen include, but are not limited to: Späth, Spaeth, Speath, Spade, Spad, Speed. Thank you for having a look!

  14. says:

    Michelle, we only show a Wisconsin death record for a Jesse D Browning that died in 1993 however his date of birth was September 8, 1962

  15. says:

    I am looking for my missing son. Jesse Allen Browning DOB 12/11/1962. Has he have a death record? Also Patricia Anne Kluth, aged 86 my sister and Alvin Kluth, brother in law and Douglas Kluth aged 68 aprox. I can’t find anyone left in my family. Thank you

  16. says:

    Cedric, we ran a Wisconsin death record search for you and could not find the person in question listed in our death index. Do you have any more information we can use to expand this search for you?

  17. says:

    Can you look up a record for me? Abbie Lynn rosinski

  18. says:

    Susie, we are happy to lookup a Wisconsin death record for you if you can provide their full name and date of birth

  19. says:


  20. says:

    We won’t have any more information than you will find on the death certificate from the Wisconsin county courthouse. Occasionally there is not a “cause of death” listed on a death certificate if there is any question as to the exact cause of death.

  21. says:

    If cause of death is not obtainable at the county court house would it be available on your site?

  22. says:

    We apologize for any inconvenience, your cancellation request is being processed. That being said, please let us know if we can assist you with a Wisconsin Death Record Search. We are happy to assist you.

  23. says:

    I could not get on your site and would like to cancel

  24. says:

    We can certainly cancel your membership however we only offer a 5 day free trial so we can also refund you since there was some confusion.

  25. says:

    I had a free 14 day search starting Sept. 3. I want to cancel that . Thanks

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