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Arizona death records are easily accessible thanks to their inclusion in the Freedom of Information Act. Arizona death records are available online and offline through the Arizona Office of Vital Records. There are many reasons to want to view someone’s death record. You might need to know the date they died. You might be curious about where they were born. There are real life, practical implications in the death record that have a lasting impact on the viewer. Other death records are viewed for Arizona genealogy purposes for those doing research on family members.

What Information is Contained in Arizona Death Records?

Like most vital records, a death certificate will contain vital facts about the person’s death. You’ll learn their name and address, birth date and location of birth, social security number, and sometimes even life information such as education and parent’s names and birth places. Cause of death is of course included on a death certificate so that you know how a family member or friend died. It’s important to know these facts for some people. Thankfully, you can easily access these documents.

How To Obtain Arizona Death Records Online and In Person

As previously mentioned, Arizona death records are maintained by the Arizona Office of Vital Records. You can visit these offices no matter what county you’re in. Simply look up your Arizona county of residence and find out where the vital records office is located. In some cases, it might take a small period of time to receive a print copy of vital records such as death certificates. If so, it’s not generally much of a wait and in some cases it’s same day or next day.

Online copies of death certificates are much easier and faster to obtain. Simply go to a 3rd party website that maintains these vital records, enter as much information as you can about the type of record you’re trying to find, and generally you’ll find Arizona death records easily. Many people search for these records because they are tracing family history. This is an especially rewarding part of keeping track of Arizona death information. You learn so much from the information contained in them about where family members were born and how they left the world. There are other more practical reasons to need death records but Arizona family history is definitely one of the primary reasons people track death records.

How To Order Arizona Death Records

No matter what your reason is for needing Arizona death records, they are widely available out there and can easily be obtained with the right information on your part. They are public record and accessible through both websites and at the Arizona Office of Vital Records in your respective Arizona county of residence. Obtaining death records online is unbelievably easy, with just a few fields of information needed in order to recover your records and be on your way to browsing. If you need print copies, you must look up the address of your Arizona county and go into an office to obtain them. In some cases, there might be a short wait.

Death records serve a useful purpose both in dealing with matters in a recent death and in tracing family history for the upcoming generations of people to read and benefit from. Begin your search for Arizona death records today and you’ll quickly find that they are some of the most easy to obtain public records on earth today, thanks to the Freedom of Information Act. It takes only the name of the deceased to get started on your search for records.

Arizona Death Records

Arizona Death Record - Questions

Are Arizona death records public information?

Yes, death records are public information as well as other vital records such as marriage records and birth records. These are records of life events that are documented on the state level and available for the general public to view.

Is it possible to get a copy of someone's Arizona death certificate?

It is possible to get a copy of someone's Arizona death certificate if you are immediate family or have a court order. Otherwise you can only view the basic information on an Arizona public death record

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Responses to “Arizona Death Records

  1. Looking for death certificate for my dad Anthony proter was told he died in 73 or 74 by carbon monoxide he was a boxer.

    1. Byron, we are sorry to hear about your father’s death. In order to obtain a copy of his death certificate you will want to reach out to the Arizona Department of Health Services and make your AZ death certificate request with them.

      How can I get a copy of my parent’s Arizona death record?

      In order to get a copy of your parent’s Arizona death certificate, or any other immediate family member, you can reach out to the Arizona Department of Health Services. You can download the forms online and fill them out and mail them in, visit a branch in person or call the ADHS directly @ 602-542-1025

    1. Becca,

      We can certainly assist you with an Arizona people search or an Arizona death record search. We’ll need the full name of the deceased, age and state and county of last residence.

      How to Get a Copy of an Arizona Death Certificate

      1. Contact the Arizona Department of Health Services
      2. To obtain official death certificates you need to be a relative or have a court order
      3. You must be over 18 years of age
      4. Fill out the form and pay the applicable fees

  2. Hello,
    I am trying to find out if a friend of mine passed away recently.
    Robin Duane Maddeaux
    DOB 11/11/63
    Spouse: Nanette
    Location: Scottsdale/Mesa/Phoenix

    1. Amber, we could not find the Arizona death record for your friend. You can also try contacting the Arizona Department of Health for a death verification. Sometimes there is a delay in reporting of vital records with our public record resources, especially with Covid19 temporary closures of public facilities.

  3. To whom this may concern,

    Om September 28 i applied for a family member’s death certificate (Mr.Ahmed N’ait Ali) who died in Yuma last July with $55 fees to Vital-records unfortunately i did not have any kind of the required document from decedent family who lived overseas.
    However, i just got the document showing that i am the family representative, i would like to apply once again without paying the required fees, what needs to be done in this case?

    Looking forward to an early answer,
    Mohamed Ousti, Poughkeepsie, New York

    1. Mohamed, you will want to reach out to the Arizona Department of Health Services about your death certificate inquiry. Their phone number is 602-542-1025 for your convenience

  4. Trying to find info regarding a friend that recently passed?
    Timothy Blau ..age 63.. Wife LeAnn
    Graduated CF High class\’75
    I knew 2 brothers Dick & Don would like full Obituary if possible?

    1. Stephen, we could not find Timothy’s death record unfortunately. You can also try contacting the Arizona Department of Health to inquire about a death verification

  5. Looking for my aunts’ death certificate. She lived at 11 E Mesquite Dr in Cottonwood, AZ. and 201 E Mingus Dr, Cottonwood, AZ
    She died 16 October 2005.

    birth name: Anne Ethel Kilgore Born in Lone Pine, Inyo, California on 30 My 1017
    aka: Anne Ethel Southey
    aka: Anne S Leibert
    aka: Anne Sou Leibert
    aka: Anna Southey Hull

    These names are found on the Social Security Death Index

    1. Ronald, we are happy to lookup your aunt’s Arizona death record however if you want to obtain a copy of her Az death certificate you will need to contact the Arizona Department of Health Services. You can apply for a copy of her death certificate online or you can call them directly @ 888-816-5907

  6. I am trying to find out if my friend passed away. His name is John David Causey, DOB 1-22-1969, Phx Az.i heard he had died but can\’t locate any info, your help is appreciated.

    1. Alanna, we don’t show any Arizona death records with this person’s name and DOB. You might also want to check with the Arizona Department of Health Services, as they manage all the death records for the state of Arizona. Their phone number is 602-542-1025. Many agencies are delayed with recording public records during the Covid19 outbreak which would mean it would be delayed on our end as well. This department can better assist you with finding out about your friend and if they are deceased. Best of luck Alanna and please reach out if we can be of assistance in the future with any of your public record needs

  7. My friend Barbara Stokes, DOB, May 29, 1946, recently passed away . She lived in Tucson Az Could you please let me know what the date of her passing was?

    1. Stephanie, unfortunately we don’t have any information on the Arizona death record for Barbara Stokes. Sometimes these records are delayed when being posted as a public record, especially with the temporary Covid19 shutdown of many government offices in Arizona. That being said, you can also reach out to the Arizona Department of Health Services and make your AZ death record inquiry with them. They manage vital records for Arizona and their phone number is 602-542-1025

  8. Hi. I am trying to obtain a death certificate for Jennifer Williams DOB 12/4/1976 DOD 5/28/2019. I received a letter from the insurance company notifying me of her death. I have tried calling Vital records in Arizona. I have the letter and my ID and my birth certificate, this is all the info I have. Last time I spoke with Jennifer was about 2-3 years ago. She was in Utah at the time, but she might of moved. She left me an inheritance. Vital Records also said I can obtain a court order if need to. Could you please help me?

    1. Allen, you will most likely need to obtain a certified copy of Jennifer’s death certificate in order to obtain her inheritance, which might be in probate until this is resolved. You are going through the correct channels to obtain this, through the Arizona vital records department. Unfortunately every state agency has been somewhat limited because of Covid 19. You might try getting a hold of someone over the phone to help you through this process. Their phone number is 602-364-1300, for your convenience

  9. Questions I still have in the death of my brother and how I didn\’t go with him and the dream I had I need all the details to facts no sense understanding what happened to him and his truck and his camper

    1. How can we assist you Karen? Can we run an Arizona death record search for you? We can run a search for confirmation however, we don’t have the ability to lookup the cause of death. You can also reach out to the Arizona Department of Health and make your inquiry. They manage all the vital records for the state of Arizona

  10. Looking for William Henry Henley. Also went by William H Henley and William Henley. DOB 09/17/1916 in Oklahoma but last known address in US Directory he lived in Tucson at Ryland Farm home in 1941. Cannot find any death/burial info on him yet.

    1. Deana, we can run an Arizona death record search for you but we’ll need to know William’s full middle name as well as the state he last resided in

  11. I am a Career Specialist with Job Corps and I am trying to get verification for the passing of one of my students: Leon Phoenix; DoB: 1/28/1999; Last address known: Tempe, AZ. To remove his from my caseload and off of the center database we need verification of death. I hope you can help us, Thank you.

    1. Denise, we don’t show any death records for this person in Arizona. If he passed away recently then it may take a short while before the public record is available with our resources as vital record reporting can be delayed. You can also contact the Arizona Department of Health and request a death verification. You can call them directly at 602-364-1300

  12. I\’m trying to find out if a friend of mine has passed away and if he has when was it? Terry L Cox , born Jan 11, 1963. Lived in Phoenix,AZ. Veteran

    1. Jamie, this is the Arizona death record, date of death, and date of birth we have for a Terry L Cox: DOB: 09/19/1956 DOD: 03/13/2006

  13. I have been trying to view the death record of my ex-wife. I don’t need or want a copy of a death certificate. you claim that these are public records but I can’t find this information without being directed to a third party by the State of Arizona. this “non search” was and is contained wholy within Arizona and I also know the town where she died. My question is how much do these third party providers pay the state for the public information that the public is blocked from obtaining without paying them.

    1. Clifford, you can contact the Arizona Department of Health directly to obtain a death verification. It’s unclear if they’ll charge a fee for this basic information however, to obtain certified copies of vital records there is a nominal charge

  14. Searching to see if Charles Melvin Rhodd, dob: three/twenty-three/nineteen forty-five and dod: ten/fifteen/nineteen ninety died in Arizona. Charles was buried at the National Memorial Cemetery of Arizona, Phoenix, AZ. Thank you.

    1. Diane, thank you for reaching out about our Arizona death records blog. We ran a free death records search for you and only have a record of death for a Charles Rhodd that was born in 1904 and died in 1979 however, this death record was issued by the state of Oklahoma.

      That being said, since this does not seem to fit your information you might also want to contact the Arizona Department of Health Services and request a death verification for the Charles Rhodd. You can also call this department @ 888-816-5907

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