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Illinois death records are maintained by the Illinois Vital Records Division of the Illinois Department of Public Health. The aforementioned Vital Records Division maintains death records of 1916-present. As they are not public records, only the parents, spouse, or children of the deceased can obtain the Illinois Death Records. In addition to aforementioned relatives of a deceased, an Illinois Death Record can be obtained by people with a court order, documented medical need or a documented legal right. The Illinois Vital Records Division offers two types of death records: certified and non-certified. You can also view death records online through 3rd party databases however they will typically not be certified copies.

It is important to keep in mind that the Department of Public Health does not maintain records of deaths that occurred in Illinois before 1916. If you want pre-1916 Illinois Death Records then you’ll have to visit the Illinois county where the death occurred. There are four ways for you to obtain death records in Illinois: in person, by mail, by fax and online. Following is how you can obtain the Illinois Death Records through each way.

Obtaining Illinois Death Records By Mail

The first way of obtaining death records in Illinois is by mail. How can you make a request for and obtain Illinois Death Records through mail. To make a mail request for Illinois Death Records, complete and mail the Application for Search of Death Record Files along with a copy of valid photo ID and a self-addressed envelope to:

Illinois Department of Public Health

Division of Vital Records

925 E. Ridgely Avenue

Springfield, Illinois 62702-2737

In addition to the aforementioned documents, mail a pay order or check for the fee to above-mentioned address. The fee for the record will vary depending on whether you want a certified or a non-certified record. The fee for the certified record is $19 while the fee for non-certified record is $10.

Obtaining Illinois Death Records In Person

To make an in person request for the record, visit the local Illinois Department of Public Health office, complete the Application for Search of Death Record Files and pay the relevant fee.

Obtaining Illinois Death Records By Fax

Another way for you to make a request for death records in Illinois is by fax. To make a fax request for Illinois Death Records, complete the aforementioned application and fax it to 217-523-2648.

Obtaining Illinois Death Records Online

To make an online request for an Illinois death record that you need, visit the website of Vitalcheck, and submit an online request for the record. Once you’ve submitted a request, they will send you a confirmation email asking you to verify your identity. After you submit the required documents, VitalCheck will take 1 to 2 days to process your application and provide you the death record you want.

Another way to obtain death records in Illinois is online through public databases. To find out more about how you can obtain death records in Illinois, call the Illinois Department of Public Health at 217-782-7860.

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Illinois Death Records

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Responses to “Illinois Death Records

  1. says:

    Michelle, we are happy to lookup an Illinois death record for you however if you need a copy of a family member’s Illinois Death Certificate you’ll need to contact the IL Dept. of Public Health directly

  2. says:

    I am trying to locate death certificates for my brother’s daughter.

  3. says:

    Diane, unfortunately we do not have that information in our Illinois death records. You will want to reach out to the Illinois Department of Public Health and inquire with them. Since you are immediate family you will be able to get a copy of the death certificate. Hopefully the cause of death and the disease is listed on his Illinois death certificate, occasionally it is not depending on what the Illinois coroner or medical examiner has documented. You can visit their Illinois Department of Public Health website for more information or call them @ 217-782-6562

  4. says:

    I\’m in desperate search for quick response! Need cause of death of my father as he had a rare disease. My son might also have this disease but I need to know the exact name of the disease. My father: Deluyne Henry McAtee DOB 02/22/1916 & died approx Dec 5 (?) 1974.

  5. says:

    If you’re looking for the specific homicide record for your father’s death you will want to contact the Illinois Department of Health as they manage the state’s official death records. You can also follow up with the relevant county or city police department and/or detective to inquire about the specific details. The death certificate might only have limited information about the Illinois homicideIllinois homicideIllinois homicide itself.

  6. says:

    How do I get a record for the homicide death record of my dad from November 1972?

  7. says:

    We don’t show the date of death for John Blount. You can contact the Illinois Department of Health as they are the managing state agency for Illinois death records and all vital records. These Illinois records include; birth and death records, marriage and divorce records.

    How to Find The Date of Death of Someone

    1. Contact the state’s Department of Health
    2. Provide the full name of the person & DOB
    3. Request a copy of the Death Record for a nominal fee
    4. View the date of death of someone

  8. says:

    I am updating church records. Do you have a date of death on John Robert Blount, birthday 7-1-1914, widow of Lucille.

  9. says:


    We don’t show any death records for the person you indicated. Is there another state or county where your father might have lived? Below is how to get a copy of an Illinois death record. Since it’s your father you can obtain a certified death certificate copy. See the instructions below.

    How Can I Get a Copy of an Illinois Death Certificate

    1. Contact the Illinois Department of Public Health
    2. To obtain official death certificates you need to be a relative or have a court order
    3. Fill out the Application for Search of Death Record Files
    4. You will need to show ID and pay the applicable fees

  10. says:

    Mr. Paschke was my biological father. Please send anything you may have available. His complete name was Fredrick PATRICK Paschke. Thank you.

  11. says:

    Dianne Moulden,

    Our Illinois death records don’t go back that far. Your best bet is to contact the Illinois Secretary of State and reach out to their State Archives department. According to their website death records before 1916 are incomplete. That being said they do have many pre 1916 death records for Illinois that you can access.

    How to Find Illinois Death Records Before 1916

    1. Go to the Illinois Secretary of State website
    2. Visit their State Archives Page
    3. Click on the the county wide Death Index page
    4. Contact the State Archives Department with the available website form

  12. says:

    I AM SEARCHING FOR MY ANCESTOR WHO DIED 1909-1910 ILLINOIS .Have search numerous sites with no luck – Can you tell me if all Illinois deaths are online. His name is Olaf Edwin Paulsen born Dec 1870 Norway.
    Any help would be much appreciated as I live in New Zealand not so easy to access records ect. Kind Regards Di Moulden

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