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Florida Death Records Search

A Florida death record search can be performed by anyone as it is part of their public record however, a Florida death certificate can only be obtained by the living spouse or immediate family. The public record of death will tell you a lot of information about the deceased however it may not have the cause of death or the certifying physician or autopsy report. Some of the details of a certificate of death in Florida are not part of the public record. That said, if you are interested in verifying a death in the state then you can easily lookup their Florida public death record with a simple name search. You’ll need the full name of the person of interest as well as their age or birthdate, as there are many people with the same names over the last hundred years that have resided in Florida. The following steps highlight an easy path for you to find death records in Florida:

  1. The first step in your quest for a Florida death record search is to gather all the relevant information about the deceased you are researching
  2. Next, find a reliable third-party website that offers access to vital records. There are a multitude of them out there, make sure to find one that will give you access to Florida vital records, which are birth, death, marriage and divorce records
  3. Enter the full name of the deceased into the search form, include middle name and county if you know it. The more information you have, the easier it will be to locate the correct record
  4. Verify the results and cross-reference the record with other information you may have such as; relatives, addresses, date of birth or year of death
  5. You can use the Florida death record as described in the terms of use, most public records can only be used for reference and research. Many people lookup death information for genealogy research

What Can Be Found in Florida Death Records 

  1. Full name of the deceased 
  2. Date of location of birth 
  3. Date of death 
  4. Location of death (state and city or county) 
  5. Age at the time of death 
  6. Gender 
  7. Ethnicity 
  8. Marital status and surviving spouse 
  9. Previous occupation 
  10. Social Security number (death certificates only) 
  11. Cause of death (death certificates only) 
  12. Medical examiner or physician who certified the death 
  13. Funeral director or person in charge of interment (death certificate only) 
  14. Burial location or disposition of remains 
  15. Parents information such as names and birth dates (if available) 

It’s important to note that not all information on a person’s Florida death certificate is part of their publicly available death record. Some information may be redacted because it’s sensitive or contains personal information. Official certificates of death are usually available for immediate family. 

How to Get a Florida Death Certificate

In Florida, the Florida Department of Health and Vital Statistics is responsible for maintaining and issuing the official record of all deaths that occur in the state. This state run department maintains Florida death records of 1939-present. The death records maintained by this department are limited by what is recorded in a digital format. Florida records of death before 1939 are archived and may be a bit more difficult to access. If you need a much older certificate of death then you may want to call the Vital Statistics office directly for your inquiry as the online portal only services records from 1939-present.

To make your request for a Florida death certificate you will need to be a surviving spouse or immediate family member, or have a court order, You will also need provide evidence of your relationship such as an ID or a birth certificate and your social security number. Then you can make your request to the Florida Department of Health. You can make your request online and upload all your relevant information to obtain an official copy of Florida death certificate. There will be a nominal fee and processing will take a few weeks to receive the certificate by mail.

If you do not fall in any of these categories of being able to request an official Florida death certificate, then you must provide the Florida Department of Health and Vital Statistics a notarized statement signed by an immediate family member of the deceased to make this request. This situation is usually because a family member is unable or disabled, and cannot make this request for themselves.

Florida Death Statistics and Death Rates

As the population increases in Florida, so does number of people that die each year in the state. For the last few decades the Florida death rate has been steady up until 2020, before Covid19 where there was a noticeable increase in the death rate for 2021 and 2022. This rate, according to the Florida Health Charts statistics, has increased twenty percent in 2021 from 2019. This means that the death count went up 20 percent to 802 people that died per 100,000 in population. A very large increase that was a result from those troubling years of the pandemic. Not many other states were as impacted in the last couple of years. Some speculate that Florida has a higher death rate because they have a much older population demographic. It’s become a retirement hub for many that seek affordable warm climates to retire in. Florida has one of the oldest median ages according to the US Census Bureau population count as of 2020,with the average age in the state being over 42. There are only a few other states that have older median populations.

Here are some of the most common causes of death in Florida:

  1. Heart Disease
  2. Various Cancers
  3. Accidental Death such as falling or drowning
  4. Respiratory Disease such as Covid, pneumonia, emphysema, asthma
  5. Stroke or other Cerebrovascular Diseases
  6. Alzheimer’s Disease and Cognitive Disorders
  7. Diabetes
  8. Kidney Disease and Organ Failure
  9. Suicide

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Florida Death Records

Florida Death Record FAQs

Can I Verify a Florida Death Record Online?

Yes, you can verify a Florida death record online by visiting the Florida Department of Health website and requesting a death verification. You can also call them to verify a death record by calling 850-245-4444

Can I find the cause of death from a Florida death record?

It is possible to find the cause of death from a Florida death record. Typically the cause of death is located on the death certificate but not always. If the medical examiner cannot determine the cause of death then it won't be listed on the death record

Can I search Florida death records for free?

Most online public record websites cost a few bucks to view any type of Florida public records. There are some online resources where you can verify if someone has died in Florida but you will most likely need to buy access to view a full record of death in the state.

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  1. says:

    i am trying to find information about kimberly ann warren warren being her maiden name i need to know her husbands contact information he is an heir to property i am trying to buy i think she died in 2020

  2. says:

    Trying to find my deceased brother in Florida, Doyle steptoe williams, black male, pob-milton fl,parents-Laurece Riley, Willie Ben Williams, Died between 2000-2006,served time in a Florida prison, tried free online service, please let me know if you can help me THANKS YOU DALLAS E WILLIAMS

  3. says:

    Don, that is quite possible. There have been significant delays with a lot of public related services. The best advice we can offer is to keep trying. You can also contact the Department of Health directly to inquire about the record of death that you are looking for

  4. says:

    My Investigative firm called your office in June of 2021 and asked if an 82-year-old female had passed away. We were tasked with locating an 82– year old female that needed to be served with a civil document. We were told that without being a relative a court order would be needed to obtain this information, we were also directed to research our databases for notification of the death. We searched for her death on our databases in June of 2021 and again later in 2021 and in January of 2022 and there was no record in our databases of her death + the information we were getting from family of her and from other reliable sources was that she was still alive. This week we were advised by our client that they had found out this month (May of 2022) that she had passed away at a Nursing home in June of 2021. I am seeing in the comments section that you indicated that due to Covid 19 there were delays in reporting public records from many government agencies. Question: Could it be that when we searched in June 2021 and again in January 2022 that there had been the same delay in reporting public records to government agencies and databases due to Covid ? and the info not available to us in June 2021 & Jan of 2022 was suddenly available when our client (a law firm) researched in May of 2022 ? Please advise.

  5. says:

    Andrew, a death verification in Florida is different than a death certificate. Only immediate family can obtain a copy of a person’s FL death certificate

  6. says:

    Thanks! Is a death verification the same thing as the death certificate?

  7. says:

    Andrew, you are correct that only family members or a court order can produce a copy of a person’s death certificate which may have the cause of death recorded. Also note that not all death certificates have the cause of death recorded if it was inconclusive and when an autopsy was not performed.

  8. says:

    Is there no way for anyone not related to a decedent, or acting legally on their family’s behalf, to acquire the cause of death? I am researching deceased persons in

    Florida but the official death certificate application does not allow for such inquiries about public figures. Is there no unofficial certificate to apply for or another death form altogether?


  9. says:

    Lori, we checked our death index for Florida and did not find any FL death records that match that information. During Covid there has been a delay when reporting public records from many government agencies. That said, you can contact the Florida Department of Health directly to inquire about this record of death

  10. says:

    This is in response to my previous email. I should have provided more information. Her name is Pearl May Elrod. Her birthday is around the first of January. She would be 90 years old this year. Her husbands name is Ralph. I was told she died September 19th in 2021.

  11. says:

    I am needing to know where my father died on Jan.6,2020 in Fl. near Debary or Travares, he was 93 I believe , his name is William Dorset Russell Jr., his birthdate is Aug. 16,1928…He was in the Air Force for 20 years. I am trying to find the lawyer who made his will.Thanks so much….

  12. says:

    my brother died november,23,2021 in the state of flordia,,he was 65 years old use to line in virginia,,needed a heart transplant but after he moved i lost contact with him,,my sister bonnie called but didn’t say a lot of information ,,please try to help me

  13. says:

    Rita, what information are you looking for in particular? A Florida court record, vital record or death verification?

  14. says:

    Looking for info on a Donna who was murdered by her husband in October 1982 in Palm Beach County, Florida

  15. says:

    Looking for info on brother Vincent Grasso. Bocca Raton Fl

  16. says:

    Where do I go to find a record of my sister’s death, 29 Aug 2019? I don’t need a copy, but her son and daughter should have one…and copies.

  17. says:

    I am 63 years old and live in Maine. I am currently trying to reach my father who lived in the vicinity of Zephyrhills and Dade City. Last time I spoke with him he was sick and now his phone is not working I have no idea if anything has happened to him. He is 83 years old his middle name is Edward first name being David last name Allen is there any way you can help?

  18. says:

    Joseph, unfortunately we do not have any additional information about your dad’s death record or cause of death that we have in our Florida death record databases. You can also try contacting the Florida Department of Health for assistance with your inquiry

  19. says:

    Hi,my name is Joseph Michael Cramer,I am 42 years old,I am searching for my dad,whatever it may be,I have never known my dad,but heard stories about him and his family from my mom’s side,well she died of cancer last year and I still have kithi g about my dad,I now this is death certificates,but I was told he was struck by a car in palm beach in the early to mid 80’s…his name is Larry Robert Cramer can you ease help me

  20. says:

    Looking to see if a death certificate was filed for my sister by her son. Her name is Christine A Stephens age 70 and living in Bradenton, Florida. Her death was January 2021.

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