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Hawaii Death Records Online

The Hawaii Department of Health’s Vital Records office is the location of all the state’s death records for approximately 75 years. The state department of health only keeps records dating back so long, but local vital records offices often keep records older than that. If you’re looking to obtain Hawaii death records,, it’s imperative you understand how the process works, where to get them, and what information you need to make this happen. It’s not a difficult process, but it’s one you should familiarize yourself with prior to seeking death records you’re not able to obtain.

How To Obtain Hawaii Death Records

In Hawaii, the State Department of Health only keeps records of Hawaii death records between 1951 and 2002. Otherwise, you’ll need to find the county courthouse or vital records office in the county where a death occurred to obtain a copy. There is a fee for a copy of a death certificate. The first is $10, and the other copies are only $4 each. Cash and credit cards are accepted anywhere in the state, and money orders are also an acceptable method of payment. Personal checks are not accepted anywhere in Hawaii when a death record is being obtained.

Not everyone may obtain a copy of a death record in Hawaii. Only those who can prove they are an immediate family member or legal representative of the person listed on the death certificate may obtain a copy of this record, and photo identification is required.

What Is Included In Hawaii Death Records

Death records are very specific. They contain the name of the deceased, the date of birth, the date of death, the cause of death, and the location of death. The location is important, as it’s where you will find the record if it’s not available at the state level. This information is personal information that can be used in many instances, such as a widowed spouse for proof they are no longer married if they ever decide to remarry.

Many people don’t assume they’ll ever have the need for a death record, but it’s simply not true. Death records are commonly needed for many reasons, including issues with estates, remarriages, and other reasons. In Hawaii, however, you’ll need the information that’s on the certificate to obtain the certificate when you apply online or in person.

Obtaining a Hawaii Death Certificate

The State of Hawaii’s Department of Health and Vital Statistics does all walk-in requests and online requests located here. The people who want to apply for a death certificate must be able to provide several key factors.

– The name of the deceased
– The date of birth and death
– The location of death
– Photo identification that is not expired
– Proof of relationship to the deceased
– Proper payment methods

Once this is all in hand, it’s time to apply online or in person. It’s always wise to begin at the local level if you need a death record. The local Hawaii courthouse or vital records office is most likely to have the information you require, and it’s not always as easy to find it at the state level. If you’re unsure where the death occurred, it might be a good idea to begin the search at the state level. If you are a legal representative of the deceased, you’ll need to provide proof of this when you apply for a copy. No one without proof of a proper relationship with the deceased will leave with a copy without the proper information.

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Hawaii Death Records

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Responses to “Hawaii Death Records

  1. says:

    Thank you for reaching out about our Hawaii death records blog. Can you be more specific on what record you are looking to obtain? We can better assist you if you can elaborate on what information you need and for what reason.

  2. says:

    I am the wife of Leonard Silva. I am having problems with the IRS. They state that we own back tax’s from 1996 to 2018. Our
    tax’s were always filed on time and we always received a refund check, They state that they spoke to Leonard in 2019? Leonard was gone. Since I moved to RI, I have lost many documents. Please assist me with this problem, I need the date,( I had a stroke just before I left Hi, so I tend to forget dates and names}
    could you send me a copy of the record. List what the cost will be. I am able to pay by Vis Card or with a check.

  3. says:

    Nancy, we are not able to find the date of death for this Hawaii death record. You can also contact the Hawaii Department of Health to inquire about the HI death information you are looking for

  4. says:

    seeking death date of william a. myers age 92 kaneohe, hi. he passed sometime in 2020 before july.
    i am his cousin. i do not think there was an obituary. would this information be available? thank you.

  5. says:

    Thank you for inquiring about our Hawaii death records. Since these are very old Hawaii death records we do have them in our death record database. Our public records only go back around 50-60 years. That said, your best option would be to contact the state archives of Hawaii and inquire with them about locating these very old public records.

    How to Find Old Hawaii Death Records

    1. Visit the Hawaii state archives website
    2. Select the genealogical research guide
    3. Search old Hawaii death records by obituary
    4. Also research obituaries by newspaper index

  6. says:

    I am looking for the date of death of my great great uncle
    William Forbes, born Oct 1864 arrived on the big island about 1896 (according to 1910) census.
    I have him on the 1910, 1920,1930 census and after that nothing. According to family he never married.

    I assume he died in Hawaii but now sure, is there a department or society that you can direct me to?

    thank you;

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