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Indiana Death Records Search

In Indiana, the death records are maintained by the Indiana Office of Vital Records of Indiana State Department of Health. In case you didn’t know that already, a death record is a record of things pertaining to a person?s death including the date, place and cause of the death. Unlike other records maintained by the state, Indiana Death Records are not public records. Instead, only people having personal or property right interest in the death record can access it. Death records are used for a number of purposes including to claim pensions, claim life insurance benefits, and settle estates.

The Office of Vital Records maintains death records of 1900-present. For pre-1900 deaths, you have to visit the county where the death occurred. As mentioned above, death certificates can be obtained from the Indiana Office of Vital Records by those who have a direct and tangible interest in it. This includes blood relatives and legal representatives of the deceased’s family. So, how can you obtain death records in Indiana? Obtaining Indiana Death Records is rather easy. There are four ways for you to obtain the aforementioned death records including in person, by mail, by phone and online. Following is how you can obtain Death Records in Indiana through the aforementioned ways.

How Do I Get a Copy of an Indiana Certificate?

The first way to obtain death records in Indiana is in person. How do you make an in person request for death records in Indiana? You can make an in person request for Indiana Death Records by visiting a local vital records office. Once you’re at the office, fill out and submit the Application for Search of Non-Certified Copy of Death Record. Also, pay the $8 fee.

How Do I Get Indiana Death Records By Mail?

The next way to make a request for the death record you want is by mail. To make a mail request for Indiana Death Records, complete the aforementioned form and mail it to:

Indiana State Department of Health, Vital Records

P O Box 7126

Indianapolis, IN 46206-7125

When applying by mail, you can pay the fee through a check or pay order. The average processing time for a mail request is 2 weeks.

How I Get Indiana Death Records By Phone

Another to obtain death records in Indiana is by phone. To make a telephone request for Indiana Death Records, call vitalcheck, an independent company contracted by the Indiana State Department of Health, at 866-559-9631, provide the required information, and pay the relevant fee through credit card. In addition to the application fee, Vitalcheck will charge you a processing fee. Making a phone request for the aforementioned death Records is the fastest way to obtain the death record you need.

How I Get Indiana Death Records By Phone Online

The final way to obtain death records in Indiana is online. To make an online request for the death record you want, go to the website of Vitacheck, submit a request and wait for their response. After a while, vitalcheck will send you a confirmation mail asking you to verify your identity. Once you’ve done that, you application will be processed.

There you have it, the four ways to obtain death records in Indiana. In addition to the aforementioned ways, you can obtain Indiana Death Records online through public databases. To know more about how you can obtain death records in Indiana, get in touch with the Office of Vital Records by calling them at 1-317-233-1325.

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Indiana Death Records

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Responses to “Indiana Death Records

  1. says:

    I\’m trying to find the parents of David Martel bn 1819 Ohio and died 1857 Indiana. His wife was Martha Ann Weir bn 1826 and she remarried to James Jolly. Any info appreciated.

  2. says:

    Thank you for your suggestion. I did try FindAGrave but it did not show any results.


  3. says:

    Keith, there is a great website that you can visit to search for Indiana gravesites, it’s called … Please reach out if there are any more questions about Indiana death records

  4. says:

    Hello, I am trying to find the grave site for Marion Cain, born either February 14, 1914 or 1916. Believe his year of death is 2003. My direct interest is to place a special grave marker to honor his playing baseball in the Negro Baseball League. I wonder if an exception could be made in this case as it seems to be the only path to finding his grave site.

    I believe he died in Gary, IN and his last known address was 717 Delaware Street, Gary, IN 46402.

  5. says:

    Lori, unfortunately online record keeping has it’s limitations. It might be a good idea to discuss this with someone from the Indiana Department of Health, which manages vital records including Indiana death records. They might be able to assist you with where to look for that information.

  6. says:

    Hi, I am doing a family search so I can apply for membership into the Miami Indian tribe of Oklahoma. I have direct lineage to this tribe but getting all the documents I need together with my application is another story. I need a couple of death certificates but I noticed on the application it states that they start in the year 1900. Anything before that, which mine are, would be in the county which they died. How would I go about contacting those counties? I need 3, years would be 1856, 1840, and 1841.

  7. says:

    You’re welcome Eve, please reach out in the future with any public record inquiries

  8. says:

    Thank you so much for responding to my query yesterday about William A Gatewood. I have a message to Crown Hill Cem about his death and burial dates which are years apart. Stone says 1926 and burial date is may 1951. Thank you again for trying.

  9. says:

    Eve, we show a couple of death records for a William Gatewood but different DOB and not all these records have the middle name listed. Unfortunately our Indiana death records only goes back around 50 years accurately. You might want to reach out to the Indiana State Department of Health as well. They manage vital records for the state of Indiana, which include death records birth records and marriage records. They will also be the agency that can issue a certified copy of a death certificate

  10. says:

    Looking for death certificate for William Andrew (Wid) Gatewood. He was born in Indpls 11-7-1873. Have death date from family members for Feb 20 1926 and havent found one. He is buried at Crown Hill Cemetery in Indpls. The burial date there is May 1951. However didnt find anything from search for that date. Hope you can help me find the correct date for him. thanks!

  11. says:

    Unfortunately Pat, we don’t have enough information to perform a database search for you. That being said, you can reach out to the Indiana Department of Health ( Phone Number: 317-233-1325 ). They are the managing state agency for birth and death records. They might be able to assist you with looking up this Indiana death record with the limited information you have.

    Best of Luck – The Search Quarry Team

  12. says:

    I am searching for grandmother whose maiden name was Mary Crabb No idea last name when passed. She born Illinois 7 Feb and passed somewhere in Indiana 18 March 2015. Sorry all the info I have Thank you Pat Carter

  13. says:

    Kathy, these are very old Indiana death records that we do not have record of and most public record websites will probably not either. That being said, you can reach out to the Indiana State Department of Health or the Indiana State Archives to do some additional research. They typically archive and index old Indiana death records. If you still cannot find what you’re looking for you can also research old newspaper obituaries or genealogy websites.

  14. says:

    Hi I am looking for a death record an dates for Austin Little he live in Kosciusko county Indiana I think he pass away around 1921-1929 Cause I cant find him on the cesus after 1920 Thank you for any help, Kathy Lyttle

  15. says:

    Since this is a very old Indiana death record you might want to reach out to the Indiana State Archives and see what information they might have on your grandmother. They can offer you more insights on how to obtain a copy of an old Indiana death certificate or record of death.

  16. says:

    Hello, My name is Carol Lyons, I am looking to purchase a death certificate of
    My Grandmother Dolly Stanley Olvey.
    Dolly Stanley was born in Wilkes County, North Carolina in 1830..
    Dolly married John Olvey in Aug. 1847 in Rushville County, IN
    Dolly died in Rushville, IN in 1860, childbearing years.
    I have been searching in, found a source in a Bible, but all family members are private, and DARA does not concerate it an official source of a document. I am trying to find a patriot who fought in the Revelutionary War. I have also tried to find her name in her father\’s will or probate papers, but Dolly\’s name wasn\’t mentioned I have started to try and find a newspaper that mightive mentioned her name. Then I started calling several Historical Socities
    so far I have not come up with an official source.
    How do I show positive ID & pay my fees for the death certificate that will help me find my family patriots. Thank you. Carol 815-751-8858

  17. says:

    Since these are very old Indiana death records we do not have them in our Indiana death record database. You can contact the Indiana State Department of Health as they are the managing state agency in Indiana for vital records, including; death records, birth records and marriage records. If these are older than the Indiana death records they have on file then you might consider contacting the Indiana state archives.

    How to Obtain Old Indiana Death Records

    1. Contact the Indiana State Department of Health
    2. Contact the Indiana State Archives
    3. Check Online Public Record Databases

  18. says:

    I cannot locate my 2x great-grqandfather’s death record or certificate. I have 2 Indianapolis newspaper obituaries & a gravesite, but no death record online. A general query for all Indiana deaths on the date indicted in both obituaries yields 0 results- which seems very odd. His info: Frederick /Fred Draeger . B.1849, D: 10/23/1927 . Burial: Concordia Cemetery, Marion County, IN Cemetery records (Marion Cty genealogical society site) have his date of death as 10/26/1927, but both newspaper obituaries – published on 10/24/1927- state he died “yesterday” -indicating 10/23. Any help tracking down his certificate would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

  19. says:

    We’d like to assist you with an Indiana Death Record search Damian but it’s unclear what you’re looking for exactly. If you can provide us with additional information as to what you’re looking for we can certainly assist you. The other option is to contact the Indiana State Department of Health as they are the managing state agency in Indian that archives and indexes death records.

  20. says:

    My name is Damein Mitchell and Indiana has my death certificate and report along with several interesting pieces of information. My life has been so horrible since the crash I woke up 3 days later with a death tag attached to me and walked home. Since then it\’s as if I have been in some kind of Government program while the world rips my previous life to pieces.

  21. says:

    The death record that you’re looking for is much older than those listed in our Indiana death index. Typically for most archival records you would want to contact the If you know that your great grandfather died in Indiana then you have a few options. You can contact the Center for Disease Control in Indiana as they manage national and state vital records. A third option is to contact the Indiana State Department of Health as they also manage and archive marriage, birth and death records.

    How to Find Old Indiana Death Records

    1. Visit the Indiana State Department of Health website
    2. Select Death Information under the Vital Records tab
    3. Fill out a Death Certificate Request form
    4. Provide proper ID and pay the $8 fee for a copy

    Indiana State Department of Health Phone Number

    (317) 233-2700

  22. says:

    I am trying to locate the death and burial info on my 4 x gr grandfather. I am doing genealogy research on the Dixon family. My grandfather was born in Ireland in 1797
    I am not sure when they immigrated to here however records indicate he was buried and passed away in Bethlehem cemetery in Martinsville, Ind in 1875. Could you help me in please trying to find a death certificate. Thank you
    Paula Wilson Bennett

  23. says:

    We do not show any Indiana death records for your father in our death records database. You can also contact the Indiana state archives or the Indiana Department of Health and Vital Records as they both manage Indiana’s death records. Since you are part of the immediate family you should have no problem obtaining the Indiana Death Certificate Copy you’re looking for.

    How to Get an Indiana Death Certificate Copy

    1. Contact the Indiana State Department of Health
    2. Request a Death Certificate copy from the Vital Records Department
    3. Fill out the Death Certificate request form 49606
    5. Pay the $8 fee and mail in the form with proof of ID
    6. Processing can take up to 2 weeks

  24. says:

    I am hoping you can help me. My father was living in Evansville and died there in an awful wreck on Dec. 31, 1965. His name was James Roger Peak. He was born in Daviess County Kentucky. (We lived in Owensboro). His body was originally taken to Boone Funeral home but then moved to Glenn Funeral Home in Owensboro. I have not been able to locate a death certificate. Glenn Funeral Home has no record of it, and after checking for me, told me Boone did not have it either. I would sincerely appreciate any help. It has been a long time and we have gathered info and pictures but this last piece of info we do not know how to find. I thank you very much for your time.
    Sharon Hardison

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