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Maine Death Records Lookup

The Department of the Secretary of State in Maine is where many people begin their search for Maine death records when copies of one are required. However, the Maine State Archives does not keep death records in their system anymore. All death records have been removed from the state archives as of 2015, and they are now only available to those in need by contacting the Maine Vital Records office. There are vital records offices in every county in Maine, and this is where you’ll want to begin your search for death records issued from 1892 to the present day. While some local municipalities might have Maine death records prior to 1892, others will not.

What Is In A Maine Death Record?

Death records are not complex records with incriminating information located on them, but they are very necessary in many situations. A woman who was widowed when her husband passed might require a copy of her husband’s death record as a way to prove she is no longer married. This is required if she wants to obtain a new Maine marriage license to remarry. It might be useful with an estate issue, and it’s often required in any other issues that occur when someone passes away and legal matters call for a death record.

Proof of death is the primary reason someone might require Maine death records, but there is very specific information located on it. The most important is the name of the deceased, his or her date of birth and death, the cause of death, and the location of death. This might be the county hospital where a cancer patient died, or the home address of someone who passed in their sleep.

How to Get a Death Certificate in Maine

You can use one of several methods of retrieval of Maine death records. There’s an online option with the office of Maine Vital Records, and you can apply in person if you know the county where a death took place. There are rules in place, and they will not issue you a death certificate. You must be a child, parent, or sibling of the deceased, or a spouse of the deceased.

If you are not a direct family member, you must be the legal guardian of the deceased or the legal representative of the person who died or the estate of that person. To obtain a copy of a death record, you’ll need to have a copy of your own photo identification, proof of your relationship to the person who died, and you’ll need to issue payment. The fees differ depending on where you go to get the copy, and there are some other things that are required when you order a copy. You must know the information listed on the death certificate, and you must be able to provide a reason for needing the Maine death certificate.

This information is public, which means you can look up a death record without actually purchasing one. It’s listed with the local Maine courthouse where the death took place in Maine, and it’s also information that can be found in a local newspaper provided an obituary was placed in the paper for the public to see. If you need assistance in locating a death record, you’ll call the office of Vital Records to ask questions and receive answers about what you need. This information can be provided over the phone, and it’s a good idea to call and find out office hours, fees, and what payment methods are acceptable. Late walk-ins sometimes require a longer wait than early walk-ins when you come into an office.

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Maine Death Records

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Responses to “Maine Death Records

  1. squarryadministrator says:

    In order to obtain a copy of your brother’s death certificate you will want to contact the Maine Department of Health Services as they are the managing agency for death records in the state of Maine. Since you are immediate family you should not have any difficulties obtaining a copy of his Maine death certificate. You can order this death record online or by mail.

    How to Get a Copy of a Maine Death Certificate

    1. Visit the Maine Department of Health Services website
    2. Fill out a Death Certificate Request Form
    3. Enter the name, date and town of death
    4. State your relationship
    5. Provide a phone number
    6. Pay the fee to “Treasurer – State of Maine”

  2. Hope Ellis Rankin says:

    I am interested in finding a death certificate of my brother Philip Alden Ellis, DOB 5/16/54. Lived in Lisbon, Me with Steven Wing. Date of death January 31, 2018. Can you help me with this information?

  3. squarryadministrator says:


    We don’t show his Maine death record in our database. You can also contact the Maine Division of Public Health Systems and request a copy of Dale Carlow’s death record.

    How To Get a Copy of a Maine Death Record

    • Go to
    • Visit The Division of Public Health Systems
    Order a Copy of a Maine Death Records Copy
    • Show Proper Photo ID
    • Mail in Your Request & $15 To The Vital Records Department

    Maine Vital Records Mailing Address

    11 State House Station
    220 Capitol Street
    Augusta, ME 04333-0011

  4. Alice Johnson says:

    I am looking for a death date for a Dale Winnifred (McLaughlin) Carlow in Woodland, or Baileyville Maine , born May 01,1940 was told she passed away either in 2017, or 2016. Can find no record so can’t write her death in Family History. Dale is/was a cousin of mine

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