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Nebraska Death Records Information

When your loved ones pass away, you may find yourself attending to their affairs to make funeral arrangements and settle their estate. In most cases, you will need the appropriate documents to accomplish this goal. The following is an overview of how to obtain Nebraska death records and when you may need to request them and what requirements are needed to obtain a copy of a Nebraska Death Certificate.

What Are Nebraska Death Records

Nebraska death records are typically issued in the form of death certificates after someone passes away. This certificate lists important information regarding a person’s death such as date of death, time of death and where the person died. Other personal information of the deceased are included such as name, date of birth and the county in which they lived at the time of their passing.

Who Can Obtain Nebraska Death Records?

Unlike many other government documents, death records are not a matter of public record for anyone to see. In order to obtain death records, you must be able to prove your relationship to the person who died. Those who are not related to the deceased, must provide documents from the agency or company requesting death records before one will be issued.

What Are Nebraska Death Records Used For?

Death records have several different purposes. Family members typically need these documents in order to make funeral arrangements, bury or cremate their loved one or to ship their body to another location for burial. Death records are also needed to settle financial affairs such as insurance policies. In cases where foul play is suspected, the authorities may request death records for investigative purposes. Before a death record can be issued, the government requires the signature of the county coroner or medical examiner stating the manner of death.

How To Request Nebraska Death Records

If your loved one lived in Nebraska, you may request a copy of their death certificate by visiting the website of the Nebraska Department Of Vital Statistics in order to obtain a death certificate for your loved one, you must provide the proper documents at the time of your request. These documents include a copy of your valid driver’s license or state identification and proof of eligibility. You may prove your relationship to the deceased with documents such as a marriage license, birth certificate or insurance policy. You must also include the county in which they died and the date of death. A written explanation of why you need a copy of the death certificate is also required before one is issued. At the time of application, you must include a check or money order in the amount listed on the website. The department does not take credit or debit card payments for this service. You may download and print a copy of the application on their website. There is also a phone number and mailing address where the application must be sent before one is issued.

The process to obtain a copy of your loved ones death record is fairly simple on the website. Be sure to include all of the requested documents in order to swiftly process the application, so it is received in a timely fashion.

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Responses to “Nebraska Death Records

  1. says:

    Unfortunately our Nebraska death records only go back about 50 years. Since you’ve already checked and couldn’t find what you’re looking for, you can also check the Nebraska State Archives. They typically archive very old vital records such as birth and death records.

  2. says:

    I am at a loss. Chester (Chet) Eugene Ager born Ord, NB, 20 May 1886, but lived in Lincoln, Lancaster, Nebraska for most of his adult life. He is a first cousin to my husband. Have plans to visit Chet Ager Pioneer Park this summer. I have read about the things that Chester Eugene Ager and his Father James Henry ager accomplished in helping build the State of Nebraska, esp. Lincoln area. Chester was superintendant of the now Pioneer Park for about 16 yrs. One of the articles written says that he died suddenly in 1940, however I can find no record of his death or newspaper articles regarding his death or the presentation of naming the park after him in 1963. I know that he has a grave stone in Wyuka Cemetery but there is no death date. When his wife Beth died there was a huge obituary written in the local Lincoln newspaper. I find it strange that there seems to be nothing regarding his death that I can find published. Ancestry has no information! Would appreciate any help that you can give me.

  3. says:

    We do not show a death record for Peter Lummel in our Nebraska death record database. The other resources we would recommend for looking up an old Nebraska Death record would be or The Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services. We did a search on for you and there wasn’t a picture we could find so the best option is to follow the instructions below to locate the official Nebraska Death Record for your grandma’s brother.

    How to Find an Old Nebraska Death Record

    1. Visit the Nebraska Department of Health website
    2. Select Death Records from the Vital Records list
    3. Fill out the Death Record request form
    4. Provide photo identification & pay the fee
    5. You can perform this online, in person or by mail

  4. says:

    Peter Lummel was my grandma’s brother. I have not been able to locate his gravesite on find-a-grave. I just want a picture of his grave or a church document verifying his death. I don’t want a death certificate.

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