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Idaho death records contain certain pieces of vital information from a person’s time on earth that give surviving family members and friends details they need to push forward after the loss. In Idaho, death records are maintained in an online database at’s Department of Health and Welfare section. Officials clearly outline how to obtain a copy of marriage, birth, death, and stillbirth/miscarriage records by mail and online.

How to Lookup an Idaho Death Certificate

Online databases have become the primary way to obtain death records. It’s just more convenient and simple to obtain these often sad death records from the convenience and safety of home. You’re able to search for death records by name, date of death, date of birth, and other important variables that help the search engine locate the death records you need to find. Online public records can be instant or they might take a bit more time and be emailed to you. Be sure to read the fine print so that you make sure to get the kind of records you need in the amount of time you need them.

Death records like death certificates contain very specific kinds of information. Cause of death is one of the most important parts of any death certificate. In some cases where legalities are involved, you might need certified records. These can be a bit more costly but they are worth it depending on your purpose for needing the records. Print records take more time to obtain. You’ll need to fax or email information into the the Idaho Bureau of Vital Records and Health Statistics. From there, it can be much more of a lengthy wait to get print copies of death records. Once again, depending on your purposes, only print copies will do.

The Idaho government website maintains extensive information about the procedure to obtain death records. The first thing you need for print copies will be a completed Death Certificate Request Form and a letter with all vital information. You’ll also need a photocopy of personal ID as well as a check or money order paying for the certificate. This can be a lengthy procedure and for things like genealogy work, you might not want to go through this lengthy procedure and simply use an online database that contains death records and birth records for your loved ones. Genealogy work is one of the main reasons that people search for online death records. Idaho death records for Idaho residents can reveal a lot of information about family history. Knowing how long gone relatives passed away might not be important to everyone but for those who want to dive deep into family history, these records are an absolute necessity to go as far back on the family tree as humanly possible.

How to Order a Copy of an Idaho Death Certificate

  1. Contact the Idaho Bureau of Vital Records
  2. Fill out the Death Certificate Request Form
  3. Be prepared to show identification
  4. Pay the $21 for a certified Death Certificate Copy
  5. Sign and Mail in the Form to the listed address
  6. You can pay an extra $10 for rush delivery

Legal matters in a death often require print records for cause of death and other vital information. Obtaining these Idaho death records will always require a varying amount of time but for quick searches, it’s important to use online databases. It’s simply quicker and more convenient. In those cases where print records are necessary, obtaining them directly from the Idaho Bureau of Vital Records and Health Statistics is your best bet. It’s the official record of death for the person in question.

A hunt for death records can be sobering and often discouraging. It’s not something anyone wants to have to search for. But when you have to, the Internet has certainly made it a lot less painful to do so and family genealogy has been revolutionized by the extensive databases that contain death and birth records of all family members past and present. It’s a search that’s worth it.

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Idaho Death Records

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