How To Get a Copy of a Death Certificate

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How To Get a Copy of a Death Certificate 

A death certificate copy can easily be obtained by family immediate family members by filling out an application from your state’s health department. A death certificate is an official document that certifies the death record for a resident of the United States. You will need to visit your state health department website, download the correct request form and mail it in or submit it in person. There is a nominal fee for this copy, and it can be mailed directly to you as an official certificate of a person’s death record. 

Is a Death Certificate Public Record? 

Death certificates are a public record of a person’s death and are available to the general public, however, certified copies are typically only reserved for immediate family members. Since each state manages and archives their own death certificates, you will need to contact the city or town clerk where the death was recorded or contact the state’s department of health, which also has a recording of this vital record. 

What is a Death Certificate? 

A death certificate is a public recording of a person that has deceased. This certificate is an official document that is issued at the state or local level which includes personal information about the person as well as the cause of death and is recorded in the official state register of deaths by a medical examiner. This is a vital record that is publicly available to the public for viewing. 

Is a Death Certificate Public RecordIs the Cause of Death on a Death Certificate 

Yes, the cause of death is typically listed on the death certificate if the medical examiner or coroner lists the cause. If there is any discrepancy with the nature of the cause of death and there is no autopsy conducted, then the cause of death might be unknown and not listed. This is because the physician who reports this cause of death information is certifying this record and is liable if there are any inconsistencies. A common cause of death that is listed for people is “natural causes” which refers to the manner of death. Legal authorities may also note if the death was accidental or due to suicide or homicide. 

What Is Listed on a Death Certificate? 

  1. The full name of the deceased 
  2. Date of birth and death 
  3. Birthplace, residence, and occupation 
  4. Color or race and marital status 
  5. Cause of death 
  6. Location and time of death 
  7. If they were in the armed services 
  8. Medical examiner’s information 

Some information may vary depending on what is documented and what state and time frame the certificate originated. It is also important to note that some information may be inconclusive to a medical examiner without an autopsy to confidently list certain criteria such as cause of death.

How Much Does a Death Certificate Cost? 

The cost of a death certificate copy can vary from state to state but it’s a nominal charge that can be as low as $20. You will want to verify the cost of this certificate with your town clerk or your state’s department of health services. This vital record can be obtain online or in person and a copy can be mailed directly to you. If you only need to visually verify death information then

Death Certificate Searches By State

Death Certificate Q&A

Can I View Death Certificates Online For Free

There is free death certificate information available online, however it may be somewhat limited. If you want to find out all the details listed on a death certificate, it will most likely cost you a few bucks.

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Responses to “How To Get a Copy of a Death Certificate

  1. squarryadministrator says:

    Judy, if you’re interested in obtaining a copy of your mother’s death certificate you will want to reach out to the Department of Health in the state she died in. We are happy to verify her death records but official copies of vital records, which include death certificates, need to be obtained directly from the state run government agency

  2. Judy N. Bryant says:

    My mother was born March 1, 1907. I need a copy of my mother’s death certificate or just the date she was died.

  3. Marshina Armstrong-Gordon says:

    My dad Michael Hall died on Sunday April 10, 1977 in Broolyn New York. He is Jamaican. He was born August 1958. He was shot in the head along with 3 of his friend. Please let me know what other information you need. I am his daughter I was born Marshina Ezma Hall. I was adopted but always kept in contact with my birth family. My name is now Marshina Armstrong-Gordon.

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