Search Marriage Records Online -

Search Marriage Records Online

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How To Search Marriage Records Online

In order to search for marriage records online you’ll want to know a couple pieces of information. 1st you’ll want to know the full name of the person in question. It’s a good idea to know both the maiden and married surnames as marriage public records can disclose either or both. 2nd you’ll want to know where that person’s residence is and if possible what county they were married in. The search for marriage records online can be as easy as a simple name search as long as you have all the correct information and correct spellings. Make sure to cross-reference as many fields of data as possible to insure you’ve found the correct marriage record.

Marriage Records and The Marriage Process

The usual process of getting married is for a couple to get a marriage license, then have the wedding. Then within a few days after the wedding the person who performs the marriage ceremony should file the marriage certificate with the relevant county office. This is where the marriage record is recorded and it becomes public domain at that point.

What is in a Marriage Record

When you search marriage records online you will find a few things ( listed below ). Often times a marriage record is referred to as a marriage license or certificate.  Some information may vary depending on what state you search marriage records online in.

  • Date of marriage request
  • Full name of groom or partner
  • Full name of bride or partner
  • Date of the marriage ceremony
  • City and county where the marriage license was issued
  • The name of the person performing the ceremony

Marriage Records Search Online and Marriage History in the United States

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Search Marriage Records Online

Search Marriage Records Online

  1. I requested s marriage record request Sunday for Nikol Cutburth, Tulsa Country, and you apparently found one. Once you send that to me, pls cancel my membership in your search organization, for I don’t expect to have further needs of this type. She is my half sister, which is why I want to trace her.

    Thank you for your help on both occasions.

    Elizabeth Evasdaughter

    • Hello Elizabeth,

      I took a look in our member’s area, and I did find phone and address information on Nikol Cutberth of Oklahoma, but I was not able to locate a marriage record. The Nikol Cutberth that I found was born in 1940 in Oklahoma. At 26 years of age, a US Census had her married to Fred A Cutberth. If you need to cancel, please login to your account and click the “Help” button then you can easily cancel. Alternatively, you can call 1-800-859-7375 to cancel your membership. A free alternative for genealogical data is They may have information that you need in your search.

      Good Luck!

      The SearchQuarry Team

  2. Trying to find out the legal status of my marriage to see if i need to file for divorce

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