Arkansas Marriage Records

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How to Find Arkansas Marriage Records

The Arkansas Department of Health keeps the marriage licenses and certificates for all the marriages that have taken place in the state. These documents are stored in the fine print for ease of retrieval upon request. Besides the marriage certificates and licenses, the state keeps records of all divorces that take place in the state. When it comes to the retrieval of these documents, the state charges a nominal fee for the service.

Arkansas Marriage Records

Reasons to Need Arkansas Marriage Records

The immigration department can ask for the marriage certificate if you want to change your nationality. In addition, you must produce these documents to the immigration department if you are married to a foreigner. When applying for life insurance, it is vital to produce the documents that prove the validity of your marriage. Such documents are vital during the transfer of property. When selling land, having the valid marriage certificates will make the transfer process to go smoothly. Since the certificates are instrumental whenever you undertake some of your most significant transactions, it is vital to guarantee their security. Evidently, these documents can be used to commit some fraudulent activities if they get to the wrong hands.

Keeping Your Marriage Records in a Safe Place

Considering how important these documents are, keeping them in a safe environment is vital. The state bureau of records ensures that these documents are always kept in a safe place. With the increasing cases of forgery and identity theft, the state ensures that the residents of Arkansas can access the documents in a safe, secure, and convenient way. Before you get full access to your marriage records, you have to apply. During the application process, you must provide the copies of your identification. In some situations, you must provide the identification documents of both parties. The department will review the application for a few days before they grant the full access.

Easily Retrieve Your Marriage Records

Considering how important these documents are, it is critical to access them in the shortest time possible whenever necessary. The ease of retrieval can be the difference between accomplishing a profitable venture and getting frustrated. If you have to travel on a business trip urgently, having all the documents you need is vital. If you do not have the vital records, your business trip might come to an unprecedented end. Fortunately, you can get access to these documents online. The easy retrieval of your marriage records plays a huge role when it comes to avoiding the hurdles and hiccups that can cause frustration.

Keeping Your Documents Secure

Since the Arkansas department of records takes the right measures to keep your records secure, the online platforms should not compromise this safety. While the convenience that the online platforms guarantee is vital, the platforms should adhere to the security protocols. The best way to avoid the loss or duplication of documents is to ask every applicant to submit the identification documents during the retrieval process. In addition, passwords and security questions come in handy.

Statewide Marriage Record Look Up

Arkansas Marriage Record FAQs

Are Arkansas marriage records public information?

Yes, Arkansas marriage records are public information via the Freedom of Information Act

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Responses to “Arkansas Marriage Records

  1. says:

    Mary, unfortunately our Arkansas marriage records only go back around 50 years and these are much older than what we carry in our database resources. You can try contacting the Arkansas Department of Health as they manage vital records for the state of Arkansas however, this might be older than the records they carry in their database resources. There are also genealogy website resources you might want to check out or newspaper archives for marriage listings that may have been published in the early 1800’s

    How to find old Arkansas marriage records
    1. Inquire with the Arkansas Department of Health
    2. Lookup old marriage records through a genealogy resource
    3. Search old newspaper archives for marriage listings
    4. Try searching with an online public record website

  2. says:

    I am looking for the marriage records for William Phillips to Mary e Limes a in 1817 they are my great grandparents .

  3. says:

    Lisa, thank you for reaching out about our Arkansas marriage records blog. Those are very old marriage records and unfortunately much older than the marriage records we have on file. You might want to contact the Arkansas Department of Health to make your inquiry however this might be older than what the state of Arkansas has on record. You can call them directly to find out what the time limitations are for looking up these public records. If you can’t find the marriage license listed there you might try try looking up their Arkansas marriage certificate through an Arkansas genealogy website or through the Arkansas Digital Archives, if you know the approximate dates.

    How to find old Arkansas marriage records

    1. Inquire with the Arkansas Department of Health
    2. Make a request with the Arkansas Digital Archives
    3. Contact the clerk of the court where the marriage papers were filed
    4. Us the resources of a 3rd party public records website

  4. says:

    Are parents listed on an 1880 marriage license?

  5. says:

    Debra, you will want to reach out to the county courthouse clerk where you filed your original marriage papers and request a certified copy of your Arkansas marriage certificate. If you cannot remember the county court where you filed your Arkansas marriage papers you can also contact the Arkansas Department of Health. For both options there is a nominal fee for processing and your certified Arkansas marriage certificate will be sent to you via mail. Processing may take a few weeks

    How to get a certified copy of my Arkansas marriage certificate?

    1. Contact the clerk of the court where you filed your marriage papers
    2. Order a copy of your marriage certificate from the Arkansas Department of Health
    3. Use the court record online resource to get a certified copy
    4. Order an Arkansas marriage certificate online through specific public record websites

  6. says:

    I am filing for social security from my deceased husband Kenneth Randall Hyman. I cannot locate our original from Sept. 2001. How do I go about receiving one from the state. My name is Debra C Hyman. We were married in Eureka Springs in Sept. 2001. My email is my phone is 214-537-4877.

    Thank You

  7. says:

    I am trying to verify that my husband and I are married. He got married in June 2019 to someone else and I am afraid he has done this before.

  8. says:

    We don’t show the marriage date in our Arkansas marriage records database. You can also contact the Arkansas Department of Health as they manage the marriage records for the state of Arkansas.

    How To Find The Date When Someone Got Married

    1. Contact the State Department of Health and Vital Records
    2. Request a copy of a marriage record
    3. Enter the name of the married person
    4. View marriage dates and record of marriage

  9. says:

    Need to know when Rachel ford and Jason Michael Knight got married. Their daughter is needing to know. I am her grand mother.

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