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How To Find Idaho Marriage Records

Idaho marriage records aren’t just documents that remind you of your marital union. They are documents that you will need to have in certain situations like Idaho marriage license applications, passport processes, and any situations that require you to prove your last name so that you can receive a benefit. You can try several methods if you have misplaced your marriage certificate, and you need to get a certified copy for yourself.

Idaho Marriage RecordsGetting Your Idaho Marriage Records in Person

To pick up your Idaho marriage records in person, you will need to visit the Vital Records and Health Statistics Bureau. You can request records for marriages that occurred after 1947 there. The office is located at 450 West State Stree in Boise, and the zip code is 83702. If you’d like to call and ask a few questions before you visit there in person, you can call the number 208-334-5988 so that you can gain clarity about anything on which you are unclear. You may want to ask about the business and see if it is wise for you to come in that day because that particular office is a very business office.

Getting Your Idaho Marriage Records by Mail

If you don’t mind waiting some time for your document, you may request it by email. You will have to wait for the time for the letter to travel, and you will need to give the processor some time to find the document and prepare it for the journey back to you. The whole process can take up to three weeks if you undergo normal ordering processes. You can expedite the process by paying the expedited fee and writing Rush on the paperwork when you make your request. Rush orders can come back to you within several business days.

To request your document by mail, you’ll need to send a copy of your driver’s license along with a completed certificate request form and a money order made to Idaho Vital Records. The address that you need to send your request to is PO Box 83720 Boise, ID 83720-0036. Make sure that all of your information is complete, and you answer every question. Anything that you fail to answer can delay the processing of your application.

Idaho Marriage Records Online

If you’re not one who appreciates the snail mail process, you can always use an online method. You can use a third-party site such as VitalChek. This service allows you to request your documents in a secure fashion. To request your documents, just visit the site, click “marriage records,” and then click on “Idaho” so that you can get the records of your state. Enter all of the necessary information and then pay the fee with a credit card. The average delivery time for online requests is five to seven business days. You can also visit some alternative sites like because marriages are a matter of public record.

Those are just a few places you can go to seek your marriage records. You can request your Idaho documents today for legal reasons or peace of mind.

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Responses to “Idaho Marriage Records

  1. says:

    Please my wife passed away July 8
    I am trying to get ahold of our marriage liscense.
    We were married at the Hitching Post in Courdelane. I think the date was March 10,1983.

    What do I need to do to get a copy of it?
    Thanks so much for your time.

  2. says:

    Hi my name is Wayne Klinkel. My wife Lynne Egan and I were married at the Hitch in’ Post March 10,1983. My wife passed away July 8,2022. So for some reason I need a copy of our marriage liscense.

    Any help would be very helpful and to expedite this request please let me know how to best pay for it. Thanks so much.

  3. says:

    Kelly, in order to obtain a copy of your Idaho marriage certificate you can order a copy online through the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare website for a nominal fee. Our Idaho marriage record resources are for online reference only

  4. says:

    I married Brett d Sherwood in Idaho. My name is Kelly Holmes. Due to tragic situation, I can’t remember the date we got married and need a copy of our marriage certificate. Please advise

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