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How to Lookup Texas Marriage Records

Texas marriage records are categorized as public records in the United States. They are accessible for anyone to view. It is important to know where to find these vital records. Marriage records can typically be found online as well but many website say that those are for reference only. If you need an official copy of a Texas marriage record or marriage certificate you will have to contact the relevant state agency. A marriage record is a type of vital record that is archived and managed by both the courts and the Department of Health and Vital Statistics.

Texas Marriage RecordsHow to Get a Copy of a Texas Marriage Record

The county court clerk is a good starting point to obtain a copy of Texas marriage records. Official marriage records can also found at the Texas Department of Health and Vital Statistics.. It is possible to find the records even if the real ceremony happened at another location or a different state. Many states around the United States shares vital information among them.

One way of finding out if someone is married involves requesting for the requirements. Many authorities require the full names of both parties. Some will ask for maiden where it is applicable. The date when the marriage certificate was issued is also required. It can also be searched using the information that one has at hand if they do not have these details. This is usually done in person and not online. It also comes with additional cost.

Texas marriage records are public records. Many states around the US require full personal information of the person who needs to know if someone is married. The personal information should be attached with a Texas photo ID. The order cannot be completed without providing the information. Getting the results requires patience because they take weeks. The results are not instant.

The other way involves requesting for the marriage records online. Many people opt to use this method because it is easy. Using the county, official city, or state can be tiring and time-consuming. It is important to note that one does not need to know where the marriage license was issued. The only thing that is needed is the last and first name. The public search company will search the details and instantly pull out the marriage record.

One can find the information at a fee of only $10. The information that will be provided includes divorce records, bankruptcies, criminal records, and other judgments. Other past information will be revealed if one is not interested in the marital status. A person might be hiding the past activities for the sake of the relationship.

Texas Marriage Records Through 3rd Party Databases

Those who need to obtain official copies of Texas marriage records using third-party should comply with Fair Report Crediting Act first. One should also document that they have used the third party to find information. Typically 3rd party websites offer a simple to use name search where all you need is the full name of the person in question and state they’re registered as being married in.

Google Texas Marriage Records Search

The other way to find the marriage records of someone using the third party involves making use of Google. This is an alternative method in case one does not want to use public records to find the information. One should visit social sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Another way of locating marriage information is by using websites such as Archives.gov. This is where many of the public records in the united states are indexed and archived.

There are also other vital record services who offer suggestions for how to locate marriage records and sometimes offer a live chat or blog commenting option that is monitored and answered in a reasonable amount of time. Here you might find contacts to inquire from respective states if the information is available online.

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Texas Marriage Record - FAQs

Can I get a copy of my Texas marriage certificate?

Yes, you can get a copy of your Texas marriage certificate by contacting the county courthouse where you filed for your marriage license or, you can also order a copy of your Texas marriage certificate by contacting the Texas Department of State Health Services as they are the managing state agency that archives vital records

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Responses to “Texas Marriage Records

  1. says:

    Sharon, you can obtain a copy of your parent’s Texas marriage certificate by contacting the Texas Department of Health and State Services. You can visit their website and order a copy online or call them directly @ 888-963-7111

  2. says:

    I need a copy of my parents marriage certificate. They were married in McLennan county in 1960.

  3. says:

    Susie, you can reach out to the Texas Department of Health and Human services as they manage the state’s vital records which include birth records, marriage records and death records. You can visit their website or call them in person @ 888-963-7111

  4. says:

    I went online to the county clerks office in the state i was married and it showed no record of my marraige. I have the correct date and was married by a Judge at the courthouse. I need a copy of my license as my house burned down last July and I am trying to get another passport.

    Can you advise on how I can proceed? I live in another state than where I was married.

  5. says:

    We are not showing your year of marriage LaTasha in our Texas marriage record database. You can also reach out to the Texas Department of State Health Services and request a Texas marriage verification as well as get a certified copy of your Texas Marriage Certificate.

    How Can I Find What Year I Was Married In Texas?

    To find verify your Texas marriage record and find out what year you were married, you can contact the Texas Department of State Health Services. You can make this marriage verification online or over the phone @ 888-963-7111.

  6. says:

    I need to know the year

  7. says:

    How Do I Get a Copy of My Texas Marriage License

    To obtain a copy of your Texas marriage license you will need to contact the Texas county clerk’s office in the county where your marriage took place. They will be able to issue you a certified copy of your Texas marriage license for a nominal fee

  8. says:

    I need my marriage license in order apply for Indiana

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