Washington Marriage Records

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How To Obtain Washington Marriage Records

The Vital Records division of the WA library maintains all Washington marriage records in the state as well as the Washington Department of Health. People may seek out marriage records for any number of reasons. Some folks need to conduct business that requires a marriage license or certificate while others need to combine accounts with a spouse. These practical matters can be taken care of very easy by locating a copy of your marriage records in the Vital Records department.

The Department of Health Vital Records offers a convenient handout for obtaining marriage records. By following this checklist, you can easily get the records you want.

Reasons to Lookup Washington Marriage Records

After marriage, many spouses prefer to combine their life business. To do so, a copy of the marriage certificate is vital for things like:

– Changing a name after marriage

– Buying a house together

– Creating a joint bank account

– Opening a joint health insurance policy

Without a Washington marriage certificate, many of these things would not be possible. An official copy of a marriage certificate may be required for some of this business. For this reason, many couples keep their copy of the marriage certificate in a safe place. Life’s little unforeseen disasters do happen, though, and sometimes a marriage certificate will be lost. When it is, you can get another official copy by using official state records websites. This is no exception in Washington.

Washington Marriage RecordsWashington Marriage Records Online

Marriage records aren’t just maintained on official state websites. They are also available via third party websites that specialize in helping people locate recent or very old marriage records. Genealogy is a passion for some and marriage records help to complete the family puzzle on many occasions. One can learn a lot about one’s family from good marriage records.

Marriage records such as certificates give vital information about the event. They tell the names of both spouses, parents names of spouses, previous name before marriage and after marriage, county of marriage, and sometimes more information such as the occupation of both spouses. From this, you have a very solid set of information to follow back your family history. Third party websites have this type of information available for quick searches. For example, once you type in the name of one spouse, you will get a set of very general records. If you know the name of the other spouse, you’ll quickly get an accurate marriage record. Sometimes you’ll have to search a bit before you locate the exact records you need, especially if you’re looking for very old marriage records or an announcement of a marriage.

Searching for Washington marriage information can be a rewarding experience, whether it’s for practical reasons or for family history projects. The record you get will pop up in search results on third party sites and you’ll have a host of options about how to save and use those records. For best results, sign up for the website so that you can save your searches and the records you find.

If you need official documents, vital records in Washington will be of great help to you. You can call them on the phone, email them to ask questions about your records, or enjoy the instant search results that spring from your search terms. In most instances, you’ll immediately locate the Washington marriage records you want and be able to open the document to view it. In other searches, you’ll need to request an official copy of the marriage record either through an official vital records office site or a third party website.

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Responses to “Washington Marriage Records

  1. says:

    In order to obtain an official copy of your Washington State Marriage License, your best option is to contact the Washington State Department of Health. There you can fill out an application to obtain a copy of your Washington Marriage License. You can also call the Washington DOH directly to order your Washington Marriage Records @ 360-236-4313

    How to Get a Copy of Your Washington Marriage License

    1. Visit the Washington Department of Health website
    2. Request a copy of your Washington Marriage License
    3. Fill out all required forms and proof of ID
    4. Pay the $31.50 for the Marriage License Copy
    5. Processing by mail may take a couple weeks

  2. says:

    I am trying to obtain a copy of my marriage license. I was married to Michael Eugene Tilley in either Dec 2003 or Dec 2004. My name is Carol Brown Tilley (DOB 11/29/58). Mike was born in March of 1958. I need a copy in order to show proof that I was married to him in order to obtain ‘My Real ID” for my Driver’s License. I certainly do appreciate all of your help!

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