Alabama Marriage Records

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How to Find Alabama Marriage Records

The Alabama Department of Public Health keeps records that pertain to your family. From Alabama marriage records, death records, and birth certificates, this office plays a huge role when it comes to preserving the vital government documents on your behalf. For example, in Jefferson, Alabama, a marriage license determines the validity of a marriage. The office also helps you to acquire the records for your personal use once you prove your identity.

Alabama Marriage Records

Possible Delays in Acquiring Alabama Marriage Records

You must follow the correct application procedures to access your marriage records. However, with so many documents to deliver, the processing duration might cause some unavoidable delays. Fortunately, some private companies have taken this role to help you access your vital documents as fast as possible. Since these companies have automated the retrieval process, you can get your marriage records without delay.

Benefits of Getting Marriage Records Online

While it is possible to get marriage records in the county clerk office, an online resource can give you the services you require simply and straightforwardly. Although marriage records are available for the public to see, the county reserves the right to withhold some information in the quest to uphold the rights of privacy for the citizens. While choosing an online resource, it is vital to select a site that will take your confidentiality seriously. Considering that people might use your records for their gain, maintaining your confidentiality is vital. While sourcing for marriage records, you will want to have as much information as possible. The Alabama county officers will ask some questions before the clerks decide to provide such data. Once you apply, you might have to wait for some time. If you are using the records to apply for some benefits at the workplace, you need a source that will avail these records as soon as possible. Ordering marriage records online can help to cut the red tape and declassify the records on your behalf.


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Alabama Marriage Record FAQs

Can anyone access Alabama marriage records?

Yes, anyone can verify Alabama marriage records with a simple name search which is allowed by the Freedom of Information Act. An Alabama marriage certificate on the other hand is only accessible by the married parties

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Responses to “Alabama Marriage Records

  1. says:

    We would be happy to assist you with Alabama marriage records however our records only go back around 50 years in our Alabama vital records database. That being said, the Alabama Department of Public Health is the managing agency that archives and indexes vital records in the state of Alabama. Follow the instructions below to find out how to obtain Old Alabama Marriage Records online.

    How to Find Old Alabama Marriage Records

    1. Visit the Alabama Department of Public Health website
    2. Download the mail-in application for Marriage Records
    3. Fill out all the required fields and return with the $15 fee
    4. Mail the form to the Alabama Vital Records office in Montgomery

  2. says:

    I am looking for the marriage records of my Great-Grandmother Caldonia Missouri Graham. To the best of my knowledge she married William Edward Tolbert 7/21/1887 and then John Franklin Williams, Jr 3/15/1893 both in DeKalb County, Alabama. I would also like to inquire about birth and death records as well. Caldonia was born 1/2/1864 in Alabama and died 1/26/1951 in Flat Rock, Jackson County, Alabama. She is buried in Fuller Cemetery in Ider, Dekalb County, Alabama. Thank you in advance. Kim Randolph

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