California Marriage Records

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How to Acquire California Marriage Records

If someone is planning to be married in California, they will be required to have some legal documents to prove their marriage is legit and genuine. The state requires that the couple applies for a license at the office of the county clerk where they have an obligation to appear in person. However, without the right information about California marriage records, one may not understand the procedures of acquiring the licenses and certificates as well.

California Marriage Records

California Birth, Death, Marriage, and Divorce Records Are Maintained and Secured by the Department of Health Vital Records in California

Some of the services offered by such records include:
• Maintenance of central registry records on marriages
• Preparation of adoption certificates along with change of paternity records
• Issuing of a certificate of death and birth to citizens.

Different California Counties Have Different Procedures for Marriage Records

In some counties, people are allowed to apply online through agencies. However, after filling the required application online, one may need to go to collect the certificates from the actual office.

General Facts About California Marriage Records Acquisition:

  • It applies to non-residents as well
  • One may not need to be a resident to be able to apply for the records. The application is always open to any couple willing to undertake the marriage in the state and adhere to the state rules.
  • The offices are open only on weekdays
  • One may not be in a position to access the services on weekends since the agencies do not operate during a weekend. This also applies during public holidays. Trying to get the records before closing time at the clerk’s office is a must.

Validity of California Marriage Records

The marriage record is only considered valid immediately after the acquisition in California. After acquiring the licenses, it remains valid for a maximum of 90 days.

Proxy Marriages are Allowed for the State of California

In California, people who work in the armed forces and are stationed overseas are allowed to use a proxy wedding. This also applies to individuals who are in war zones. It is important to contact the county clerk for information regarding all the requirements needed and the witnesses required.

Getting Official California Marriage Records

After marriage, it is a requirement that the couple returns to the office to submit the licenses for recording purposes and get the official copies of their marriage certificate. Before approaching the clerk’s office for such records, one may need to do a comprehensive research either online or in any state to understand everything required to avoid any confusion. Making appointments online is a great plan. The couple must also have National ID issued by the government. With a certified copy of a birth certificate, other types of IDs such as licenses and passports are acceptable. Be sure about the payments required too.

Getting Married in California

In different states, there are many ways in which a couple can get married. This could be by a minister, rabbi, and priest or even through a judge. In all the sets of marriage, one needs at least one witness to sign the California marriage records. Some of the beautiful locations for marriages in California include Los Angeles County, San Francisco, San Diego, as well as Lake Tahoe.

California Marriage Record - FAQs

Can I Lookup Someone's California Marriage Record?

California marriage records are public domain so anyone can lookup someone's marriage record. A convenient way to lookup a person's California marriage record is to use the resources of an online public records website, like Many online public record websites have the benefit of being anonymous and confidential.

How Can I Get a Certified Copy of My California Marriage Certificate?

Getting a certified copy of a California marriage certificate is relatively easy. You can contact the California Department of Public Health and make a request online, in person or over the phone to obtain a certified copy of your CA marriage certificate for a small fee.

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Responses to “California Marriage Records

  1. A person who can see things from other people\’s ideas and who can understand other people\’s spiritual activities will never have to worry about their future

    1. Elizabeth, we appreciate your insights. Is there a specific question that you have for us about California Marriage Records?

    1. William, if you are interested in obtaining a copy of your California marriage certificate you will need to either contact the courthouse where you filed for your marriage certificate originally or the California Department of Public Health as they manage vital records in California.

  2. If I call and request a copy of my marriage certificate by phone….pay with a credit card, will it shorten the time it requires to receive the copy? Other than the obvious mailing time….Thank you. Liz VanSickle

    1. Elizabeth, you can obtain a certified copy of your California marriage record by contacting the California Department of Public Health. You can order a copy of your CA marriage record over the phone @ 916-558-1784 , or order a copy of your marriage record online. Either way it will take the same amount of time for you to receive it, CDPH.CA.GOV

    1. In order to obtain a California marriage verification you can visit the California Department of Public Health. Since you are immediate family you can request a marriage verification however, you will need to contact a California county civil courthouse to obtain a California divorce verification. The Health Department does not collect and archive divorce records. You can also call them @ 916-445-2684 and inquire about your father’s marriage verification.

      How to Verify Someone’s Marriage in California

      You can verify a California marriage record by inquiring with the California Department of Public Health. You can make a marriage verification request online, in person or over the phone. Another option is to use the resources of an online vital records website which typically has a higher cost however, your marriage record searches will be anonymous.

    1. Deborah, thank you for reaching out about our California Marriage Record blog. To answer your question about getting a copy of your California marriage certificate , since you need a certified copy of your California Marriage Certificate to obtain a Real ID then you have a few of options. The first option in obtaining a certified copy of your CA marriage certificate is to contact the California courthouse where you were originally married and request a copy of your CA marriage certificate from the clerk of the court. The second option in obtaining a certified copy of your California marriage certificate is to visit the California Department of Public Health. They are the managing state agency in California that manages and archives vital records which include marriage records, birth records and death records. The third option is to contact the California County Clerk in the county where you were married and request a certified copy of your marriage certificate. Typically, the third option here is the best option to get your California marriage records expedited to you.

      How to Get a Copy of a Marriage Certificate in California

      1. Visit the CA county clerk’s office in the county where you were married
      2. Request a certified copy of your California marriage certificate
      3. Have the maiden and married names of the persons that were married
      3. Provide proof of identification such as a CA driver’s license
      4. Pay the relevant fee for the CA marriage certificate copy
      5. Receive a certified CA marriage certificate copy by mail

    1. To find out if your California divorce is finalized, an receive a copy of your California divorce certificate, you will want to reach out to the courthouse where your divorce was filed and request a copy from them. Often times you can go to the relevant California county courthouse and request a copy of your CA divorce record online. We have outlined some additional details to help you obtain a divorce verification.

      How to Find out If My Divorce was Finalized?

      1. Visit the courthouse website where your divorce was filed
      2. Request a divorce verification
      3. Provide your full name, photo ID & divorce date
      4. Find out if your divorce was finalized

  3. I would like to find out whether a now deceased person got married in Napa, California in about 1985-1996. How can I do this online?

    1. In order to find an old California marriage record you will want to contact the California Department of Public Health as they are the managing state agency for California vital records including; marriage records, birth and death records. You will need the full name of the person in question, their age and their approximate date of marriage in California if you have that information

    1. To obtain an official copy of your California Divorce Decree you will want to contact the California county courthouse clerk where your divorce took place and make this request. You will need to present photo ID, fill out the required form for a copy to obtain a copy of your divorce information.

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