Florida Marriage Records

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How To Acquire Florida Marriage Records

While the state of Florida keeps all the marriage records, it is possible to get your records from a private company. Considering that the Florida clerk’s bureau provides services to a lot of people, retrieving such information can take several days. However, you can expedite the retrieval process if you seek help from a private company. Since such a company has the online presence you require, you can get your documents in a short time if you submit your application.

Benefits of Having Your Florida Marriage Records

Your marriage records can come in handy whenever you want to sell your land or acquire property. When it comes to the succession laws, you need proper marriage records when inheriting property or leaving your legacy to your next of kin. Besides the succession, the immigration department requires such documents, especially if you marry a foreigner. The marriage documents also come in handy during the application of life and medical insurance.

Florida Marriage RecordsLookup Florida Marriage Records With a Third Party

This company requires that you create an account and sign up if you want to enjoy the services. The registration process involves providing your contact information as well as your identification documents. The company will only approve your application after reviewing the documents as well as the information you provide. Once you acquire an account, you can use it to apply for your records at the Florida marriage records office. Since your account will be linked to the IT section in the department, your application will be processed in a short time. The main benefit of using this system is that the Florida State department will still scrutinize the application process once you apply. As such, the clients are not at any risk even after involving a third party. In fact, involving a private company helps to make the process go smoothly in the quest to expedite your application.

The Florida Marriage Application Process

Once the department has reviewed your application for the marriage records, they will deliver the documents shortly. If you use the conventional method, you are likely to encounter some delays and hiccups since nobody will follow up on your case. Having a private company by your side will work to your advantage since the company will insist on dealing with a contact person. Once they get a contact person, the follow-up calls will ensue in the quest to keep tabs on the status of your application. Such interventions are instrumental when it comes to expediting the application process.


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Florida Marriage Record FAQs

How can I verify that I'm married in Florida?

You can verify a Florida marriage record by contacting the Florida Department of Health website. You can request a Florida marriage verification or obtain a copy of your Florida marriage certificate for a nominal fee

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Responses to “Florida Marriage Records

  1. says:

    Mary, you are correct. You will need to contact the Florida Department of Health, Vital Records Department to order an official copy of your Florida marriage certificate. You can order one online and have it mailed to your residence. Then you can take this to the Florida DMV to change the address on your driver’s license.

  2. says:

    Yes I need a copy of my marriage license to change the address on my Drivers license. DMV said I need to show I am . I was also told I could NOT get a copy over the internet.

  3. says:

    Karen, we have multiple listings for an Anthony Williams in Florida, do you have his middle name and/or age or DOB so we can filter our Florida marriage record results?

  4. says:

    I lived in Fort Lauderdale, worked in Pompano Beach in 1973. I married Anthony Williams. I am from Ohio and when I returned to ohio for a visit Anthony seemed to disappear. I have no idea the exact date of our marriage, it was at court house. No one I knew in Florida seemed to know where he went. I have no idea if or when he filed for a divorce.
    Any records you have would be greatly appreciated. I was 20 when we married and I believe he may have been 22. I do remember him speaking of his mother living in Jamaica.
    Thank you

  5. says:

    I’m trying to locate the marriage certificate for my father, Robert Earl Tomlin (deceased), to his first wife Elizabeth June Coulter (deceased). They would have married sometime between 1950 and 1952. I’m currently trying to apply for my mother, his second and last wife to receive VA financial assistance and they require the date and location of all marriages of the veteran.

  6. says:

    Our Florida divorce recordsFlorida divorce recordsFlorida divorce records don’t show anything listed under a Michelle Ribalta. You can also verify a divorce by contacting the county courthouse where your divorce was filed and inquire with the courthouse clerk to verify if your marriage dissolution, aka: divorce, was processed.

    How to Verify a Florida Dissolution of Marriage

    You can verify your Florida dissolution or marriage, or divorce, by contacting the county courthouse where your divorce was filed and inquire with the courthouse clerk

  7. says:

    Is Michelle Ribalta still married

  8. says:

    If the Florida marriage record has not been recorded yet then we can’t lookup any marriage record or certificate of marriage. Are you asking for us to perform a background check on the groom? If that is the case we can certainly assist you with this. We will need the full name of the groom and state of residence as well as his age.

  9. says:

    I am asking about a marriage which will be recodorded in few days ..could l give a name of the groom to check it

  10. says:

    Nora, may we assist you with a Florida Marriage Record search? We will just need your full name, including middle, and age so that we can filter the results. We need the additional information because it’s common for people to have the same first and last name and so we require additional information to make sure we’re accessing the correct Florida Marriage Record for the right person.

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