Arizona Marriage Records

Name Phone Number License Plate VIN
Name Phone Number License Plate VIN

How To Find Your Arizona Marriage Records Online

Keeping several copies of your Arizona marriage records is vital since you need it to prove the existence of your marriage in Arizona. Besides showing the proof of marriage, this document can help in identification. If you want to change your name for legal or commercial purposes, the government will use such documents to review your history. The marriage certificate can also help you to avoid the common hurdles at the immigration department.

Arizona Marriage Records

Reasons Why You May Need Arizona Marriage Records

A marriage license is vital if you want to prove the validity of your marriage. Whether you are buying property jointly or separately, many agencies will ask for a marriage certificate as they review your credit history. Marriage records also come in handy whenever you want to file your tax returns. If you have some joint accounts, various agencies will require sufficient proof of marriage. If you are a spouse of a foreigner, these documents will help you to clarify your status at the immigration department. In addition, life insurance companies require the proof of marriage before they include a partner in the policy.

Arizona Marriage Records Require County Level Inquiries

Most states in the US make marriage records available online. However, Arizona does not make marriage records available on the state level. In Arizona, you’ll need to access a county website or agency in order to obtain marriage records. For example, in Maricopa county, you can order marriage records online. Another example is Puma county, where you can order these Arizona marriage records online.

Accessing Marriage Records Through a Third Party

Third party databases have different methods of acquiring information, and you may be able to find marriage records through these private databases. In most cases these websites require that you know the first name, last name, and the state in which the marriage took place. If these third party databases do not have the information that you are seeking, then you’ll need to look at the county level as suggested in the prior paragraph.

Marriage Record Search By State

Arizona Marriage Record FAQs

How can I get a copy of my Arizona marriage certificate?

You can get a certified copy of your Arizona marriage certificate by contacting the clerk of the court where you filed your marriage license or the Arizona Department of Health which archives vital records for the state

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Responses to “Arizona Marriage Records

  1. says:

    Steve, you will want to contact the Department of Health in the state you live in for marriage verification. Marriage certificates are registered the Arizona Department of Health Services. This can be verified in person, online or over the phone typically. Since you are immediate family and your brother is incapacitated then you should be able to obtain this information relatively easy. The AZDHS phone number is 602-542-1025

  2. says:

    Sirs, I am attempting to ascertain if my brother is married or not to his current co-habitant person. He is currently fighting cancer and complications from his treatments have left him in a non-verbal capacity. He told us prior that they had obtained a marriage certificate but had not completed a ceremony. This was prior to his present incapacity. The other person is stating she is his wife but will not provide any proof of this. We need to find out truth so we can help provide his health care and obtain possible power of attorney if necessary. Can you help guide me to get this information? Thank You.

  3. says:

    Eugene, unfortunately we don’t have all the Arizona marriage information you’ve requested. That being said, you can reach out to the Arizona Department of Health Services and request a copy of your Arizona marriage certificate. Since you are the spouse of the person you’re requesting records, it will make this request simple. Just go to their site and fill out the request form for an Arizona marriage certificate and pay the small fee. You will probably need to show identification.

  4. says:

    I was married in Sierra Vista, Az in Nov 1987
    My name is Eugene L Sanders 06/11/1966
    My wife\’s name is Lisa Mae Ouetette DOB unknown
    I just need to get her DOB and our wedding date.
    Thank you
    Happy Holidays
    Eugene Sanders

  5. says:

    Your best bet to find out how to proceed about this specific question is to contact your Arizona county courthouse clerk and inquire about getting a Dissolution of Marriage. Describe your specific situation and they will tell you the best course of action to proceed.

    How to Get a Dissolution of Marriage in Arizona

    A dissolution of marriage in Arizona is also a divorce. To become divorced you need to fill out and file a “Petition for Dissolution of Marriage” with the court. Then file this with the Arizona courthouse clerk.

  6. says:

    Yes. Excuse me for a moment please. I need to know what is the status on record for me if i’m married or not. How can I find out how to either file for divorce or if maybe she already has I don’t know. I was married in Pheonix, Arizona in 2003. I haven’t been with her for 12 or more years and I’d like to get it taken care of so I could get married to my present girlfriend. Could you please contact me to let me know what kind of action is needed on my part to resolve this matter.

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