Nevada Marriage Records

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How To Search Nevada Marriage Records

Nevada marriage records are available in many places, and you never know when you might need one. There doesn’t seem to be much need in the eyes of most people for something like this in their everyday life, but sometimes you do need a copy of your marriage license. Marriage records are public record, which is important to know. Anyone can find them and look them up to see the information on the record. Your Nevada marriage license provides the following information to anyone who wants it.

Nevada Marriage Records Include

– Your name

– Your spouse’s name

– Both dates of birth

– The county in which you applied for your marriage license

– The location of your marriage

– The date of your marriage

– The location of both of your births

This is not information people can use to steal your identity in most instances, but it is available to anyone who wants to find it. No one can obtain a certified copy of this information if they are not listed on the license, your immediate family member, or your legal representative. However, they can view the records at any time.

Nevada Marriage RecordsWhere to Find Nevada Marriage Records

These records are easily found in many places. They are found with the Nevada Department of Health and Vital Statistics. They are also found at any local Clerk of Court’s office, and they are easily found online using numerous local and state search companies such as All people need to find this information is the name of at least one person on the record and the county in which you were wed.

Finding the information online is as easy as visiting the local Clerk of Court website and entering the name of either party. Any public records with that name on them are immediately visible, including your marriage record. There is no fee to do this, and most people are able to do it in a matter of moments. If they doesn’t know where you got married, it’s not as easy to find your marriage record.

The state will allow people to come into the Health Department and ask around at the Vital Statistics office, but they need more information. They’ll need to know your names and they’ll need to know the county in which you got married. For a fee, you can purchase a certified copy from this agency, but you cannot do that if you are not listed on the record, the child or parent or sibling of someone listed on the record, or a legal representative of the person listed on the record.

Why You Need Your Marriage Record

You might want it for no other reason than to find out if the person you’re involved with is either already married or was married at some point. You might want it if you are looking to change your name following a divorce, if you want to renew your drivers license, or for any other reason. There are numerous reasons you might need a copy, but never assume you don’t. If you do need a copy for something of this nature, you’ll need a certified copy. This means you cannot just apply for a copy of Nevada marriage records online and get it without proving who you are.

Marriage records are personal, but they are public. There is no way to remove these from public view. Anyone can look them up, use them, and see them anytime they want, but it’s also not something most people do unless they need a certified copy of this information. That’s when they look up this information and use it to their advantage.

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    Diane, you are correct and it is a state and it is listed right after Nebraska in our Nevada marriage record list

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    Isn’t Nevada a state? Why isn’t it listed??? It should be listed right after Nebraska.

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    Lora, you can have your sister contact the Nevada Department of Public Health to obtain a certified copy of her Nevada marriage license. She can visit their website or call them in person @ 775-684-4242. There is typically a nominal fee to get a certified copy of a Nevada marriage license and it can be mailed to her in Canada. Please reach out if we can be of further assistance

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    My brother and sister in law were married in Las Vegas in 1999 There marriage license has become lost in a move. My sister in law recently passed away and we need a copy of the marriage license ASAP Can you help me as we are Canadian and live in Canada

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    I am seeking marriage records for Joseph Vito Bruno and Bethany Phyllis Spritzer in the 1960’s. I need it for my passport information. Please bill and inform me as to obtaining this information as quickly as possible.

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    Linda, we are uncertain how we can assist you. Did you have a specific question about Nevada Marriage Records or something do do with California driving records?

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    California real drivers license

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