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How To Lookup North Carolina Marriage Records

A North Carolina marriage is an occasion when 2 people become married and join families and often combine names.. Such events documented as public record, available to most anyone who seeks it out. Since North Carolina marriage records are public records, you don’t always need to pay for them to access them, just know where to go. In North Carolina, marriage records are maintained by the NC Vital Records division of Public Health. They offer a handy same day service for those who still remain within traveling distance to the main offices. For others, it might take a brief period of time before records arrive in the mail. Not everyone who needs an NC marriage records will need a paper copy. Others will simply need to access a handy third party website. There are three main types of marriage records that are out there: Banns (Public announcements of marriage), marriage certificates (Official document that has the real marriage records), and licenses (a document that authorizes a couple to marry).

North Carolina Marriage RecordsReasons to Find NC Marriage Records

You might be asking yourself why someone would need a copy of North Carolina marriage records. The answer is easy. Official marriage records are often required for the daily activities of living after marriage, especially if there was a name change. Women or men who legally change their name after marriage must have a copy of the official marriage certificate to change their name at the social security office. Other joint activities after marriage require these records, such as combining health benefits, taxes, and financing a house together. Genealogy enthusiasts often use marriage records to further their family research. Because of the names and dates on these records, someone can further their genealogy research enormously by accessing marriage records for ancestors online. It’s amazing how much is out there to find.

Where To Find North Carolina Marriage Records

In your search for marriage records in North Carolina, you’ll find two invaluable resources. The first is the official state records offices that maintain these public records. NC Vital Records helpfully posts a list of steps to obtain copies of your marriage records in the state. If you need official documents, you can always obtain them from a website like this. Alternately, if you’re just doing North Carolina genealogy records and don’t need official paper copies, your search can always end on a great third party search site. These sites have already located marriage records in all 50 states, and they are available through a simple search. Your results can be pulled up instantly without even having to wait or pay any money. In other cases, you’ll need to pay a small fee to access the records. Avid genealogy enthusiasts will find that this is the easiest way to get their hands on marriage records. If you need official paper copies, these sites will even do the hard work for you and mail them out after locating them.

Every good search begins with the willingness to try. While you may hit a few bumps along your journey, marriage searches online are almost always successful. Due to their public record status, they’re relatively easy to obtain compared to other non-public records. You’ll need the names of one or both spouses, state, and sometimes city of marriage. In other cases you can simply begin your search with the names of both married parties. It’s as easy as typing in a name.

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North Carolina Marriage Record FAQs

Are North Carolina Marriage Records Public?

Yes they are, in fact all marriage records in the United States are public domain and anyone can lookup marriage record information online.

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