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 How to Find Marriage Records in Wisconsin

Wisconsin marriage records include any documents that detail a specific marriage. A banns in Wisconsin is a marriage announcement that is often found in newspapers and can be sentimental to all those people who were involved in the event. A marriage license is a legal document that gives a party the license to marry one another. After the marriage, a marriage certificate is issued and this is the official Wisconsin marriage record that took place in the legal system. Marriage certificates are perhaps the most highly sought after marriage record because they are needed for so many business purposes.

Searching for marriage records in Wisconsin often begins with the Vital Records Services division of the Wisconsin Department of Health services. It’s on this page that you get a clear picture of the steps you need to take to get an official copy of a marriage license or certificate. Banns are more difficult to obtain and you often need to request them specifically from the agency that created them (for example, a Wisconsin newspaper with archives).

Wisconsin Marriage RecordsWhy Wisconsin Marriage Records?

Much of life’s business is done with a marriage in the picture. A married couple who purchases a house together, starts a joint bank account, or opens a joint health insurance policy will need a copy of their marriage certificate to get all of this important business done. If you lose your first official copy, you can request another one through the Vital Records Services agency.

Third party websites also harbor a large number of marriage records, especially banns that are used to complete genealogy projects. Family history is a fascinating journey back through time that tells the story of your family from as far back as you can find records. Many people are curious about how their family started and although it’s impossible to trace your family origin back to the very beginning, you can go back many generations and enjoy looking at the many marriage records of your family.

Searching For Wisconsin Marriage Records

Most people who need recent marriage records in Wisconsin will search on the government website first because this is the easiest way to obtain a copy of your original marriage certificate directly from its source. Paper copies often have to be sent through these government websites. If you’re looking for a copy merely for curiosity purposes, you can often go to a more extensive marriage record search on a third party website.

Some of these websites have an easy search feature that lets you type in one or two names, state, and county and just like that you have your record. These search results are usually instant and you can click on the search result that most closely matches your query. Websites like VitalChek have been providing these records for years and they allow you to create an account just in case you want to save your search results for perusal later.

A search through your family history is a fascinating glimpse into the origins of your very life. Practical searches for marriage records are just as rewarding because it allows you to take care of important business in your married life. No matter what your reason for search, it’s certain to end in success when you use one of the many resources for these records. Hop on a Wisconsin government website to find more recent marriage records or sign up for a third party site if you’re ready to dig deep into your family’s history. Both will net you a successful search.

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Wisconsin Marriage Record FAQs

Are Wisconsin Marriage Records Public?

In the state of Wisconsin, all marriages and divorces are public domain. Anyone can search a person's Wisconsin marriage record with a first and last name and date of birth

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Responses to “Wisconsin Marriage Records

  1. says:

    In order to obtain a copy of your Wisconsin marriage license from 1971 you will want to contact the Wisconsin county courthouse where your marriage was officiated and your marriage certificate was filed. They are the managing county agency that archives marriage certificates. Click here for a list of Wisconsin Courthouses to locate the correct court where you filed for your Wisconsin marriage certificate.

  2. says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    I need a certified copy of the marriage licence of Ericka Maria Thrash (birth February 24. 1947) and myself, Knut Arne Helskog (birth July 5. 1944). We were married in Madison, Wisconsin by a judge March 5. 1971. I have done a search but did not manage to find the record.

    All the best
    Knut Helskog

  3. says:

    You are most welcome. Thank you for the feedback and please reach out if you need any additional assistance with a Wisconsin Public Records Search

  4. says:

    Thank you very much and greatly appreciated!

  5. says:

    We do not show any Wisconsin marriage records for the person you mentioned. Contacting the Wisconsin Department of Health Services is a good way to confirm this information, as they are the managing state agency in Wisconsin for marriage records and birth and death records.

  6. says:

    To inquire more about a Wisconsin marriage record search, you can contact us at support@searhquarry.com or contact our customer support team with the information below.


    8am -12am EST (M-F)

  7. says:

    I appreciate you responding so thank you for helping me!
    Here is his ex’s information with her maiden name claiming they are married (Anquinette L McGee 05-08-1979).
    I simply want to know if they did get married or not.
    Thank you again for searching the Wisconsin marriage record database!

  8. says:

    Is there an email I could send with his full name and date of birth and her full name instead of this public message?
    Thanks much!

  9. says:

    You have a couple of options, first you can give us his full name and age and we can search our Wisconsin marriage record database for your. The second is you can contact the Wisconsin Department of Health Services to find out if there is an existing Wisconsin marriage record.

  10. says:

    I’m trying to find out if my boyfriend and his ex actually got married or not in 2011. Not knowing a date, how can I find out?

  11. says:

    In order to obtain a copy of your Wisconsin marriage and record you will need to contact a couple different Wisconsin state agencies as divorce records and marriage records are managed by different state departments. The divorce records can be obtained from the county courthouse where your divorce was filed and your Wisconsin marriage record can be obtained from the Wisconsin Department of Health Services.

    Obtain a Copy of a Wisconsin Marriage Record

    To obtain a copy of a Wisconsin marriage record you’ll need to contact the Wisconsin Department of Health. You will need the date of your marriage, a government issued ID and pay the $20 fee for a certified copy

  12. says:

    Trying to get marriage and divorce records for Carlos R. Lewison (still in Madison WI now).


  13. says:

    These are very old marriage records that we don’t have in our Wisconsin marriage record database. Your best bet would be to contact the Wisconsin Department of Health Services.

    How to Request Old Wisconsin Marriage Records

    1. Contact the Wisconsin Department of Health Services
    2. Request Marriage Records by online, in person or by mail
    3. Provide the full name and approximate marriage date
    4. Show proof of ID and pay the $20 processing fee

    Wisconsin Department of Health Services Address

    Wisconsin Vital Records Office
    1 West Wilson Street, Room 160
    Madison, WI 53703

  14. says:

    I am trying to locate my great grandfathers marriage license I am now 57 . Did one need a marriage licsence back in the 1800 ? I think he married at 56 to a 25 year old lady I did find his residency in the fifield wi area and he was the father of my grandma and her two brothers in price county any help would be good I did find records in the Great Lake visitor center in Ashland the year and things of this nature thanks randy

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