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How To Obtain Georgia Marriage Records

Georgia Marriage Records available online provide an easy way to locate your ancestors, try to find out about potential relatives if you’re adopted or get extra copies of your marriage records or Georgia marriage certificate. The best way to get the information you need is to know just where to look, including both government sources and third-party databases that allow for easy, often free, searches.

Georgia Marriage RecordsHow To Get a Copy of Georgia Marriage Records

The Georgia Department of Public Health has copies of marriage records spanning a period between June 1952 and August 1996. These records are available by walk-in request at the state office in Atlanta or via mail-in request. Records that date back before 1952 and after 1996 must come from the relevant county Probate Court.

The Georgia Archives also provide county records, many of which are scanned from original microfilms. These copies are helpful especially in cases where the original county boundaries have changed since the issuance of the license. Collections from each of the counties are available online for reference.

The counties in Georgia each have websites that offer important contact information if you need to visit their offices in person or contact them to have copies sent. A listing of these counties and their websites are available at the website. Some of the most heavily-populated counties with extensive website information include Fulton, DeKalb, and Gwinnett.

In addition to formal county records, some church records, such as published banns, are helpful for documenting older marriages where the dates are not always known. At one time, it was not uncommon for young couples to elope and marry under Gretna Green laws, often in a neighboring county. A Family Search offers information on marriage records and other information helpful in your records search.

Finding Georgia Marriage Records Online

You will also have access to several third-party options, depending on the scope of your search. includes a wealth of information in addition to marriage records going back to the 17th century. If you are searching for the records as part of a family tree project, you’re likely to find a lot of useful information here.

If you need a copy of your own marriage records, some helpful source is VitalChek. Your ordering information is secure, and you can choose the shipping method to suit your needs. The certificates ordered here are certified by the Georgia Department of Public Health, making them suitable for legal purposes.

Ordering copies of marriage records in Georgia is easier than you may have thought. With the many resources available for GA marriages, you will get the records you need easily.

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Georgia Marriage Record Search FAQs

Can I verify that my marriage was annulled in Colorado

Yes, you can verify your Colorado marriage was annulled by contacting the clerk of the court where you filed your annulment paperwork

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Responses to “Georgia Marriage Records

  1. says:

    Suzanne, in order to get a copy of your Georgia marriage certificate you can contact the Georgia Department of Public Health. There you will have a few options on how to obtain a certified copy of your Georgia marriage certificate

    Get a Certified Copy of Your Georgia Marriage Certificate

    1. Order from the Georgia Department of Public Health
    2. Obtain a copy from the courthouse where you filed for marriage
    3. Use the online resource
    4. Use the online resource GO Certificates

  2. says:

    I would like to request a copy of our marriage County, #28874, Muskogee.
    John J Vaughan
    Suzanne A Vaughan
    Madian name, Lacasse

    Please tell me what l need tp do to have a copy mailed to me.

    Thank you,

  3. says:

    In order for your sister in law to get a copy of her marriage license she will need to contact the Georgia Department of Health. They are the managing state agency for Georgia marriage records, birth and death records. She will need to request a copy of her Georgia Marriage license online, in person or via the mail. There will be a nominal fee for the Georgia marriage record copy and she will need to show proof of identification.

    How to Get a Georgia Marriage License Copy

    1. Contact the Georgia Department of Health
    2. Complete a Marriage License Request Form
    3. Provide a valid photo ID
    4. Pay the $10 fee for a certified copy
    5. Processing takes 8-10 weeks by mail

  4. says:

    I am trying to get a copy of a marriage license for my sister n law. Shirley Core to Robert Goings. This took place in Thomasville,Ga at their Court House. Thank you

  5. says:

    If you are looking for a copy of your Georgia Marriage Record and you live out of the country and you need a copy of your Georgia marriage certificate mailed to you, the Georgia Department of Public Health is where you want to obtain this. They are the Georgia state agency that manages marriage records, birth and death records. They will be able to mail you a certified copy of your Georgia marriage record. Below are easy instructions on how to go about this.

    Have My Georgia Marriage Record Mailed To Me

    1. Visit the Georgia Department of Public Health website
    2. Request a copy of your Georgia Marriage Record
    3. Fill out Form 3913 and mail the form in
    4. Provide a photocopy of a Photo ID
    5. Pay the $10 fee for a certified copy
    6. Processing will take 8-10 weeks by mail

  6. says:

    All I need is a copy of my marriage records. I live in the Philippines, if you could email a copy . Thank you

  7. says:

    Cost To File For a Georgia Marriage License

    A Georgia marriage license can vary in cost depending on certain criteria. If you and your partner have completed the premarital education program then the marriage license fee is only $27. If you don’t complete this certification then the cost goes up to $67

    Cost of a Certified Copy of a Georgia Marriage Record

    The cost of obtaining a copy of a Georgia Marriage Record is $10

    Cost to File For a Georgia Divorce Decree

    The fee for filing for a Georgia Divorce Decree averages around $200. This fee may vary slightly depending on what Georgia Superior Court files the divorce decree

    Cost of a Certified Copy of a Georgia Divorce Record

    The cost of a certified copy of a Georgia Divorce Record from the Georgia Department of Public Health is $10. You must fill out and submit the Divorce Verification Request Form 3917

  8. says:

    I need a marriage license and a divorce do i get these without paying a 100. 00 dollars

  9. says:

    Our Georgia marriage record resources are for online reference only. If you’re looking to obtain a copy of your official Georgia marriage license you will want to contact the Georgia Department of Public Health as they are the repository for all Georgia marriage documents and vital records.

    How to Get a Copy of My Georgia Marriage License?

    1. Visit the Georgia Department of Public Health
    2. Click on the Georgia ROVER system
    3. Request a copy of you Georgia marriage license
    4. Pay the $25 fee. Processing takes 2-4 weeks

  10. says:

    how much will it cost?

  11. says:

    hi I’m trying to obtain a copy of my marriage liscensin

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