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Oklahoma Marriage Records Search

When you get married, you must apply for a marriage license in the Oklahoma county in which you wed. This is done by visiting the local Clerk of Court’s office in Oklahoma. There is a Clerk of Court in every county, and it’s easy to make an appointment to visit during the week. Once you get married and sign your license following your ceremony, it’s filed with the clerk’s office and made public for anyone to view. Oklahoma marriage records are public, which means anyone can view them at any time. Find out more below on the different ways you can obtain OK marriage records and duplicate OK marriage certificates.

Oklahoma Marriage RecordsObtaining Oklahoma Marriage Records In Person

Once a marriage record is filed, it’s public record at the courthouse. Anyone can go into the office and ask to view a copy of this record by providing nothing more than the name of at least one party listed on the license. There might be a small fee for a certified copy of the Oklahoma marriage records and typically only someone listed on the record or their legal representative or direct family member can purchase an official certified copy of the record to use in any way. The record contains no personal information other than your names and your dates and locations of birth.

The Oklahoma Department of Health also files copies of marriage records in their Vital Statistics offices. These can be viewed and obtained in person, but there is usually a fee associated with this. The same rules apply regarding who can obtain certified copies of marriage records at the office of Vital Statistics.

Oklahoma Marriage Records Online

If you don’t need a certified copy of a marriage record, you can view them easily online by visiting the website of the Clerk of Court in the county where the marriage took place. You can enter the official records search area and enter the name of at least one person listed on the marriage license. If there is any record of a marriage for that person in the county, it will appear on this site. You can view it and see all the details of the marriage when the page appears.

There are also third-party websites that offer this information for those who want it. Many 3rd party websites simply gather public records and list them for those look for a simple way to search for the records they want. Official certified copies of Oklahoma marriage records can typically only be obtained by the County Courthouse or The Department of Health and Vital Records.

Marriage records are not easy to find in some areas if they were issued prior to a certain date. It’s these you’ll want to search for through the Vital Statistics office. If you’re not sure why you might want a marriage record, you should know they’re sometimes required for various purposes. If you want to change your name, you’ll need a certified copy. Even if you get divorced, you might find you need a certified copy for other purposes. There’s always a reason, but it’s also easy to find what you’re looking for when you know right where to look.

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14 responses to “Oklahoma Marriage Records

  1. Looking for marriage record of James Thomas Pollock and Mary Lucinda Collins. James was born prior to Oklahoma statehood. Mary in Tennessee.

    1. Since that is an older Oklahoma marriage record you will want to contact the Oklahoma Department of Health. They are the managing state agency that archives Oklahoma vital records. You can also contact the Oklahoma Historical Society. Since this is an older marriage record your best bet might be the latter option.

  2. Allen Earl McFarland and Phyllis Adelle Tredwell were married on March 30, 1956 in Newkirk, Kay County\,Oklahoma and I have a copy of that marriage licence. What I can not find is a record of an annulment or divorce of that marriage. Can you help?

    1. We do not show an Oklahoma divorce record for the names your mentioned. Typically in Oklahoma, marriage and divorce records are maintained by the court of the clerk in the county where the marriage and divorce was filed. Your best bet to find out if these people are still married you can visit the Oklahoma state website or contact the issuing Oklahoma county courthouse and inquire with them if they have any details of a divorce or annulment.

    1. In order to obtain a certified certificate of marriage in Kingfisher County, Oklahoma, you will want to reach out to the Kingfisher county court clerk. They are the managing state agency for vital records in Oklahoma. These include Oklahoma marriage records, birth records and death records. Below is a way to procure a copy of an Oklahoma certified marriage certificate.

      KingFisher County Court Clerk Phone Number: (405) 375-3887

      How To Get An Oklahoma Certified Marriage Certificate

      1. Contact the Oklahoma county court clerk where the marriage took place
      2. Request a certified Oklahoma marriage certificate
      3. Provide the required names and identification
      4. Pay the $15 fee and have the marriage certificate mailed to you
      5. Processing by mail may take several weeks

  3. I am searching for a marriage record between Rosella Dickey and Charles Rempston Turner. They would have been married between 1900-1909. I do know that they did live in or near Soper, OK.

    Thank you for your time,

    1. These are very old Oklahoma marriage records and our resources, as are many, only go back around 50 years. You might consider contacting the Oklahoma State Archives to find this Oklahoma genealogy information. You might also try contacting the Oklahoma county clerk where this marriage took place.

      Oklahoma Marriage Records From The Early 1900’s

      1. Research the Oklahoma state archives website
      2. Contact the relevant OK county clerk’s office
      3. Research using a genealogy website service

  4. Need copy of marriage license if grandparents, Mamie this r Mary Jane Thompson to Tobias Price Cecil, Abt December, 1914

  5. I am inquiring the marriage and divorce records of Melvin G. Frenchman, jr to Juanita Frenchman. Can you help me?

    1. We do show a record for a Melvin G. Frenchman in Henryetta, Oklahoma however we don’t show the marriage and divorce record to Juanita Frenchman. You can also contact the Oklahoma State Department of Heath and inquire with them about an Oklahoma marriage and divorce verification. Their phone number is 405-271-5600

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