Florida Divorce Records

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Florida Divorce Records Search

Florida divorce records are available online for anyone to view, but they’re only available to purchase by either spouse in the divorce. It’s a public record, which means anyone can perform a quick online search to locate a divorce record. Once a divorce is finalized in Florida, it’s filed by the court in the county where the divorce took place. It’s available to view online when anyone visits the county website and chooses to search the public records database by either name on the divorce decree. It takes only a few seconds, and it’s not something that can be removed from the public records database. To perform a Florida divorce record search, use the above form.

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Get a Florida Divorce Records Copy

Florida divorce records are available for purchase, but they cannot go to anyone who was not listed on the divorce decree. Either party can obtain a divorce record by visiting the Florida Department of Health or the local courthouse in which the divorce was finalized. There is a $5 fee for the first copy, and a $4 fee applies to all additional copies requested at the same time.

Ordering by mail is the simplest way to obtain a divorce record in Florida. The process is simple. It requires writing a request letter to the bureau of Vital Statistics. The letter must include specific information:

– The full names of both parties listed on the divorce record
– Maiden names of anyone located on the divorce record
– The date of the divorce in the month/day/year format
– The city and county where the divorce was finalized
– Your full name
– Your mail address
– Your phone number
– A signed check or money order payable to “Vital Statistics”

Any missing information will result in the denial of a divorce record in Florida. However, the bureau will use the phone number listed to alert you to the fact that there is missing or incorrect information in order to provide you with the chance to correct the mistake.

To complete your order, your official request letter and payment is mailed to:

Bureau of Vital Statistics
Attn: Vital Record Section
Post Office Box 210
Jacksonville, FL 32231-0042

It takes only two to five business days for the request to be processed and the copies you request to be mailed to you. If you are unsure the year of the divorce, you can ask the Florida bureau to perform a search in additional years if you provide $2 for each additional year you request. You may also include an additional $10 and a notation to “RUSH” your request.

Florida divorce records are easily found if you know the vital information on the divorce decree. Former couples often require this paperwork to apply for a new mortgage, to change their name, or to apply for a new marriage license. It’s best to keep the official copy provided when a divorce is finalized, but it’s not impossible to obtain a new copy of the record if you need it at a later date.

Florida Divorce Records
Florida Divorce Records

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6 responses to “Florida Divorce Records

  1. My first husband divorced me well over 30 years ago in Florida. I am from California, living in Texas a recent widow of my second husband of 27 years. I have filed for survivor benefits from the VA and they need to know details of the termination of my first marriage. I never received any paperwork and do not know this information. I have no income at present and cannot afford all the fees required to obtain this information. All I know is his name and possible current city of residence. what can I do to obtain the information the VA is asking of me?

    1. Your best option in obtaining a copy of your late husband’s Florida death record would be to contact the Florida Department of Public Health as they are the managing state agency that archives Florida vital records such as, Florida death records, birth records and marriage records.

      In order to obtain a copy of your Florida divorce record you will need to reach out to the Florida county courthouse where your divorce was filed. You can request a copy of this Florida public record from the courthouse clerk. There will typically be a small fee to obtain an official copy of this record which is a good idea if you’re attempting to receive benefits from the Florida VA.

  2. Hello I am just trying to find out if there is a divorce record on file in Florida for an individual? I am from Ohio and am trying to obtain info for free. Every sight I go and request info, says there is a fee for the records. In ohio it is public record with n

    1. We can certainly assist you with a Florida divorce record search. We will need the full name of the person in question, their county and age would be helpful as well. Many times when searching for Florida divorce records there are multiple people with the same first and last name.

  3. I was divorced in Florida sometime in 1973 or 1974. I need a copy of the divorce decree in order to get an SC “Real License” which requires documentation of every name change on record. I no longer remember the date the Florida divorce was granted. How can I go about getting a copy of the divorce decree using limited information? Thanks.

    1. A good starting point would be to contact the Florida courthouse where the FL divorce was filed and talk to the clerk of the court. They can better assist you on how to get an official copy of your divorce decree with limited information. Another option is to use the service VitalCheck.com , they are an online records service that many of the Florida courts use to give people online access to public court records

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