Arkansas Warrant Search

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Performing An Arkansas Warrant Search

To perform an Arkansas warrant search has become a simple online process. All you need to begin is have the full name of the person you would like to lookup and then find a reliable online public record website to perform your search. You’ll enter the name into the search fields and then once your results are populated, you’ll most likely need to select the right person as many people have the same names and there might be multiple listings. Once you have determined you have the right person you can access any active Arkansas warrant they have as well as their complete criminal history. One of the benefits of access Arkansas warrant records through a third party public record website is you can perform your search anonymously and confidentially, which means nobody will know you are looking up their record. Because of the Freedom of Information Act, this is all public record and completely within your rights to find out about another person’s warrants, criminal records, or anything deemed public domain.

Arkansas Bench Warrant Search

An arrest warrant in Arkansas, which is always issued by a judge, must have the burden of probable cause in order for it to be issued. This is necessary because it is a constitutional right that protects people under the 4th amendment. Once the judge issues the arrest warrant, police officers are required to arrest that person on the spot and bring them to appear in front of a judge.  Running an Arkansas arrest warrant search is just like any other warrant search where you can use a public record website to find out if there is an active warrant for someone to be arrested.

Arkansas Bench Warrant Search

Unlike arrest warrants that typically involve some kind of crime, a bench warrant is usually issued when someone fails to make a court appearance or has missed a court payment or violated some type of court order. Accessing Arkansas bench warrants are simple to do with online public record website, or you can simply call the clerk of the court where you suspect you may have a bench warrant to inquire. The only caveat to contacting the clerk of the court is they will typically only tell you if you have a bench warrant, and not for someone else. 

Arkansas Warrant Search Via Law Enforcement

Only law enforcement officers have access to misdemeanor cases pending in criminal court, dismissed criminal charges, and traffic violations. The background report does not contained information held in sealed criminal records. If you believe you need access to sealed records, the Arkansas Attorney General’s website contains more information about sealed records and pending cases.

Arkansas Court Connect is another official online data base of public information indexed by offender’s name, case number, birthdate, or social security number. Court Connect can display parties to civil and criminal court cases, all motion hearings, pleadings filed, and the latest developments in the cases. A simple free search on the Court Connect database yields a list of all criminal court cases with the defendant’s name in the caption.

Criminal Record Search

Arkansas Background Checks

You’ll receive the same information online, in-person, or through the mail. The Arkansas background check report lists the subject’s Arkansas felony and misdemeanor convictions, outstanding felony arrest warrants, and cases waiting to go to trial. The report lists whether or not the subject is a registered sex offender with the level number associated with his arrest.

The Arkansas State Police maintain an official Online Criminal Background Check System to provide accurate criminal history records, which include outstanding criminal warrants, for a nominal fee. The official Arkansas State Police data base is more accurate than cheaper search engine background checks you might find online because it is based on fingerprints as well as personal identifying information. Searches for active warrants through private search engines often lead to information maintained on someone else with a common name or may overlook actual criminal records.

The request for a search of criminal records and outstanding warrants can also be ordered to the Arkansas State Police Information Bureau, if you are attempting to access your own records. The Arkansas State Police Form 122, available online, requires the subject’s name, address, birth date, social security number, and driver’s license number. Mailed forms must be notarized.

Criminal history from the Automated Fingerprint Information System connects even crimes committed under a fake name to the correct defendant and links new arrests to past criminal history. The Arkansas official online criminal background check system also searches law enforcement arrest records not just court adjudicated records.

If the official database contains incorrect information, the victim of this misrepresentation can have his or her fingerprints taken by the Arkansas Department of Corrections and compared to fingerprints taken at the time of an arrest. If your fingerprints prove the information incorrect, the Arkansas police will exclude the information from your criminal history.

Arkansas Drug Court Programs

Drug court programs can divert criminal convictions by placing offenders in a treatment program of drug tests, employment, substance abuse counseling, and regular court appearances. Most treatment programs last an average of eighteen months. You will not find a criminal record for a case which has been diverted. Participants, rather than defendants, may be sentenced to public service as they become less dependent on drugs or alcohol.

Arkansas Sex Offender Register

Finally, the Arkansas Crime Information Center maintains the Arkansas Sex Offender Registry and crime statistics about all arrests made in the state of Arkansas. Sex offenders are ranked level 1, 2, or 3 depending on the severity of their crime. Sex offenders are required to keep their address and contact information current on the sex offender registry. A Level 3 offender is a violent sexual predator and a level two is a violent sex offender. All the information in the sex offender registry is available online.

Arkansas Warrant Search

Arkansas Warrant Search FAQ

Can I run an Arkansas warrant search for free?

Yes, there are online resources where you can find some free information about active warrants in Arkansas however, those may not yield a lot of information. You may need to pay a few bucks for a detailed criminal record report where it lists the warrants, who issued the warrant and in what county, as well as the criminal history of the person in question.

What happens if I ignore a warrant in Arkansas?

Ignoring a warrant can lead to some serious consequences, including additional charges and penalties. You can also be arrested on the spot anywhere the police find you, whether it's at your home, work or getting pulled over while driving.

Can I resolve an Arkansas warrant without going to jail?

It really depends on the nature of the warrant and the criminal charges involved. In some cases, such as minor offenses or missed court dates, a lawyer might be able to resolve the matter without you going to jail.

Can I be extradited to Arkansas on a warrant?

Yes, it happens quite a bit. if you have an arrest warrant in Arkansas and are found in another state, you could definitely be extradited back to Arkansas to face those criminal charges.

Can I be served an Arkansas warrant at work?

Yes, a warrant in Arkansas can be served anywhere within the state, at work, home, or if you are pulled over on the road.

What happens after an Arkansas arrest warrant is issued?

Once an arrest warrant is issued, law enforcement officers are authorized to locate and arrest the person named in the warrant. That person will be taken into custody and then scheduled in front of a judge.

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